20 powerful films that shocked us to the core

Many filmmakers in their works tend to show us the complete overthrow of all moral norms. Their films cause hot discussion, and particularly hard to see, as concern the dark side of the human psyche and shaken senseless cruelty. Why then watch a movie? In order to remember that we are all humans. < Website offers viewers two dozen examples of such a powerful emotional impact on the film.

SchasteRezhissёr Todd Solondz in this black comedy explores openly sexual deviation and phobias, and compelling characters help him in this. The cast is brilliant. The film is full of funny and awkward moments, such as masturbation scene. Viewers seemed to allow a glimpse into the sanctuary, secret and forbidden, what is hidden in human nature. And nothing bright and beautiful, you will not see. But very honestly and openly

KICHIK:. Banquet chudovischEto obscure Japanese film Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, has become a cult. It tells of a small gang leader, which was put in prison, where he soon committed suicide. The news of the suicide of the leader made a confusion in the ranks of the group, and there was a need to elect a new head. The struggle for power, mistrust and paranoia translate into an insane bloodbath.

Act ubiystvaEtot documentary historical film by Joshua Oppenheimer focused on a group of Indonesian thugs, who more than a million suspected communists killed after a military coup in Indonesia. Anwar Congo - one of the characters in the film, who always wears a bright T-shirt and does not cease to smile. He tells frightening detail how the killing of people as a body located, what is the effectiveness of different types of weapons. And no remorse he does not show.

Leaving Las VegasZa leading role in this film, Nicolas Cage won the award "Oscar". He played a man who becomes an inveterate drunkard, loses his job, his house burns and goes to Las Vegas. Once he takes a prostitute, for long conversations they realize that they have a lot in common, and begin to live together. He promises not blame her for what she did for a living, and she promises never to make him stop drinking.

Lily navsegdaPronzitelnaya drama Swedish director Lukas Moodysson about the 16-year-old girl, Lila, that believes and expects that the mother went to America with her lover, will take her to him. Instead, the mother abandons her and guardian puts the girl from the apartment. Lily meets a guy who seems to be indifferent to it, but it gets into a situation from which the only way out ... This grim motion picture based on a true story, riddled with despair and hopelessness.

NeobratimostV dramatic thriller Gaspar Noé, spun in a reverse chronological order, shows one of the most brutal rape scenes. The heroine becomes a victim of an attack in the underpass when heading home after the party. In a fit of revenge her boyfriend starts to search for the rapist to nightclubs, but it takes another person a criminal and brutally kills him. This rapist remains uncaught.

Serbian FilmIn can not imagine what the person is capable extreme perversion. This movie is forbidden to be shown in many countries due to natural images of rape, necrophilia and pedophilia. The film tells the story of a former pornographic film actor Milos, who lives a quiet life, loves his wife and young son. Once he gets so tempting offer that can not refuse. This survey is to ensure the future of his family, but what's going on, plunges into horror.

Salo, or the 120 Days SodomaDekadans humanity in its purest form. Last Work Pier Paolo Pasolini is based on a novel by the Marquis de Sade, whose name comes from the term "sadist". This film is a parable, where the main story is that a group of wealthy Italian fascists held captive young men and women who are subjected to violence and torture. In recognition of Pasolini, his film - a metaphor for the relations of the present regime, which he hated, and human

MuchenitsyTriller Pascal Laugier "martyrs." - Still one of the most violent movies in the cinema. In search of answers to questions about the afterlife religious cult kidnaps girls and exposes them to extreme forms of torture. Thus, they artificially create martyrs, who on the brink of life and death and should learn to tell their tormentors that there is on the other side of life

MglaFilm "The Mist," a horror -. One of the best films in its genre. In this fantastic story is told about a group of people that was in the supermarket when a small town in Maine covers supernatural fog, inhabited by monsters. But that is no less terrified than the monster outside, it is the behavior of people in the store. The final story powerful and stunning.

Girl on sosedstvuEta crime drama based on real events and the murder of the girl. Meg's younger sister settled at his aunt after the tragic death of their parents. Chicanery and abuse Aunt Ruth sisters to grow in physical torture and sexual assault. The abuse she willing to help three sons and their friends. Neighbor boy desperately wants to help the girl, but it is hardly under force.

OldboyPak Chan-wook took this psychological detective story about an unremarkable businessman named Oh Dae-Su. On the day of the birth of his daughter is kidnapped and locked up in an unknown place, where they hold for 15 years. All this time he has not the slightest idea who so cavalierly refers to his life. Oh Dae-Su does not know there ever will be selected to freedom, but the anger and desire for revenge grow

required smertGilbert -. Documentary filmmaker who plans to create his next film. He hopes to remove the suicide process "from the initial concept to the final act." And then there is Matt, a man with an inoperable brain tumor, who decides to reduce their own lives before the pain becomes unbearable. Matt tied friendship with Gilbert and the rest of the crew, so it is difficult to resist the desire to thwart his plans.

They Shoot Horses This drama directed by Sydney Pollack on the dance marathon during the "Great depression." The winners promise to hand over $ 1,500, which attracts the tournament even pregnant contestant. But the dance marathon becomes dangerous endurance competition. Couples are eliminated one by one. Due to the harsh conditions partner dies Gloria.

Go and smotriSovetsky film director Elem Klimov on the madness of war. In the center of the plot - flair, in front of which the Nazis destroyed the village, tortured and burned people. He lost his mother, sisters, friends and neighbors. In just a few days of cheerful boys it becomes a white-haired old man.

The growing conflict between the USSR and the United States leads to the fact that countries exchange of nuclear strikes and the global war begins. The consequences we learn from the stories of several families in the British city of Sheffield. Radiation poisoning the air and everything around. Couple expecting a child, afraid that the newborn appears to mutations. It appears bleak but realistic picture of all the horrors of a nuclear scenario.

DorogaIstoriya about a father and son. They are trying to survive the unexplained global catastrophe and are in constant fear of marauders and cannibals. No one can be trusted. The oppressive atmosphere of post-apocalyptic despair and transmit ink film: lots of black, gray and brown tones. There is not a glimmer of sunlight. There is no hope. Heroes are trying to survive, but danger lurks around every corner.

Something wrong with KevinomRezhissёr Lynne Ramsay made a film about the appalling maternal grief. Kevin - bad boy. From early childhood, he had difficulty with the development and behavior. His mother Eva is not perfect, but treats it with care and love. Eva realizes that his son is dangerous, but do not want to admit it and not doing anything, just hoping that parental love and attention will fix all the problems. But the real world requires something more than hope

Dear Zachary:. A letter to his son about his ottseKurt Kenny took this a documentary in memory of his friend Andrew, who died without knowing that his girlfriend is pregnant Shirley future son. Andrew's parents are beginning to fight for custody of Shirley, and the imperfection of the laws lead to another tragedy. This film was supposed to be a message to Zachary about how his father was. But Zachary was not destined to see her

Requiem for mechteVsem known that drug addiction -. It's scary. But Darren Aronofsky decided vitally and realistically show what actually leads addiction. The main characters - Harry, his girlfriend, best friend, and mother - the first turn to drugs for various reasons: to relax, to earn on reselling, to lose weight. Everyone has a dream. But the drug eats away everything that is in man, leaving only a feeble shell. This film is worth a look to know what leads an easy way, the substitution of dreams on a surrogate of happiness, as the indulgence of weakness and dependency cripples fate

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