Dead North Korean leader Kim Jong-il (26 photos + video)

North Korea announced the death of long-time leader of the communist state, Kim Jong Il. North Korea mourns the death of "beloved leader and teacher," Kim Jong Il. Permanent leader of the country, died at age 69 from a heart attack.

1. Kim Il Sung (1914-1994), Kim (1941 or 1942 - 2011) and his successor - Kim Jong-un (Kim Jong-un)

When his father Kim Il Sung died in 1994, the issue of political legacy was not. After three days of mourning Kim Jong Il himself at the head of North Korea.

2. Special Edition of the South Korean newspaper «Dong-A Ilbo» on the death of North Korean leader.

3. Across the country, state flags at half-mast, many North Koreans publicly express grief on the streets and squares.

4. The official portrait of the first two members of the Communist dynasty - Kim Il-sung and his son Kim Jong-il.

5. Kim Jong Il - the son of the country's founder, Kim Il Sung, was not just a head of state. State propaganda equated it to a demigod, he attributed superhuman wisdom, leadership and military prowess.

6. North Korea mourns the death of "beloved leader and teacher," Kim Jong-il.

7. Across the country, state flags at half-mast, the people of North Korea publicly express grief on the streets and squares, do not hesitate to tears.

8. For over a year it was believed that Kim Jong Il's successor should be his youngest son Kim Jong-un, who, apparently, not yet 30 years old. He was publicly presented as the official successor to his father just over a year ago.

9. Mourning workers 326 th Pyongyang plant to produce electric cables are mourning the death of the Great Helmsman.

10. The reaction of Pyongyang citizens to death the country's leader.

11. The funeral of Kim Jong-il will be held in Pyongyang on 28 December. Funeral committee headed by Kim Jong-un.

12. It is possible that the death of Kim Jong-il will be the most severe test of the strength of North Korea.

13. The sobbing teachers and students of the Pyongyang Secondary School №1.

14. North Korea flag flies over the fence of the North Korean embassy in Jakarta.

15. Report on the death of Kim Jong Il, North Korea read out on television, was "emotional". Announcer, dressed all in black, through tears announced that Kim Jong-il died on Saturday of "physical and mental fatigue».

16. Woman carrying bouquets to the building of the North Korean Embassy to commemorate the deceased leader of the country.

17. From the report of the North Korean TV shows Kim Jong Il died in his armored train during a visit to an area outside the capital, Pyongyang. North Korea's news agency reports that he had suffered a heart attack.

18. A store employee in Tokyo looks newscast, on the death of North Korean leader.

In connection with the death of the leader of DPRK leaders of neighboring countries, particularly South Korea and Japan, called an emergency meeting. They fear the worsening political situation in the region. According to unofficial data, Seoul and Tokyo today to hold talks dvustronnie.

19. Activists in Seoul gathered at the celebratory meeting, rejoicing the death of Kim Jong Il.

20. On the death of Kim Jong Il also responded Exchange Asia-Pacific region: at the closing recorded a significant drop in the index.

21. While much activity on the territory of North Korea near the border with South Korea is not seen.


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