What it is forbidden to shoot in North Korea

The photographer said that, do not remove North Korea

Photographer Eric Lafforgue went to North Korea, and shared with the publication dailymail.co.uk banned photographs that managed to recover from a flash drive. Captions to pictures the author explains why he was not allowed to do this or that frame, and said what needed to remove the pictures in the end.
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In North Korea, making a big bet on the army periodically demonstrate its power around the world, but traveling to this country, you often meet men who are engaged in menial work

"In difficult times, children can find work in agriculture," - explains the photographer.

Local officials hate such images. Even after I explained that poverty exists all over the world, they forbade me to take pictures.

Officials also forbade me to photograph people who suffer from malnutrition.

and this can not be said that the fed

This person is also forbidden to take pictures of me. According to the people deputed to watch me, it was not well dressed.

I took this picture in secret, children up scattered corn.

Army can not take pictures in general

But especially if it pushes the bus.

The demilitarized zone (between North and South Korea) is also forbidden to shoot.

Visiting Dolphinarium you can only take pictures of the animals, but not the army, which is a large part of the audience.

Even more photos of the North Korean regime hates campers soldiers. This image was one of the reasons because of which I now banned from entering North Korea.

The man washed in the river. Outside Pyongyang it is very common.

The man is fishing on the old bus. This image also did not like.

Man resting on the beach in Chilbo. Guide ordered to remove the frame from the fear that the Western media write that the man was dead.

As we passed the old building, the guides have asked me not to use the flash, "not to scare people».

I was asked to remove this image because of the fear that I would say that these people are homeless. In fact, they just relaxed.

This picture is rejected due to the fact that people smile and pose for a portrait of the leader of North Korea. "Do not take pictures of people doing stupid things under such portraits", - told me.

Cars in Pyongyang is growing, but the peasant children continue to perceive the roadway as a place for games.

In Pyongyang there are two supermarkets that sell food and drinks from around the world, but only the elite can buy there.

When we were in an art gallery in Pyongyang, the lights went out. In such cases, you always say that it happened because of the US embargo.

Western products are available only to the elite

The picture was not complete, so I was forbidden to photograph.

People landscaped roadside. Previously, these images were seen as positive, but now my guides told me not to take pictures, because they are sure that the Western media will interpret this as forced labor.

These pictures are very common in the West and in the signatures often indicate that the North Koreans are forced to eat grass. Guides enraged when you photograph it

Some of the children have not seen the escalators, so fear them.

This photo my guide rejected for two reasons: Teen wears a cap strangely, and background are soldiers.

Pyongyang Metro is very deep, it is also used as a bomb shelter. This photograph shows the tunnel, so I had to remove the picture.

In North Korea, they are very particular about their appearance. When I asked the students permission to photograph them, she began to correct the young man shirt.

On the roadsides you can often see cyclists holidaymakers. The road up to the job can take several hours, they get tired. Filming is also impossible.

On illegal trade regime turned a blind eye. People need to somehow feed themselves.

Guides like the pictures, which show that people have computers. However, then they noticed that the computers do not work and was told to remove the photos.

The poster of the World Food Program, I saw in the village. Shoot it banned.

We were traveling on a bus, and a local boy blocked our way. This is a rare example of the lack of discipline of children.

The queues have become something of a national sport for North Korea. In this image, people are trying to go to work.
(Well, yes, we still have something to strive for.)

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