10 crazy tales that North Korea tells the world

Collections and articles on North Korea - are not uncommon, many people today are interested in the lives of poor Koreans for the impenetrable Iron Curtain. But this collection - is something special! Thanks to her, you will appreciate the depth of things happening in this country of delirium, in which the North Koreans themselves seem to believe is infallible. The most amazing thing in this country - that's how far she could go on the road to dystopia described in the novel "1984" by George Orwell. Ministry of abundance makes sure that each Korean was earning an average of $ 1,000 per year, and the lack of food affected "only" 99% of the population. Ministry of Peace conducts endless war with the US imperialists. Ministry of Love is building concentration camps and penal institutions, and urges people to love their leader - but more on that later


There is also a Ministry of Truth, better known as the Korean Central News Agency. This organization provides information to all media in the country and controls all that in them is published.

What fairy-tale tells North Korea to its citizens and the world? < Website publishes a selection of the most absurd examples.

Olympic athletes help duhiVo good time FIFA World Cup 2014 flew throughout the news that North Korea declared itself the winner, defeating Brazil in the finals. Unfortunately, it was just a practical joke on a fake news site. North Korea has never made such statements. She even fit of generosity so far as to show its citizens all games of the Championship, even for days later than they were held. But during the Olympic Games in 2012, the DPRK really distinguished.

< Gold medalist, weightlifter Om Yun-Chol in a conversation with the British press claimed that lift the weight, three times greater than his own, he was helped the spirit of the former leader, Kim Jong Il, who possessed his body.

North Korea took the 20th place in the number of medals won 4 gold and 2 bronze. At one point, she even was on the 5th place in the ranking. But all the glory, of course, went to the Genius Guide - this is taken care of media. The main topic of the news were not athletes, who showed the best results in the world, and the care and support of the great leader Kim Jong-un and his late father.

There totalitarian society thriving democracy One of the latest high-profile stories of state Wonderland was a strict democracy and crystal honesty Kim Jong Un leader. in the country, "made famous" documented violations of human rights, virtually open repression, exploitation and other cruel deeds so that Dr. Evil nervously smokes on the sidelines, 100% of the 99, 97% appeared on voter choices on the road danced and sang with joy of the coming to power of Kim Jong-un.
Despite the fact that a large part of the population went to the polls out of fear for his life, in the media claiming that the voice of the people crying about how he wanted to Kim Jong-un. A bold statement, given that it was the only name on the ballot.

Detection den edinorogaEdinorogi there! North Korea to prove it. < The archaeologists from the Academy of Social Sciences at the Institute of History of North Korea discovered rectangular stone on which are carved the words "lair unicorn». The iron proof.

Further, in the report it was reported that scientists attribute this inscription to the period between 918 and 1392 years. n. e., but unicorns lived in the area only to the III century BC. e. to VII century AD. e.

Surprisingly, the dates indicated by chance coincided with precision with the legend of the ancient Korean ruler, King Tongmunge who rode a unicorn and built an empire, which, of course, had no equal in the history of mankind.

Japanese steal vremyaOkkupirovannoy country has through a lot of grief. Priceless works of art disappear, vanish without a trace of national wealth, crumbling infrastructure and so on. But with North Korea it was something very very sad. Wicked Japanese imperialists during the occupation in 1910, stole her ... time.

Many years later, in 2015, a brave and undaunted, Kim Jong Eun has decided to finally restore justice. < North Korea announced that August 15 takes hours 30 minutes ago.

This act was proclaimed a victory over imperialism and the Korean Central News Agency aired government's word that the decision to go to Pyongyang time was an expression of "unshakable faith and will of the soldiers and civilians in the 70-year anniversary of Korea's liberation." Kim Jong-un, sentimentality on such a grand occasion, said that coming second Korean War, and "no American will be left alive." How nice of him

Kim Jong Il was sverhchelovekomNarodnye leaders -. Important fad for North Korea. Well it is very important. So important that loving citizens declared Kim Jong Il demigod. Noteworthy circumstances of his birth. Future Korean dictator was born on the sacred Mount Baekdu, while his father fought against the Japanese. Rather, with his bare hands and bandana like Rambo.

Speaking of bandana. < The people of Korea were forced to believe that Kim Jong Il was a fashion sensation to fight the West outright their own style, and another of his superpowers was that he never went to the bathroom.

In the Western press to have a lot of stories about superhuman traits of the late Korean leader, and today it is difficult to distinguish between true reports Central News Agency on urban legends. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that all these stories -. Lies, regardless of their origin, and that the Korean media really make ridiculous claims about their leaders

In one of the stories reported that Kim Jong Il scored 34 points in his first game of golf, inexplicably got into the hole from the starting zone 11 times, witnessed what was 17 to watch the game of the guard. If you are not impressed, then, perhaps impressed by the change Weather in the mood? It was alleged that Kim Jong Il is so powerful that he was subject to even natural disasters. Shortly after the death of the leader Central News Agency has shared a host of crazy stories about him. It was reported that at the time of the death of the leader of the sky turned red, and in the crater of the volcano Pektusan sounded unusually loud roar. Very nice, it is a pity that none of this reason did not see or hear

Kim Jong-un -. VunderkindSleduyuschy in line - Mini-Me Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Jong-un. The current leader and part-time Supreme Commander was the heir, beating disgraced elder brother once had nearly escaped in Tokyo "Disneyland" with a fake passport. The younger sister, of course, had never been a contender for power. Thus, the responsibility of Big Brother and the leader of the proletariat fell on the shoulders of the young Kim Jong-un.

It's hard to be a young leader, if your father predecessor possessed superhuman powers, so that the Central News Agency has decided to take care about the image of budding tyrant. Two main stories they received the widest publicity and become part of the school curriculum, having appeared in the book "A revolutionary activities Kim Jong-un».

< The first tale was that Kim Jong-un is perfectly drove a car at the age of three years. But then his talent has not shone in full force. In the second story of 9-year-old Kim Jong-un was in a closed racing yacht and emerged victorious, beating the well-known foreign businessman.

Growing up, Kim Jong-un has continued to perform their feats of climbing the highest mountain in the country, where his father was born.

AIDS, Ebola, and the Middle East respiratory syndrome SARS is easy lechatsyaEsli stealing time and demigods - style icons You are not impressed, perhaps humanistic activities of the state privёt you love the best nation in the world. Apparently, shy Koreans surpassed the greatest scientific minds in the world. Ebola and AIDS take away a lot of lives in Africa and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and SARS are the despair of even the developed countries, but not North Korea. She has a cure for all of the above.

And it is ... ginseng. Grown using a special fertilizer and "rare earth elements", it becomes a panacea, bearing the proud name of Kymdan-2. Unfortunately, this is all that is known about the process of preparing a wonderful drug, and the mysterious "earth elements" are found, apparently only in large dens unicorns.

Noteworthy is the fact that Kymdan-2 was invented more than once. For the first time opened the drug in 2006, the Central News Agency re-invented it in 2013, declaring that found the cure for bird flu.

Information about clinical trials Kymdan-2, and reports can be found on the official website

burger was invented by Kim Jong IromProiskhozhdenie burger -. The issue is still controversial. At least six Americans called themselves its inventors at the end of the XIX century, but historians believe that the dish might have been created before. By the end of this issue and has not been clarified.

< But not in North Korea. They all know that it invented the Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il. . At least 100 years after it was invented in fact No wonder: just, probably, the late leader had another superpowers - Time displacement

Shin Sang-ok ever. not made films for prinuzhdeniyuPereydёm to this drama worthy of the novel "1984". South Korean director and his wife had been kidnapped. They were put in prison, threatening to torture and exploit for their own purposes. Then Shin San Oku brainwashed, forced to worship Kim Jong Il on a par with all the country's citizens. And only after that he was allowed to make films, which wanted him to Kim Jong Il

Shin Sang-ok shot seven films under the guidance of its new producer -. The Supreme Commander, the most prominent of which was the "Pulgasari" -. Korean version of the Japanese «Godzilla» Shin Oka San and his wife managed to escape in the end at the Film Festival in Vienna, after which they were asked to asylum in the United States. Not a loss, Kim Jong Il and the Korean media reported everything as if they had been abducted by the Americans.

Children are taught to hate all MIRV particular this applies, of course, Americans. In kindergartens, where the kids play in the "shoot the American bastard", "Pierce bayonet American bastard," "revolutionary activities Kim Jong-un," "evil Japanese" and "hang the bastard American».

North Korean children are taught to hate America, Japan and the entire Western world. Scary, is not it?

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