25 banned photos of North Korea. This you will not see anywhere else!

These pictures were taken by photographer Eric Lafforgom during his recent visit to North Korea. The latter - because after their publication entry Eric admitted. He took these photos during the tour with the approval of the guides, who asked him to remove the photos. But Lafforg opposed the ban and posted photos on display.

The photographer had the only goal - to show the world that the people of this country - not soulless robots and neschastlnye people. Well, he did it.

The North Korean army is one of the largest in the world. But most of the soldiers have to take up menial jobs, rather than for weapons.

«The authorities hate it when people make these photos. Even when I explained to them that poverty exists everywhere, they are still forbidden me to do these shots ». I>

Children working in the fields. «Life is cruel in many parts of North Korea, far from Western standards», i> - says the photographer.

In North Korea, it is forbidden to take pictures of all who suffer from malnutrition as this man ...

Or that boy ...

It is also forbidden to photograph poorly dressed people.

Hungry children harvested corn.

The authorities are not allowed to take pictures of war.

Also, there is not like to show his army.

«photograph in the demilitarized zone (between North and South Korea) is easy, but if you get too close to the soldiers, they will stop you». i>

Photograph of soldiers on holiday in North Korea is also prohibited.

The dolphins may be photographed only dolphins. But it is not the military.

«This image certainly contributed to the fact that I was expelled from the country», - i> says Lafforg. The North Korean authorities hate pictures in which their soldiers are resting.

In the countryside quite common to see people bathing in the river.

In the villages, often catch fish. This is a good way to get fresh food where it is very rare.


«On the trip by bus to Chongjin, areas suffering from hunger, my camera was confiscated. When I saw the people on the streets, I realized why ». I>

Guide Erik piglets delete this photo, as many might think that the man was dead on the beach. But he was alive.

«In Kaesong, near the demilitarized zone, tourists live in a hotel complex, built from old houses. Guides say that the outside all the same. No, it is not ». I>

North Koreans have to eat grass - such as the rule to the photo captions are the most common.

«People go to the village for public works. Previously, authorities considered these images positive, but now they know that we consider them evidence of forced labor ». I>

«passed these buildings, the guides have asked me not to shoot with the flash. The official reason - "so as not to scare people». I>

Guides were asked to remove this image, afraid that people will think that this is the homeless. Eric calls them paranoid.

Authorities believe that the photographs of the smiling people standing under a portrait of the leader of the country, are offensive.

«While the machines in Pyongyang is becoming more common people to him have not yet used. Children continue to play a middle of the road, as if oblivious to passing cars ». I>

«In two supermarkets Pyongyang you will find all kinds of foods and beverages. They even have water Evian, but only the elite zatarivatsya here ». I>

I think each of us should duly appreciate what he has. These pictures are striking to the heart its drama and cause more pity for the people living in North Korea. Share these photos with others, because we deserve the best!



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