Things to be aware of when coming hard times

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

Friedrich Nietzsche


The most wise, beloved and successful people that you know was not always like that. Most likely, they knew poverty, and defeat, they have lost a loved one, but they still managed to emerge from the depths of his own despair to the light of hope.

Their life had its UPS and downs, and having gone through them, they learned to appreciate, to feel and understand the life that fills them with compassion, understanding and wisdom. People are not born as such – they can only become such. Or not to be.

The truth is that when we come to difficult times, and we have to deal with complex challenges, you can either allow this situation to create with you anything, and may even destroy you, or let it make you stronger. And the choice is yours.

In today's article I want to remind you about a few strong, but so easily forget the truths that can help you to make more wise choices and become stronger even in the blackest of days...


1. Pain is an integral part of life and love, and she helps you to grow over them

So many of us are afraid of themselves, their own truth and their feelings. We can rant about how wonderful and life and love, and then timidly look away. Yes, it often happens that we hide from ourselves our most pure feelings — because and life, and love us sometimes it is very painful, and feelings that bring us pain, begin to trouble us.

We usually from childhood, are convinced that any pain is bad and hurts us. But is it possible to experience true life and true love if we are afraid to feel what we really feel? Sometimes we need to feel the pain as much as we need to feel alive and loved.

Pain is needed in order to awaken us. But still we try to hide it. Understand this. Pain need to feel openly, not hiding – just like everything good that happens to us in this life. Because sometimes the only way to know how strong you are – to get into a situation where you will have no other choice.

It all depends on how you'll handle situations that will not go as you would like. In the end that's all that matters. Pain is a feeling, and all your feelings are inside you, part of your personal reality. And if you are ashamed of them and hide them, you allow lies to destroy this reality. You have to defend your right to feel and endure the pain, right to the scars it leaves... the Right to meet face the realities of life and love, and become stronger, more wise, more true version of myself.


2. The right attitude is half the victory

We all have dark days and difficult times. To expect that life will always be wonderful – it's like that dream to swim in the sea, where the waves only rise up and never fall down.

However, when you understand that rising up and falling down the waves are part of the same ocean, you will be able to come to terms with the reality of life's UPS and downs. It will become clear that sometimes in order to fly up to the top, sometimes it is necessary to descend.

In other words, life is not perfect, but still definitely good. And our goal should not be an unattainable perfection, and well lived an imperfect life. Every morning, acitivate your life through fresh eyes and take nothing for granted. All-around wonderful. Every day is a valuable gift. Never treat life as if it will be with you always. After all, it is worthy of respect and admiration.

And never let black days to deprive you of hope. Do not allow negativity to penetrate your soul. Don't allow bitterness to steal your sweetness. And, though others can not agree, you can feel proud to know that the world is beautiful. Change your thoughts and you change your reality.

And especially important is the right attitude when it comes to the recognition that...


3. Your biggest fears simply don't exist

When there come hard times, it is not always easy to follow the voice of your heart and move on, but if you allow the lies of fear stop you – this is a real tragedy.

Yes, fear can overwhelm, it can seem more all over the world, and for good reason – in the history of mankind, he defeated more people than all the armies of the world combined, but... he's not as strong as you think. He has exactly as much power as you give him. Yes, in the end it turns out that you have power over them – so take advantage of this power!

The key to it is the recognition of fear and its concretization. Light his light your words – fight for this hard. Because if you don't, if your fear is and will remain formless and all-consuming darkness surrounding you, you may succeed for some time to forget about it, but your heart will remain open to further attacks – who will not hesitate to consequential in the moment when you least expect it. Because if you refused to fight with the enemy, he has you defeated.

But you can defeat fear if you see him face to face. Don't be shy! And remember that to be brave does not mean not to know fear at all. This means that you don't let fear stop you in life. And never for that.


4. Experience allows you to develop further

Over time you will realize that life is not necessarily harder or easier that you thought — it's easy and difficult at the same time, but not the way you thought, and not always when you expect it. But it's not bad – it just makes life more interesting. If you manage to keep a positive attitude towards life, almost any surprise will be pleasant for you.

When you cease to expect that life will be as you like, you begin to appreciate it for what it is. And with time you will realize that the greatest gifts of life often come to us not in the packaging, which we expected.

Well, if your plans are not the way you wanted, at least you will get valuable experience. Well, experience is the most valuable thing we can obtain in this life, in fact it makes us stronger.

You have the power to turn your wounds and worries into wisdom – you just have to commit to it. You have to accept what happened, and use the obtained during this knowledge in order to continue your way of life. Remember – your experience gives you a huge advantage in the future. Understand this – and be free.


5. You can't change just the situation for which not responsible

Sigmund Freud once said, "Most people don't actually want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are afraid of responsibility". Don't become one of those people. And when you blame other people in your troubles, thus you deny that you are responsible for your own life, you are handing over control of this part of it to someone else.

Remember – ultimately you always have to pay for their happiness responsibility. And the sooner you stop trying to assign responsibility for the happiness of someone else, the happier you will be. And if you are unhappy, do not blame anyone, and you.

Your happiness depends on how you trust yourself in your unbreakable determination to be responsible for your life from this moment and until its end. Regardless of who was responsible for it before. You should start to think for yourself, decide for yourself, and to choose their own path in life. Be the hero of your own life, not its victim.


6. The present is the only time that you should worry

You live your life not in an imaginary country somewhere-tamii where everything is perfect. No, you live it here and now and deal with reality for what it is. Yes, of course, you can work for this ideal of tomorrow. But you still have to deal with the world of the present.

Sometimes we turn away from this because they believe – and don't even care why that is the place where you are now, not the place where you should be, or the place where you want to be. But the truth is that the place where you are now – is the place where you have to beto get where you want to be tomorrow.

Your friends and family are too beautiful to ignore. Give yourself a minute to remember how beautiful it is to live, to dream, to love. Look around with eyes wide open and see before me a sea of possibilities. A big part of what you're afraid of simply doesn't exist. Much of what you love is much closer than you think. You are only passing in one step from understanding how beautiful your life is.

And happiness you can create for yourself only in the present. It cannot exist somewhere in the future, or stay in the past – but, unfortunately, many think so. Too many young people sincerely believes that happiness they can achieve only in the distant future, and too many older – that their best days are long behind us. Don't be the first, and not become the second. Don't let the past and the future steal your present.


7. You always, always, always, always have something for which you can be thankful

Life always gets better when you smile. To be positive in a negative situation is not naive – it is a symbol of discipline and strength. And if you have reason to cry and complain about everything, but instead, you continue to smile and appreciate your life – you're doing it right.

What if tomorrow you Wake up with only those, for which he was grateful yesterday?

Think of the beauty that surrounds you, take a look at it and smile. Be thankful for the little things in your life, because if you put them together, you will see that it is not so trivia. And in the end we spent the day not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratitude — happy.


8. All large-scale needs time

What is the easiest to achieve, is rarely ever worth it to achieve. Just a little patience – and you results will increase many times. Also, think – if all your desires are instantly fulfilled, would cost about anything you ask for? You would have missed out on and pleasure await the result and promotion to him.

Remember, patience is not the ability to wait. This ability to maintain a good mood, working hard to achieve the desired goal. This desire to remain focused, taking one small step at a time, knowing that by moving one small stone, in the end, you can move mountains – in fact every stone, no matter how small, propels you forward.

Note: the Instant fulfillment of desires? You deserve more. It is easily available, often with the same ease and disappears. But to create what you need to spend a lot of time and effort, often experiencing their creators.

9. Other people have no right to judge you and evaluate

When we try to achieve something important, we often turn to others to assess our progress towards the goal. The problem is only one – often they are simply not capable...

Remember, you came into this world not in order to justify someone else's expectations, as others – not in order to fit your. Betternavigate through life your own unique way. Even the concept of success for each of us – his own. And, ultimately, success is a life lived as you want it.

You don't have to be a bright personality to impress people. You don't have to be a famous person to mean something. You don't have to be a millionaire to be successful. And you don't need the approval of other people. The only approval you need is your own. Just believe in yourself and in what you want to achieve.

You can be quiet and modest man – and yet be a master of his craft. The fact that people do not fall prostrate before you, and not ask you for autographs, doesn't mean you are a loser. Quiet success is not worse than the vivid and colorful, and often much more real. You decide what is for you success. You, and not someone else.


10. You are not alone

When you feel bad and terrible, so easy, looking back, to see a bunch of people who, it would seem that compared to you in order. But in fact it is not. All of us can be difficult and hard – just each person differently. And if we're all just plucked up the courage to talk about it, we would realize that our sense of loneliness and helplessness inherent not only to us.

Many of the others at this very moment lead the same fight as you. We all participate in it together. So no matter how embarrassing or pathetic you think the current situation – you know, with you the same emotions another is experiencing a lot of people.

And when you say to yourself "I'm alone", it's just your anxious brain is telling you a convenient lie. You are not alone, because this had to face not one, not two people. Perhaps, they are not near you and you can't talk to them right now, but they exist.

And if life has plunged you into despair, you know – I often feel, I feel and think almost the same as you. It bothers me a lot of what ails you, and while some people don't understand us, we poniman each other. You are not alone!


WHY is it better to say nice words

Life is fragile, sudden, and sometimes shorter than it seems


The fact that life is difficult – one of the greatest of its gifts. After all, when faced with life's difficulties, we become stronger. And this power gives you the ability to successfully accomplish your greatest and most cherished desires.

It is because life is hard, we can make it truly remarkable. It is the complexity of life gives us a chance to overcome all these difficulties – and get pleasure from it. It gives us a chance to change our lives – change for real.

So remember...

When difficult times come, you have to be strong enough to handle them. Do not dream about the easy life – better to dream about the power to overcome all obstacles.published






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