20 short of interesting facts about North Korea, and how strange there

North Korea may be one would not be interested, if not shut tight border, the eccentric leader "communist monarchy" Juche ... No, I think North Korea can not be terribly interesting! Website sneaking little opened the iron curtain of the DPRK, and that's what saw:

1. According to the official chronology of the DPRK is now the yard is not 2015, and the 104th. Juche Calendar originates from the year of the birth of Kim Il Sung.

2. In North Korea, there is the spacious sports arena in the world - "May Day Stadium" holds 150 000 people.

3. In North Korea, marijuana is legal and not even classified as a drug.

4. For 20 years, the highest hotel in the world is "Ryugёn" in Pyongyang. The height of the 105-storey hotel is 330 m. Despite the fact that the construction of the building began in 1987, it has not yet been put into operation.

5. In North Korea, there is a 51 "social category" - the population of the country is ranked by "fidelity to the regime».


6. In North Korea only military and government officials have the right to have their own vehicle.

7. North Korea has its own operating system called Red Star OS.

8. North Korea is the only country in the world, which to date has captured the ship of the US Navy.

9. For the past 60 years, more than 23 thousand. North Koreans have fled to South Korea in the opposite direction was followed by only two.

10. North Korea is no longer a communist country. Since 2009, government policy is officially called "Juche».


< 11. In North Korea, it does not wear jeans.

12. The North Koreans may choose their hairstyle only 28 officially approved.

13. In the 1950s North Korea built at the Demilitarized Zone "excellent" kijong-dong village to lure the citizens of South Korea. "City promotion" was nothing more than a sham.

14. The founder of the North Korean state, Kim Il Sung was born on the day when sunk "Titanic" (April 15, 1912).

15. In 2012, North Korean archaeologists announced that they "discovered" the tomb of the unicorn, where 2 thousand. years ago went Tongmung King, the founder of the dynasty and Koguryo.


16. In 1962, six US soldiers defected to the North Korea; defectors live there today.

17. Storage Bible, watching Korean movies and pornography is punishable by death in North Korea. There is an organization that deals with the Bible parachuting into North Korea.

18. Every five years, North Korea held elections. However, in the bulletins listed only one candidate.

19. North Korea is using the fax for sending threats South Korea.

20. North Koreans watched the 2014 World Cup football with a 24-hour delay.

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