The recipe for success of Richard Branson: "Sleep more!"

Technologies are developing rapidly - the world is becoming more and more interconnected. This opens up great business opportunities, but adversely affects the others. Being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with people living on the other side of the planet - it's a double-edged sword for many. This often leads to burnout. < Website published an important translation to become a world-famous British businessman Richard Branson.

My friend and companion Arianna Haffinton covers this topic in his book "Revolution of sleep." Arianna explains that when she launched Huffington Post, she, like many people, came from the misconception that the lack of normal sleep - is the foundation of progress and success. Constant fatigue was the norm for her. So much so that once she lost consciousness, and it was for her alarm. Until she finally realized that dream - is a fundamental human need that we must meet


"Fatigue, like intoxication, robs you of the ability to make the right decisions, but also leads to the fact that you do not realize that you're not in a position to decide something. I walked through life like a sleepwalker, "- she writes in her book

. Now that Arianna has changed its attitude to sleep and sleep schedule, and also spoke about it in his books and Thrive The Sleep Revolution, it became a kind of guru for proper sleep. Wherever she was, she was constantly asked what to do to sleep more. At Arianna has a useful set of reasons that it is ready to share, including here these 12 tips to help improve your sleep

Sleep Revolution: A Manifesto Arianna HaffingtonSon - a fundamental and undeniable human need.. Sleep allows us to see the world with fresh, updated look. We - what we eat. But still we are - how we sleep. Fatigue - a sign of chaos, not a sign of valor. A good day starts the previous evening. We need to treat yourself no worse than your smartphone - to sleep, is not fully recharge. The bedroom should be an oasis: a wonderful, relaxing place to escape from daily demands and claims. We must cast out smart phones out of the bedroom before going to bed. We do not have to drive drowsy. Need Nightwear - pajamas, nightgowns, even special t-shirts. All of this sends a signal to the body: it is time to shut down! Sleep preferable employment and routine. Entering the bedroom, we reserve the day - and all the problems and unfinished business - behind. Fortunately, I do not have problems with sleep. I sleep like a baby. In my bedroom I have not zashtorivayu window, so the sun wakes me up in the morning. I like to jump out of bed. Although my life can not be called typical, because I travel a lot. Ever since I started my business, I came to understand that the quality of sleep is more important than its quantity. < I'm trying to sleep whenever possible, particularly during the flight, because it is very important to get enough sleep when you have to work very hard.

As Arianna wrote, if we really want to succeed in life, a dream - it is the first thing we should start. A quality sleep - it is necessary, in order not to burn out at work, but there are other decisions in life that help to prioritize health and happiness. I noticed that helps me avoid the stress, I keep myself in shape and have fun.

Another effective way to prevent burnout - is to add another item to your already growing list. This paragraph - "to be". It is important to be prepared for everyday problems, but it is equally important to enjoy life. In the midst of affairs, meetings, responses to letters take time to be inspired by the beauty of the world, laugh lover, and just live. < Anyone who had a good day, and sleep will be good.



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