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Not so much in the nature of animals, which are known to like everything they have for millions of years with a man - but still remain a mystery. This is - the cat.

26 facts about cats
1. During the pursuit of prey cat holding her head horizontally on the same level, while dogs and people shake their heads up and down.

2. Cats generally right-handed, and the cats are mostly left-hander. An interesting fact - 90% of people are right-handed, and the remaining 10% of left-handers, and they are mostly men.

3. A cat can not get down from the tree upside down, because all the claws on its feet in the same direction. So cats come down from the tree backwards.

4. Scientists believe that the cat is able to pronounce the consonants: m, n, r, s, f in.

5. Cats may play up to 100 different sounds, while dogs only 10.

6. Brain cats, unlike dogs, more similar to the human brain. Cats and humans have identical areas of the brain responsible for emotions.

7. During the Spanish Inquisition, Pope Innocent VIII declared cats devil incarnate and thousands of cats were burned. This has led to an increase in the rat population, which exacerbated the effects of the plague, dubbed "black cmertyu." Cat God of revenge?

8. According to legend, Noah prayed to God to help protect all of the food in the ark of the rats. In response, God made the cat came when the lion sneezed.

9. In Siam, when conducted the coronation of the new king, cats riding in a carriage at the head of the procession.

10. On short-distance cat can reach speeds of about 49 km / h.

11. A cat can jump to a height of five times its height.

12. Cats land on their feet almost always: the organs of equilibrium located in the inner ear cat, helps to align the trajectory and tail.

13. Cats rub against people, not only because they are gentle, but also to mark their territory scent glands located around its muzzle.

14. Scholars still debate exactly how a cat purrs. Most believed that the vibration of the vocal cords, located deep in the throat. To do this, the muscles of the larynx open and close the air corridor of about 25 times per second.

15. When, in ancient Egypt, the family cat died, the family in mourning shaved eyebrows. Cat embalmed mummy was placed in the family tomb in the cemetery or animal mummies with mice. In 1888, more than 300 thousand. Mummified cats were found on the Egyptian cemeteries.

16. The earliest ancestor of modern cats lived around 30 million years ago.

17. The cat usually has 12 whiskers on each side.

18. The ability of cats to find a way home to explain the fact that cats are either using an angle of sunlight, or they have a magnetized cells in the brain that act as a compass.

19. Jaw cat can not move sideways, so they can not chew big chunks of food.

20. The back of the cat consists of 53 vertebrae. In humans, there are only 34.

21. One third of cat owners think that their pets can read their thoughts.

22. The most famous cat-and-long-liver was Puff from Texas, who died in 2005 at the age of 38 years. Normal cats can live up to 20 years (approximately 96 person-years).

23. The nose has a unique fingerprint cats, as well as human fingerprints.

24. Cats can detect an earthquake for 10-15 minutes before a person feels it.

25. With their cats talking 95 percent of their respective owners.

26. Cats - Alien. This, even some scientists believe. In their opinion, the main task of the cats - watch the creatures on Earth, and proof of their extraterrestrial origin - amazing abilities that are not in other animals.

Baleen records

"Boeing" resting!

The world found the loudest cat - British Smokey: his rumbling able to drown out even the sound of the engine "Boeing-737", because it makes sounds of 92 decibels (similar to "volume" has going for landing the plane). His owners claim that the cat purrs so loudly that they do not hear the TV and can not talk on the phone. Scientists have tested and confirmed "allegations" justified.


A New York cat his master when moving to another state forgot to bring. Five months later, after returning home, the owner found the pet curled up in his favorite chair. The cat traveled more than 3, 5 thous. Km.


Kota Biglza from Australia was sent home by plane to Auckland (New Zealand). Australian airline "Quintas" experienced real stress: the cat had not arrived at their destination, but a week later showed up ... in the cabin of another aircraft that was flying to Sydney. This week a stranger circled almost the entire world, having to travel from Australia to New Zealand and then from Melbourne to Sydney from Fiji to Singapore.


Scientist Bernard Courtois in 1811, spent some chemical experiments, and his pet cat was sitting on his shoulders. Suddenly, a knock at the door, frightened cat jumped off the shoulders and smashed chemist standing on the table the flask with chemicals. One of these flasks was alcoholate algae, and other iron sulfate salt. Content mixed, react vigorously with release of smoke.

When the reaction has passed, and the smoke settled, the scientist saw on the table brown crystals. These crystals were then called - "iodine". It is a pity that the name of the inventor has not been preserved in history.

Next to the great

I adore cats English King Charles I: he believed that without his pet cat he did not see happiness. He was worried about the health of your pet, even set over her custody. The cat died, and a few days later the king was beheaded.


For their cats to open an account in Switzerland, one rich lady. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Swiss fined for these cats hunt - he was accused of "systematic killing of birds." The fine has been paid to the account of the cat. To confirm the bank's employees was decorated with paw prints form "of investors».

In the service of the Queen

Britain's most famous cat - the late Wilberforce. He lived in the Prime Minister's residence, where he was assigned to catch mice. He served under four prime ministers. Sometimes the cat even allowed to attend meetings of the government! Margaret Thatcher also bringing him treats from all over the world. When Wilberforce died, Margaret Thatcher said it directly to a cabinet meeting.
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