Dear parents, you lie

Site publishes a translation of a very, very sensational article on the painful topic for many vaccinations. Its author, Dr. Jennifer Raff, tired of listening to non-scientific attacks on vaccination, has decided to set the record straight, and led many good arguments in defense of their position. Word of the author. In light of the recent outbreaks of measles and other diseases that require prophylaxis in the form of vaccinations, as well as the refusal of vaccination opponents acknowledge this problem, it was decided to write this post.

Dear parents, you are lying. People who say that they are acting in the interests of your children are subjected to their health and even lives at risk.

They say that measles is not a deadly disease.
But it is.

They say that chicken pox is a trifle.
But this is not so.

They say that the flu is not dangerous.
But it is dangerous.

They say whooping cough is not so harmful to children.
But it is harmful.

They say that the vaccine is not effective in preventing the disease.
But vaccines annually save lives of 3 million children and 2 million die each year from diseases that could be prevented by vaccination.

They say that "natural infection" is better than vaccination.
But they are wrong.

They say that the vaccine does not check one carefully.
However, vaccines are at a higher level of control than any other drug. For example, in this study we tested the safety and efficacy of pneumococcal vaccines by 37, 868 children.

They say that doctors do not recognize the side effects of vaccines.
But the side effects are well known, and except in very rare cases, they are quite soft.

They say that the MMR vaccine causes autism.
It does not cause. (The question of whether or not the vaccine is the cause of autism has been investigated many times, and all the studies are conclusive evidence that it is not so).

They say that thimerosal in vaccines causes autism.
There is no, since 2001 it is not in the vast majority of vaccines.

They say that aluminum in vaccines (adjuvant or vaccine component, designed to enhance the immune response of the body) is harmful to children.

But the children consume more of aluminum in breast milk, and to harm the amount of aluminum should be much higher.

They say that the VAERS (the so-called vaccine court) has shown that vaccines are harmful.
That did not happen.

They say that the conventional immunization schedule is not suitable for the child's immune system, and it can not cope with the vaccine.
This is not so.

They say that if other people's children are vaccinated, there is no need to vaccinate their children.

This is one of the most heinous of arguments that I have ever heard. First, the vaccine does not always give a 100% guarantee is not infected, so even vaccinated children can sometimes still get sick when faced with the agent. Even worse, some people can not be vaccinated because their immune deficiency, or an allergy to any component. These people depend on the group immunity. People who choose not to vaccinate their children against infectious diseases put at risk not only their own children, but also children of other parents.

They say that the "natural", "alternative" means better than the means of evidence based medicine.
This is not so.

The truth is that vaccines are one of our greatest achievements in public health, and this is one of the most important things you can do to protect your child.

< I can accurately predict than I answer-antivaktsinisty activists. Because they are unable to effectively challenge the irrefutable scientific evidence about vaccines, they will say that I work for major pharmaceutical corporation (do not work and never worked). They will say that I am not a scientist (I learned), and that I "agent 666" (do not know who it is, but I do not have).

Neither of these assertions is not true, but all of them - reflex response antivaktsiny activists because they do not have any facts to back up their position. On some level, deep down, they should understand this, and are afraid of the consequences, so they attack.

Why do they lie to you? Some of them do it for profit, hoping to sell its alternative means, because you are afraid of evidence-based medicine. I am sure that many others in the movement against vaccines have really good intentions, and they sincerely believe that vaccines are harmful. But as one astrophysicist recently said: «What is good in science - is the fact that it is true no matter whether you believe in it or not» In the case of vaccine opponents is bad news.. Good intentions do not prevent germs infect people and harm them, and disseminating information about the dangers of vaccines, lead to disastrous consequences. Today we can observe throughout the US outbreaks that could have been prevented by vaccines, they all -. Because of unvaccinated children

Only one thing I agree with the activists-antivaktsinistami: engaged in self-education. Only they mean by this "Read all these websites that support our position," I propose to ask that on this account says scientific community. Learn how the immune system works. Read about the history of disease to the vaccine, as well as talk to older people who had grown up as polio, measles and other diseases one could not prevent. Read more about how vaccines are developed, and how they work. Read about Andrew Wakefield (approx. Trans. In Russian here) about how his article that proved a link between MMR vaccine and autism, has been revoked, and was then withdrawn and his medical license. Read numerous large studies of whether vaccines cause autism (and read in parallel that can cause autism).

It may seem that it is a huge job, and scientific works are not suitable for reading by ordinary people. But the reading of scientific articles is a skill that can be mastered. Here is a great resource for evaluating health information on the Internet, and I have written a guide for people far from science how to read and understand scientific literature (approx. Per. Then Russian equivalent). You have to do this, should your children, and yourself, should thoroughly investigate the matter. Do not rely on what he says a stranger on the Internet (even if it's me).

Read the research to which I refer in this article, and talk with your pediatrician. Despite what they say antivaktsinniki, you do not need to be afraid of the vaccine. < You should be afraid of what is happening without vaccines.



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