Cats and peace

They live everywhere. Only the household of which almost 500 million. They can promyaukat 100 different sounds. Egyptians have announced their sacred animals, and the Inquisition accused of having links with the devil and mercilessly destroyed. March 1 marked the Day of Russian cats. I suggest to walk around the city, where the cat walk by themselves.

China, Sichuan Province. In this part of the country is not threatened cats. The fact is that in Szechuan cuisine not use cat meat. But there are dishes in Cantonese and out of the cat and dog meat

Santorini, Greece. Greek cat, even the homeless, always quite plump and shiny, especially in the islands. The Greeks keep their homes is rare, but the fish are fed regularly.

Bali, Indonesia. Here cats looking for food themselves sometimes choose food directly from the offerings that are left in the Balinese temples and altars near the street.

Antigua, Guatemala. In America, domestic cats arrived with the first settlers in the XVI century.

Venice, Italy. Cats in Venice have always played an important role: in palaces guarded books from mice and on merchant ships - expensive silk tissue from rats.

Australia - the world leader in the number of cats. In Sydney, they are so much that in summer 2011 the authorities were forced to introduce a night curfew for cats and dogs after a series of attacks against possums.

Havana, Cuba. In the difficult 90th when Cuba was tight with food are sharply reduced the number of cats. They ate banal. Dogs are not touched, because for them the Cubans are treated with great reverence.

Brussels, Belgium. Local cats are very important and well-fed. They are allowed to roam everywhere, in cafes, shops and even the famous Laeken Cemetery.

Jakarta. Indonesia is second only to the number of cats in Australia. Here they are - almost 30 million. Since cats do not stand on ceremony here, but not hurt - it is a bad omen.

Beirut, Lebanon. During the war between Israel and Lebanon in 2006, hundreds of cats and dogs have been evacuated from the city. But they do not become less.

Paris, France. Totality fashion for cats in Paris, introduced by Cardinal Richelieu, who loved them very much. Kittens brought him a present from around the world.

Irish cat easily go on a visit to the neighboring house. The attitude towards them is so friendly that people who do not have pets, especially to buy food tailed guests.

It was organized in England in 1887 the world's first club cats - The National Cat Club, and later in the same year conducted the world's first cat show.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. On horvatskom language cat will "Macka". A tailed respond to "Matz-Matz».

Fortress Kotor, Montenegro. Montenegrin cat actively inhabit Kotor, too, will respond to the "Matz-Matz».

Bangkok, Thailand. Thais rarely give birth to cats as pets. But always lure in the courts. The fact is that cats in Thailand very successful hunt for snakes.

In ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped as sacred animals. When pet died, the owner of a sign of mourning shaved eyebrows. Today, the emotions have died down, but cats are still a lot.

Rome, Italy. Tirana and the emperors of ancient Rome disliked cats, and preferred to keep the lions. And our contemporary, Pope Benedict XVI loves cats, and even did not hesitate to indulge their refreshments on the streets of Rome.

Val d'Orcia, Italy. This area is under UNESCO protection. Outdoor cats are well settled.

Tuscany, Italy

Damascus, Syria. Prophet Muhammad loved cats, and commanded his followers to take care of these animals. PMnogo centuries Portugal was a maritime power. Cats have been on all the ships of the Age of Discovery, protects loads from Damascus krys.oetomu huge amount of cats.

Many centuries Portugal was a maritime power. Cats have been on all the ships of the Age of Discovery, protects loads from rats.


In the 80s in Brazil there was a unique case: the new breed of cats - Brazilian Shorthair - there was no intervention breeders. Until that time, these animals are considered to be common mongrels.

Jaffa, Israel. In the middle of the XX century, during the repatriation of Jews to Israel, the country began to massively import of cats, so they destroyed snakes and rodents. Now, even animals live on military bases of the IDF.

Tokyo, Japan. Many homeowners in Tokyo, tenants are not allowed to bring animals. Therefore compassionate Japanese lure cats on the streets.

Istanbul, Turkey. In Istanbul, a special attitude to cats. It's all in the Islamic tradition: tailed here fed and not offend - so ordered Muhammad.

Limassol, Cyprus. For many years it was believed that it was the ancient Egyptians domesticated cat. However, the joint burial of ancient humans and cats have been found in Cyprus dates back to 7500 BC.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Domestic cats roam freely in Amsterdam. A stray - are among the most fortunate in the world. They have a unique refuge - "Cat's barge," which stands on one of the city's canals.

Petra, Jordan. Cats around the ancient temples of business as usual. You can even see my mother-cat with a whole brood.

Provence Côte d'Azur.


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