The most stupid laws

The United States believes the focus of ridiculous laws. There are even a few dozen organizations that are fighting for the abolition of dumb laws (¬ędumb laws"), as they are made to call.
Some of the harshest laws - Texas. Here, for example, are prohibited from making standing more than three sips of beer and shoot buffalo from the second floor of the hotel. Railway train encountered at the crossroads, must stop and stand up until another train will not pass. Walking barefoot in the state is possible only by special permission, for which you need to pay $ 5. But it's all pretty old laws. But recently pressure Governor George W. Bush (now president of the United States) in Texas passed a law according to which the offender is obliged orally or in writing to warn of the impending crime victim at least 24 hours before it occurs. In addition, the warning should describe the forthcoming crime. Harushenie this rule is taken into account by the court as an aggravating circumstance. In some cities in the state has its own severe inhibitions: in Clarendon prohibited dust the public buildings with brushes made of feathers; Houston trade in beer after midnight on Sunday banned (though on Monday it is permitted at any time); Port Arthur offense is the allocation of unpleasant odors in the elevator.
Not less severe punishment in Florida. Hezamuzhnim women are forbidden to jump with a parachute on Sundays. Is strictly prohibited in Florida: singing in a bathing suit, riding a skateboard without a license plate, taking a shower naked. The state can not break more than three dishes a day. In Pensacola woman died as a result of careless use of electrical appliances in the bathroom should be fined $ 100. In Miami prohibited cycling, are not equipped with an audible signal, however, the use of sound signals cyclists prohibited.
With regard to the laws, which are difficult not to break, here excels Arkansas. This state is prohibited "anyone whatsoever and under whatever pretext to approach the windows and doors of the polling station closer than 15 meters" on election day and during the vote count, which makes criminals of all the voters of the state. In the same drivers after 21.00 it is forbidden to use sound signals near places serving cold snacks and refreshments. And under the law does not just restaurants and bars, and private homes.
In many cities in the US are serious fires. Haprimer in Chicago is a criminal offense meal in a burning house. In Evanston (Illinois) Fire is the only case where it is permitted to change clothes in the car. In Fort Madison (Iowa) firefighters are required to hold a 15-minute training session before each departure on fire. In Hovom Orleans prohibited tied alligators to fire hydrants, and in St. Louis firefighters can not save naked women, and women dressed in a robe and nightgown. In the district Hyu-Britney (CT) fire trucks under any circumstances can not move at a speed greater than 25 miles / h.
For clothes, appearance and behavior of a particular attitude. In Kentucky "no females can not appear in a swimsuit on the road ... unless it is accompanied by two police officers or if it is not armed with a shovel." An exception is made for women weighing less than 40 or more than 90 kg. In the city of Carmel (state Hyu York), any man, who had put on trousers and jacket in different colors, fined $ 500. In the district Hogales (Arizona) men forbidden to use braces. In Hebraske barbers can not eat garlic or onions from 7.00 to 19.00, and in Hyu Jersey arrest may expose anyone who chomps at the restaurant.
But the leaders of "stupid laws" are California and Indiana. In California, animals forbidden to mate closer than 500 meters from schools, churches and public catering. There exists the speed limit for vehicles without a driver - 60 miles / h. In California banned: wearing cowboy boots persons not owning at least two cows; crying during testimony in court; licking toads and frogs, as well as washing cars underwear, who was in use. In addition, in the city of Chico is forbidden to blow up a nuclear device in the city ($ 500 fine).
Among the laws of Indiana - a ban on bathing in the period from October to March, car sales on Sundays, changing colors of birds and rabbits, milk sales in wine shops, wearing mustaches persons prone to frequent kisses, eating watermelon in public parks, the use of standing alcoholic beverages in restaurants and bars. Resident of Indiana are required to bring to justice for rape if the passenger of his car are under 17 years old and she is in a car without stockings or socks. Since 1984, in the town of Indiana Speydse a law prohibiting use firearms for opening cans. Harushitelyam faces three months in prison. At last, in Indiana, in accordance with the law of the number of "pi" is 4, not 3, 1415.

European laws may be less severe. Haprimer, in the city of Ferrara in Italy, the local cheese factory workers can go to jail if you fall asleep on the job. Townspeople are very serious about making cheese, and therefore prohibits not only work, but also in general to be a factory for women "bad behavior or species." The law was passed a few centuries ago, when the connection between the "bad view" women and souring milk is considered obvious. Since then, the outlook on life has changed, but the law remains in effect.
In Britain, the rules rarely change, and virtually never canceled. Haprimer, a law forbidding to appear in the parliament building in knightly armor, entered into force in 1313, and no one has canceled. In the city of New York from time immemorial, the law allowing "archery to death" by Scots all the days of the week except Sunday. In the city of Chester, you can shoot a bow already Welshmen, but only after midnight. In London, a ban on wife battering after 21.00, "for cries of battered may interfere with the townspeople." Here in London, it is a strict law forbidding citizens to impersonate "a pensioner living in Chelsea." The motive that made hundreds of years ago to adopt this law is no longer possible to find out, though the law is valid. Moreover, it can be considered the most obey the law of the world - in the last 150 years, it has never violated. London taxi drivers, under penalty of a fine of $ 100 is forbidden to call up shouting, "Taxi!". Themselves taxi drivers may refuse to visit "sick with plague or cholera" and have the right to recover on the people "standing at the rear wheel and holding his right hand on it."
Under British law an intimate relationship with the royal spouse (wife) and turning the brand image of the monarch with the sticky side up are one and the same crime - treason - and punished the same way. In contrast to Britain, other European countries ancient laws not only exist, but also applied in practice. In France a few years ago the owner of the restaurant immediately accused ten chefs in sexual harassment. In court, she referred to the law on "right to the hip," existing since the Middle Ages and allowing landowners to seduce working on their lands. According to the defendant, her actions were within the law. Seeing that the law has not been canceled, the court acquitted a woman.
In Andorra, lawyers are prohibited. "The emergence of legal scholars who can make black white, prohibited in our courts" - so reads Andorran law in 1864. In Denmark, no one has repealed the law, according to which the front of the car to go man a warning about the dangers of horse-drawn carriages. However, current laws can sometimes be even more interesting vintage. Owners vegetable stores across Europe may well be fine (in the amount of up to 1,000 euros) for sale pupyrchatoy cucumbers, strawberries, which are not to the form of the heart, short of bananas ...

Asia and Africa
Laws Asian look ridiculous at first glance. Ha fact, they have a deep meaning. Haprimer, Mongolian law, according to which women are obliged to go topless. This law was quite appropriate in the Middle Ages: therefore Mongolian nomads were saving themselves from enemy fighters dressed women.
In the Indian state of Rajasthan women are compulsorily required to have a carrot seeds, which allegedly have contraceptive properties. In Western newspapers mentioned and the ancient Iranian law prohibiting intercourse with wild animals, especially lionesses, but allows you to enter into an intimate relationship with some pets. However, and here modern laws are not inferior to the old. Strict Singapore banned chewing gum lawmakers in the subway, walk home naked, not to flush after using the toilet. In South Korea, traffic police are obliged to inform the authorities of the day received bribes, and Thais forbidden to leave the house without underwear. In addition, in Thailand it is impossible to advance on the local banknotes and coins, as they depicted the king.
Harsh laws exist in Israel. Above all, it is forbidden to blow your nose on Saturdays, and for cycling, you must have a driver's license. Arad is forbidden to feed animals in public places, in Ramat Gasharone - include Rottweilers, and in Haifa - lead at the beach bears.
Not less severe and African laws. C 1994 in Ghana in an intimate relationship with girls under 18 years of age may enter only men who have at least $ 50, a sheep and three bottles of gin: just such a man must pay the penalty in the case of pregnant women. In Swaziland, imprisonment up to one year threatens to couples who decide to engage in "underwater love." The law was enacted in 1985, after it became clear that a national landmark - a hot spring Kadl-radish - is especially popular among lovers.

Canadian legislation, as well as the US tries to cover almost all spheres of life of citizens. In public places Canadians under penalty of a large fine, it does not remove bandages and dressings. Pennies can not pay for the goods, which cost more than 50 cents. Transparent soft drinks do not contain caffeine.
Provincial and municipal laws more specifically. The province Farming Scotland can not be watered lawn in the rain, and in the province of Quebec is forbidden to sell yellow margarine. In Montreal (in the same Quebec) it is forbidden to swear in French and washing cars on the street. Toronto (Ontario) will be a criminal one who dragged a dead horse on Sunday at Yonge Street. It is possible that streets with the same name in Toronto is long gone, but the law has not been canceled. The city Itobikok (in the same province) level of water in the bath must not exceed 10 cm. At last, the entire province of Saskatchewan has a law prohibiting children appear on the streets in shoes with untied laces.
In Bolivia, a law which is valid from the beginning of the XX century, forbids women to drink more than one glass of wine bars and restaurants. Legislators felt that a greater amount of alcohol makes "a woman mentally and sexually compliant." Harushenie law not only entails a large fine ($ 100), and is the official grounds for divorce. Bearded woman is not easy to live in Mexico. Here, their appearance on the street may end public shaving.
But in general, Latin American laws extraordinarily humane. Haprimer Paraguayan law banning the duel, makes the only exception - for persons who bequeathed their bodies to medical or scientific institutions. And in Peru in prisons is forbidden to add to eat hot peppers and other spices: they are considered aphrodisiacs, which, according to lawmakers, "are unacceptable for men, forced to live in conditions of limited communication."

Australia and Oceania
Papua - Farming Guinea seems to hold a worldwide primacy in severity of punishment for adultery. In Madang district (where there are ancient Papuan laws that have state status) deceived husbands are not only allowed, but prescribed beheading lovers of their wives. Prior to execution of convicted person should eat finger of his mistress.
Other laws of Australia and Oceania more funny than scary. In Australia, for example, legislation is extremely humane. Term life sentence (death penalty in this country) can not exceed 25 years. Australian taxi driver can be fined if his car will not armfuls of hay (usually there from the time when taxi cabs replaced). In addition, Australian cities forbidden to appear on the streets in dark clothes, soft shoes and shoe polish on his face. But you can be fined, just walking: a ban on the movement in the opposite direction (Right) lane operates on all roads, including on rural hiking trails. In addition to federal laws, there is, of course, and local. In Victoria, for example, replace the faulty bulbs, even in private homes may only licensed electricians. The penalty for this violation - about $ 20. In the same state after noon on Sunday it is forbidden to go to the pink pants. His laws relating to clothing, there are in Melbourne. Here a man can be fined if appears on the street in a "dress without straps." Hikakih restrictions on other kinds of dresses for women in the city does not exist.
Residents of the New Zealand city Longberna, angry cat attacks on defenseless birds, passed a law prohibiting the cats out of the house without three bells around his neck.

Russian truth
In Russia today there are thousands of regulations adopted in the times of socialism. There are, in the sense that nobody canceled - in practice they are not applied. But if someone really want to, you can try to apply. For example, March 5, 1969 the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR approved "Regulations on the Protection of roads and road facilities", paragraph 7 of which reads: "Buildings ROW road residential, public buildings and warehouses, as well as the installation within this band billboards and posters that are not related to safety, shall be prohibited. " With gross violations of the item, we face at every turn.
Until now valid and the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO), adopted in 1984 (the new Administrative Code did not manage to pass all the required instance). The Administrative Code contains a large number of rules that place many of our quite respectable-looking contemporaries outlawed. Article 164.3, for example, provides for a fine for "soliciting foreign nationals to acquire things." This, apparently, talking about importing. Another article threatens to fine any participant in gambling, including card and roulette; is punishable by law and the organization of this kind of games, that is what is happening with us everywhere. And how many people would suffer in the event of the application of Article 152, which prohibits the purchase of bread in bakeries for feeding livestock and poultry, and say terrible. However, this is minor compared to the opportunities provided by the authorities are still not abolished the law of the RSFSR of March 28, 1927 "On the requisition and confiscation of property." Article 13 of the Act authorizes the confiscation of the property of "persons who have fled from the Republic of political motives and not returned by the time of the confiscation." Hichto does not interfere with the prosecutor's office to apply this provision and to apply to the court for the confiscation of property of a prominent businessman, who were abroad. However, in this case, I would have to admit that he had left "for political motives." But this is not an obstacle. The main thing that he did not return at the time of confiscation.


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