Photo essay on North Korea

The political system of North Korea keeps its citizens and even foreigners under control. However, Lars Bech photojournalist was able to do this report on the life of North Koreans.

21 Photo © Lars Bech

1. Night Pyongyang

2 The population does not know about mobile phones and the Internet, they practically do not know what is happening in their country. Not to mention the outside world

3. The late head of North Korea's Kim Il Sung is the center of worship, unseen in other parts of the world. People still loves him, and even nine years after his death, still wearing badges with his picture on the left chest. He is considered the first liberator of the country from the Japanese occupation, and then led the country to victory in the Korean War.

4. Inadequate public transport system in Pyongyang could not meet the demands of the population of three million. The old and crowded trolley, small metro system and several public buses create huge queues at bus stops of up to 50 meters

5. North Koreans walk through the capital. Although military rule, the streets are almost no men.

6. 30-foot bronze statue of the late leader Kim Il-sung attracted crowds in the center of Pyongyang. All the couple must give him tribute and laid flowers and bowed.

7. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the communist party decorated with all hotels, restaurants and buildings

8. The personality cult of Kim Il Sung did not break even by his death in 1994. Everywhere you can find pictures of him, and the people continue to pay tribute to the memory of the great leader, who was nicknamed the "eternal president" on numerous monuments and memorials across the country.

9. North Korea lives in constant fear of attack from South Korea since the signing of the peace agreement in 1953. Photo: Lieutenant Colonel Kim Mionnay Huang explains the position of North Korea's border with South

10. North Korean soldiers prepare to enter the International Friendship Exhibition. There are more than 120,000 gifts that the late President Kim Il Sung received from the international delegations. Soldiers visit this place as part of his training

11. Mother and son out of the subway station in Pyongyang. The public transport system can not fully serve the population of the city due to lack of transport and fuel. Therefore, many residents have to travel from one part of town to another on foot or by bike.

12. Residents of North Korea during the celebration of the anniversary of the ruling Communist Party, October 10, 2005

13. In the year from September to October in the capital were the incredible views. 100 000 acrobats, dancers and artists performed in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Communist Party. The performance was built around the theme of the division of Korea, the ascent to power of Kim Il Sung and the future reunification of Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.

14. Young ballerina in a ballet school in Pyongyang. These children are very eager to presentations and opportunities at least once to visit other cities and countries.

15. The political regime of North Korea maintains the spirit of its citizens and permanent political advertising slogans, prompting them to organize a demonstration in honor of the leader and work to educate the nation.

16. The North Koreans love to decorate the walls of their homes with beautiful photo wallpapers and pictures.

17. North Korea claims that it collects the crop is able to feed the population of 23 million. Therefore, many international humanitarian organizations were closed and foreigners forced to leave the country for the new year (if 2006 mu). Independent experts have determined that the harvest has improved, but it still is not enough. Perhaps North Korea will soon come again the food crisis.

18. Residents of North Korea's rest in a bar in Pyongyang.

19. Children work out the game on the accordion at the Children's Palace in Pyongyang. Here, children learn to play musical instruments, sewing, dancing or playing on stage and participate in performances with 800 children of all ages.

20. Girl in the subway train at the station in Pyongyang Hong Bo. North Koreans try to avoid any contact with foreigners for fear of being punished.

21. North Korean roads are not very many cars. Many simply can not afford them, and the fuel is often lacking. Instead, the broad highway walk or ride bikes.



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