26 stunning cat breeds on the verge of extinction

All cats are beautiful and deserve love. Even those who live in the jungle and have huge fangs. Especially they. In fact, almost all wild cats are endangered – from the largest and most terrible to the most petite. The danger can ruin any character.

1. Asian гепард


Once these magnificent cats roamed all over the globe: in the middle East, Central Asia, North and South Kazakhstan, in the South-East and in India.

Now, because of environmental pollution, human intervention and uncontrolled hunting them, the Asian cheetahs in the wild remained in the amount of only 70-110 individuals. They inhabit the arid lands of the Iranian plateau.

2. Snow барс

Snow leopards inhabit the rugged mountains of Central Asia. These cats are perfectly adapted to the cold and bare landscape of their high-rise building.

Unfortunately, they are many are hunted for their beautiful fur. Now there are anywhere from four to six and a half thousand individuals in the wild.

3. Cat-рыболов

Unlike our Pets who hate water, cats, anglers are excellent swimmers and they live mainly along the banks of rivers, streams and mangrove swamps.

In 2008, the breed made the list of endangered species because they live in swampy areas, which have recently been drained and disappear with alarming speed.

4. Cat Bay Борнео

Cat Bay or Celimontana cat is a mysterious wild animal, found only on the island of Borneo. Tropical forests inhabited by these cats threatened by deforestation, so the animals were in the number of threatened species as classified by the International Union for conservation of nature. This is one of the few existing photographs of the Bay cat of Borneo.

5. Cat with flat головой

These cats have a slender body and uniquely shaped head. They love to eat fish and walk by themselves. Since 2008, they are also considered an endangered species due to the deterioration of the environment. Today their population consists of not more than two and a half thousand individuals.

6. The Andean mountain кошка

This cat is one of about two dozen species of small wild cats. Compared with their more wild relatives, for conservation of which take millions of dollars, the budget for the preservation of such species is much less.

7. Iberian (Spanish) рысь

The Iberian lynx – the species which is in danger of extinction. This is one of the rarest mammals on earth.

In the fifties of the XX century, a disease called myxomatosis, almost destroyed the Spanish population of rabbits, the main food for the lynx.

8. Manul (Pallas cat)

These adorable animals love to dwell in caves and mountain gorges and burrows and only in the evening go out to hunt. Because of the pollution of the environment and hunting them, these cats are looking like an endangered species since 2002.

9. Margai (a long-tailed cat)

Margi just created for life in the trees. It is the only cat that can turn their hind feet 180 degrees, allowing it to jump on the trees headfirst, like a squirrel. It can also hang on the branch, holding on to one hind paw. Every year, killing about 14 thousand margai just for skins. It's killing the population of these beautiful wild animals, because they can produce offspring only every two years, and the mortality rate among kittens is 50 percent.

10. Serval (Bush cat)

These cats love to wander through the African Savannah, and yet they have the longest legs of all felines on earth. Unfortunately, they are very much hunting, and then sell their skin to the tourists, giving her a leopard or a Cheetah.

11. Каракал

These cats are also called desert lynx. They can produce barking sounds, which are used for hazard warning. In North Africa, they face extinction in the vast Central Asia and India, these animals are also very rare.

12. African Golden кот

Only recently the animal was able to make photos of these hermits, leading nocturnal.

The African Golden cat is only twice the normal domestic cats. In the wild their life expectancy is unknown, while in captivity they live for about twelve years.

13. Asian Golden кот

These cats are found in humid tropical and subtropical, and dry deciduous forests. Deforestation and hunting of these animals for skins and bones threatens the existence of the breed.

14. Sand or sandy кот

This unique cat known for its wide head and fur growing between the toes to protect his paws from the hot sand. This kind of cats relates to endangered species and hunting them is prohibited in many countries.

15. The Amur (far Eastern) леопард

Due to problems with the environment and conflict with people this kind of cats now virtually disappeared. I believe that there are only about thirty individuals, living somewhere in Russia and China. The Amur leopard is also known as the far East, Manchurian or Korean leopard.

16. Sumatran тигр

The Sumatran tiger is the last species of Indonesian tigers. Despite an existing law against poaching these tigers hunt a lot, sell the skin and other parts of the animal can be a lot of money. There are at least four individuals of this species.

17. Smoky леопард

The clouded leopard is regarded as the link between small and big cats. These leopards are under threat of loss of habitat due to large-scale deforestation and trade of wildlife. The whole population today is less than ten thousand individuals.

18. Marble кот

They are often confused with the clouded leopards, but the cats are much smaller and they have an unusually thick tail. The main threat to these animals is the destruction of their habitat. It happens everywhere in South-East Asia and affects not only that population, but also on populations of their main prey.

19. Leopard кот

The color of these cats varies from grey to red with white. This is the first wild cat that has been successfully used in a hybrid program of interbreeding of domestic animals with wild. The result will be a beautiful and friendly Bengal breed.

20. Maltese тигр

This tiger also known as the blue tiger. The breed is so rare that it is virtually a myth. Most of the Maltese tigers refers to a variety of South China tigers. This species is on the verge of extinction because of their illegal use in alternative medicine. Blue breed may not even exist.

21. Golden тигр

Golden tiger in fact not some separate species of tigers. Rather, it is just kind of color. Most often this color is the result of breeding in captivity, however in India there is information about the Golden tigers, Dating back to the early XX century.

22. White лев

White lions are not albinos, but a genetic rarity that exists only in one place on Earth: the Kruger national Park biosphere reserve in South Africa. Taken away from their homes because of its uniqueness, white lions disappeared and was considered extinct species for nearly two decades until it was revealed the project for the revival and protection of white lions within their home territory.

23. Anatolian леопард

More than thirty years, the Turkish leopard was thought to be extinct. In 2013 year, the shepherd killed a huge wild cat that attacked his flock. Biologists confirmed that it was an Anatolian leopard. The story is certainly sad, but it gives hope that this species of wild cats still exist.

24. Red spotted кот


It is the smallest wild cat in the world. Its length is only from fifty to eighty centimeters with a tail and it weighs no more than two pounds. Unfortunately, these cats know too little. Their species belongs to endangered due to the conversion of most areas of their habitat to agricultural land.

25. Scottish wild кошка

These cats, also known as the mountain tigers, are in great danger of extinction. Recently, their number was estimated at less than four hundred individuals.

26. Blackfeet кошка

The smallest of all the African wild cats. This species black fur on the paws to protect from the hot desert Sands. Because these cats are very often feed on garbage, they were in danger of poisoning poisons laid for other animals.

We can protect these great cats from extinction, supporting the idea of saving the world.

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