Life is fragile, sudden, and sometimes shorter than it seems

1. You are not your past. No matter how chaotic was your past, before you lies a clean, fresh and open way. You are not your past habits. You are not your past mistakes. You – not how someone once treated. You're just you, here and now. You are your current actions. 2. Focus on what you have, not on what you have. You are the person you are and what you have right now. And to be honest, your situation is not so bad – otherwise you would not read this article. What you really need is to find one positive thought that will inspire you and help you move forward. Hold on to it as tightly as possible, and try to focus on it. Yes, you may think you have nothing, and if there is, what little, but your mind still may inspire. And it's inspiring – the only thing you really need in order to re-start to move forward.

 3. The problem is an integral part of personal growth. Yes, our problems and their solution are part of life and personal growth. People lose jobs, get sick and sometimes even die in accidents. When you are young and your works are very good, you find it hard to understand this fully. But the smartest, and oftentimes hardest, thing we can do, if this situation is to use his reaction to it, to harden their will and determination. You may want to scream, to throw at the wall and swearing – but you're better than that, right? Remember, unstoppable emotions, as a rule, makes everything only worse. And although tragedy is really bad, they give us the opportunity to become stronger. 4. Sometimes you can afford to lose it. You don't have to constantly act strong and pretend that all is well with you. And what about you in such a situation other people will think of you and not be a concern. If you want to cry – cry, it is even useful. A smile does not always mean that you are happy. Sometimes it just means that you are strong enough to face our problems face to face. 5. Life is fragile, sudden, and sometimes shorter than you think. Remember, tomorrow may not be. For someone it will not be exact. Right now someone is making plans for tomorrow, not knowing that he would die today. It's sad, but such is life. So spend your time today wisely, and from time to time stop to realize how life is beautiful. Every moment that you live is a priceless gift. Don't waste time thinking about the bad. Better spend it on something that will help you move in the right direction. 6. We are all sometimes mistaken. And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will become better and eventually make fewer mistakes. No, you will never be completely infallible, but if you instead at least try to do it, going to sit idly by, you have exactly nothing. It is better to do something and be wrong, than to do nothing. Well, in advance, for the cause! You'll either succeed, or learn an important lesson. But in any case you win! 7. You are perfectly capable of making yourself happy. Feelings change, people too, and time runs forward. And you have a choice. You may or endlessly procrastinate past and his mistakes, or try to make yourself happy. A smile is a conscious choice, not some kind of miracle. Make no mistake, do not wait until someone or something will make you happy. True happiness can only come from the depths of your soul. 8. Try to emotionally distance yourself from your problems. You are not your problems. You — much more. You are a living human being, far more complex than all your problems put together. And it means that you are stronger than them – you can change them and how you treat them. 9. Don't make the problem any more than it is worth. Don't let one dark cloud to close all your sky. Bleak as your life, where it is still the sun will Shine. Sometimes you just need to forget what you feel remember what you deserve, and keep moving forward. 10. From all that is happening, you can extract the life lesson. Of everything. Those with whom you will meet, what will happen to you, and so on. It's all part of one big class called "life." And because – never give up she has to learn, especially when not everything goes the way you want to. If you didn't get that job you wanted, or you have not formed a new relationship, so ahead of you waiting for something even better. And you learned a lesson – the first step to this.


11. Consider every challenge as a chance to learn something. Ask yourself: "What can I learn in this situation? No matter what situation we were, each of them can teach us something new. How to become stronger. How to communicate with people. How to trust your instincts. How to Express your love. How to forgive. How to know when to let go. How to seek a new. 12. Everything changes, but the sun still rises every morning. I have bad news for you: nothing lasts forever. I also have good news for you: nothing lasts forever. 13. To give up and move on are two different things. In life each of us inevitably comes a time when we get tired from trying to catch up with everyone and fix everything, but it does not mean that we decided to surrender and give up. This is not the end is a new beginning. You just begin to realize that you don't need certain people and the unnecessary intensity of the passions which they bring into your life. 14. Run away from negative people. Every time you save your life from something negative, you loose the place for positive. Life is too short to spend time with people who feed on your happinesslike a vampire with blood. Get rid of negative people, for they are masters to destroy your sense of confidence and self-esteem. Better surround yourself with people who will help to show your best features. 15. The ideal of personal relations does not exist. Perfect, perfect romance exist only in tales of chivalry. Wish your relationship was perfect? So learn to cope with irregularities in them – that is what makes them perfect. 16. Don't forget to love yourself. One of the most serious troubles that can happen to you in life – a chance to lose yourself, too loving someone else, to forget that you are also human, too, and worthy of love. Tell me, when was the last time someone said they loved you, wholly, without exception? What you say and think, this person is very important? The last time you told someone that you're doing with the business, or were taken somewhere just because you feel fine there? And when this "someone" was you? 17. Don't let others make decisions for you. Yes, you have to learn to live without worrying about what you think about these people, to shake off their emotions and prove to yourself that you are better than they think you are. 18. Holding a grudge, you first harm yourself and not others. Always try to forgive people and get on with my life, even if they will never ask you for forgiveness. It is necessary not to them, and you. Bated at someone anger, you deprive yourself of happiness. Save yourself from this unnecessary stress right now. 19. You are not alone. And the problems happen at all. Do not sleep at night, worrying about the other. Try to pick up from the floor the fragments of his soul after his betrayal. Feel worst in the world because someone loves you is not strong enough to stay with you. Be afraid to try something new because you might fail. None of this means that you do something wrong, or you go crazy. It just means that you're human and that you need some time to get right. You are not alone. No matter how embarrassed or pathetic you feel because of the situation that landed, a lot of people got it before you and many will go after. And when you say to yourself "I'm the only one", you are blatantly lying.

20. You have something be thankful. Yes, this world is full of sorrows, but it is full and people who overcome them. Sometimes you forget about what's left of your life to greater appreciate what remains, and to expect what will happen next. Henry David Thoreau once said "Wealth is the ability to fully experience life". And even when things would seem rubbish, it is useful to look at your life from the other side. You did not go to bed hungry. You don't have to sleep on the street. You have a choice of what to wear. And at work you don't work 20 hours for starvation wages. You have access to clean drinking water. If you get sick, you can go to the doctor. You don't have to shake in fear. You have access to the Internet. In the end, you know how to read. Many people would consider you unreasonable rich man – so appreciate what you have. 21. Constantly feed their inner hope. Loss, anxiety, illness, a dream crushed – no matter how bad you may be, no matter how exorbitant not to be your ambition, once a day, try to put your hand to your heart and loudly say: "Here dwells the hope." 22. The unpleasant truth is far better than sweet lies. You have to see things as they are, not as you wish they were. Better bitter medicine than sweetened poison. 23. Sometimes it is difficult to understand how close you came to success. We are always moving forward point-by-point, and only looking back, we see how one adds a line. Often success is much closer than it seems, and attacks us when we least expect it. 24. Sometimes we are lucky when we do not get the desired. Because it forces us to reevaluate our priorities and opens the way to new opportunities and generally makes you look all fresh, no cramped look.

25. Laughter is the best medicine for stress. Laugh at him, so often. Try to find the funny in any situation. Optimism attracts happiness. If you're positive, you don't have to look for the good things and good people. They will find you. 26. Error we only good. We all make mistakes. We allow people to use us and treat us as we deserve. But if you think about it, our bad elections taught us a lot, and although it is something we will not return, and apologies from some people will not wait, the next time you will not repeat the same mistake. And now we have more power over our future. Remember, is not the one who falls and who gets up, even when he has the opportunity. Then stand! Often good things disappear from our lives only in order that in their place stood something better. 27. Worry is just a waste of energy. Anxiety will not save you from trouble tomorrow. It will save you energy today.

  28. If you find it hard to go forward, take small steps. You should always force yourself to go forward, especially in difficult times. We can't lose momentum! While you are moving forward even at a snail's pace, you'll reach the finish line. So enjoy each step made by you, no matter how big. Because every step takes us from the past to where we want to be tomorrow. No matter where you are trying to a better life or dream – you reach it by making a lot of steps in the same distance, one at a time. 29. There is always someone you don't like it. You simply will not be able to please all around. Whatever you do, there will always be someone you don't like it. So don't pay attention to it, and do what you heart tells. What they say and think about you the rest, not so important. More importantly, what you think you do. 30. You will be much better off without some people you thought you needed. The bitter truth is that some people will be with you only as long as you have what they need. Well, when the need for you lost – they ran away. And the good news is that sooner or later all of these favorites will disappear from your life, leaving in it only those trusted friends you can rely on. 31. Your only opponent is yourself. When you find yourself that comparing yourself with a colleague, a neighbor, a friend or a celebrity, stop! Understand that you have nothing in common with them. You have other weaknesses and strengths of the parties, which other people do not. Select a minute and try to understand what these are your strengths, and be grateful that you have them. 32. Not everything that happens to you is subject. But in your power how to react. Every life has both positive and negative aspects, and that you're happy or not, depends on what you want to concentrate. For example, if you have a cold, be glad it's temporary, it will pass, and that the disease is not life-threatening." Lost the game in basketball? But you spent time with friends for a healthy and fun pastime. Rate your stocks fell? Do not worry, more will rise. And anyway, you are lucky that you have savings, when many can barely make ends meet. Well, you understand. 33. Life will never be simple and easy. If that's what you expect from it, you will find only disappointment. Nothing worthy is given to us for nothing, but free things are worth what we paid for them. Because every morning ready to run farther and faster than yesterday – but in the right direction! It will be hard but in the end it's worth it!

34. Your future is spotless. No matter how dirty your past was, your future is still spotless. And don't try to glue the morning of a new day from the remains of yesterday. Don't look back, if there's nothing to see. Every day is a new start, a new beginning. And every new day is the first day of the rest of your life. One of the best ways to leave all the worries of the past behind us – to do something for you in the future said to me the current. thanks. 35. You are at an impasse, you just need to understand something. All of us sometimes think that we are at an impasse. We doubt our ability to make decisions that can change our entire life, to open a new Chapter in the book of our lives, or simply to engage in an independent life. But know this: if a bird with healthy wings long kept in a cage – how does she know she can fly? Your wings under you, and if you think that you are stuck, mash the wings. A little effort and you just fly over the walls. 36. Every coin has another side. That is why we cannot experience pleasure without knowing pain. Know joy without knowing sorrow. Will not sure, not having been confused, and calm without worries do not happen. And can there be hope in a world without despair? And you can find coins with one side, for which you can purchase a happy, serene life. Also interesting: 20 hard truths that no one wants to admit to get Rid of right now! 6 habits that you destroy 37. You always have a choice. In whatever situation you might be, you always have at least two choices. And if you are unable to change something physically, you can change how you think about it. You can just sit in the dark, or you can find the inner light, and, looking into his own soul, to see there what you did not know. And then the crisis will become an opportunity to learn something new, and the destruction of your world – the opportunity to build on its ruins a new one. 38. If you plunged into the darkness let her and others. No, they are not necessarily able to get, but the light that they bring with them, might be just enough to make you understand which side out.published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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