The 3 most dreaded words — duty, duty, responsibility

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When I talk about maturity with women, I often hear of indignation:

  • Why is it we have to change, but men can't?
  • Not too many responsibilities?
  • Why do I have to obey him and to obey?
  • Why do I want to have children and stay home?
  • Nobody needs!
  • Let Valyaeva itself and does his duty, and me so well!
The word "should" as the word "duty" makes us the most joyful emotions. As the word "responsibility", often they are associated with something heavy, scary, sad, ungrateful... And to not feel that weight, we often pushes this responsibility on to someone else.

For example:

  • It is not I get married can't, it's Mama raised me
  • It's not I don't want to get married, he is not calling
  • It's not me this is all my ancestors made a mess
  • I'm not the ramshackle family, and husband
  • It's not I'm a bad mother, that my children are monsters
  • It's not my hard work and the boss is unfair
  • It's not I don't want to change, it's Torsunov and Narushevich all wrong.
Remember, in my childhood was this game, "Seth", When the children throw each other a dirty rag and turns away from her. Run away and hide, because if she'd hit you, you have to run after the others. And not prestigious as it is, to laugh at you.

I have the feeling that when we grow up we continue to play this game, only instead of dirty rags thrown responsibility. And all anything, Yes only this responsibility for our own life.

Afraid of the word "should", avoiding "responsibilities" we are losing control over their lives. It flows anywhere and anyhow. And the result is not what I wanted. Generally not. Just because you put into words a certain meaning. Which actually with the words has nothing to do.

Should you?

Should we be afraid of Vedic knowledge and responsibilities? Is it so terrible?

In fact, the Vedas are not a set of clear rules. In the morning it is necessary to turn three times on the right heel and parechovirus over your left shoulder, then there will be happiness. Rules created by people to live easier and think less.

And the Vedas tell us about the Laws. About how this world works, what laws there are, what will happen if you violate these laws. And then everyone has the freedom of choice. You can create rules so that each time not to think about the Laws and to live by them mechanically. And you can break them right and left – if you want.

That is, I really don't have to obey her husband, wearing skirts, have children, learn to be submissive. Don't have to.

But there are laws. From which you will not escape, not hide. Which, for example, say that a husband and wife so. And how will I learn to obey him, depends on the extent of its responsibility. Then I can choose – do I want a responsible husband? Or I like?

With the same skirts – they say that women wear on top should be on the figure, and below – free. And Vice versa for men. This is due to the movement of energy in female and male body type. It was the law. I'll decide for myself what I want. To be fashionable, sexy in jeans like everyone else. Or choose health by a female part and to be beautiful otherwise feminine.

Or the law of non-violence. When we realize that if we eat meat, fish, eggs, the violence in our lives will be more. I can agree with that, if my very expensive steak. And consciously choose meat-eating. Understanding the consequences. Or Vice versa – consciously from the meat to drop.

And none of us imposes nothing. Understand how great? We do make choices – every time. There are laws that affect us. And then we either follow them or break. For violations has its price, for the observance of their bonuses. And no one owes nothing.

After all, if to throw the stone up over his head, he also hit, right? There Is A Law Of Universal Gravitation. We tried it, seen it, studied. And do not abuse. Don't want stone to get to the head.

Or the law about the fact that the force of action is equal and opposite reaction. Everyone remembers how they burn on the arm elastic band that you pull one way and your friend is in another? That with the same power and come right back?

And there are subtle laws which are not immediately visible. But this does not mean that they are not, they don't work, that they can violate with impunity.

For example, the law of honesty. We can, for example, to stop stealing from other – download free movies, books, software, print on your coursework, take home what is not ours. And after some time you will notice how increased our prosperity. However, many of these phenomena do not associate with each other, because the result is not immediate.

Or another law under which a woman contributes to the success of men. It is also not obvious. Lived, all was well, he became successful. And then left his wife for another – and after a year everything started to fall apart. I know a lot of examples. Successful businessmen after such an act can not stand up. You can watch gossip – and find similar examples. Own men it is not obvious. This happens not immediately, not instantly. Yes, and how to measure the influence of his wife on his business? But the law is there, and it works.

The law of charity or tithing. Many people have pointed out that the more you give, the more comes to you later. But not see a direct pattern. Did not use it in this way increase welfare.

The laws of women's health. In twenty years to conceive, carry and give birth to a baby is easier than forty. But you can choose a career and postpone motherhood. For it has its price, and many people, faced with infertility, it is paid that way.

The law of time. You can go to bed at two or three in the morning. You can get up to ten or twelve. But it will have to pay health, optimism and energy. And you can try to live in the same rhythm with nature – go to bed early, get up with the first birds. But everyone chooses for himself – to be an owl, a lark or a conscious person.

The law of the mirror when you mirror your own faults and qualities of character. And you can make a choice to be angry or to change who is in the mirror looks.

Examples of subtle laws for a long time, a lot of them. And you can learn to see how they work. It's amazing and fun. To analyze, to watch the investigation and to look for reasons. If you want to try.

Mature position

Maturity – not only women, but any person – to see the laws, understand what they are. And then to make an informed choice.

For example, I now have my external sexuality more expensive health. Want to walk in the skinny jeans and go. Nothing in this terrible no, this is the choice of a particular person.

Or I don't want to restore the relationship with her husband and will divorce. Yes, I understand that it will have to work then and the next will not be better. Understand and consciously take such a step.

Or wear super-tight dresses provoking men's desire. And get these looks fun. Knowing that the way I take a lot of energy and beauty. But I do not mind and I continue.

Maybe I want to be independent and to earn more than their husbands, understand that it is a price – neglected children, the house. No strength to her husband. The husband earns less. I know all this, you know. And consciously choose such a scenario.

Or Vice versa – I think about my future and future children. And then keep your virginity for your spouse, not exchanged for a minute. Choose old with loving children and quit their job without worrying about retirement and old age guarantees. Choose success for their spouse and begin to inspire him, to help him and support.

It is responsible for your life. When in each moment we make a choice. A choice that will affect our lives. And we make this choice deliberately, knowing the consequences.

But "should" and "obligation" is a derivative of the laws. As the rules of the road. Don't want to get hit by a car – go to green. Don't want husband was angry and went left and feed him. If you don't feed, you can do without a husband to stay...

"Should" is actually "choose to follow the natural laws." "Duty" is "want us all to be well".

If you enable this internal translator and cease to cling to these words, then the lecture of Dr. Torsunov will be for you a vast fount of wisdom. In each lecture he tells so many different laws that can be observed or not. To know these laws to make their choice in each of them. After all, ignorance in this case is not an excuse.

The law is still, you know about it or not. He just acts. The law doesn't matter you agree with him or not, the rock will still fall down if you put it there. Laws know no exceptions, concessions and "just one more time". They are like machines that do their work.

And we are free. God has given us freedom of choice. We chose to live here in the material world. We chose to live as if God does not exist. We did not want to see him here. And he agreed with us. But it has its price. The cycle of birth and death. Suffering always balance the happiness. The senselessness of what is happening.

It is possible here to make a choice and start to strive for It. Then better not only all the material. It is a simple consequence. Adjusted something inside, there is a sense of awareness, energy, Love. We don't have to do this. But we can choose such a path. If you want to.

To solve all the same to us. published

Author: Olga Valyaeva



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