Dance - not to kiss! Or - Who Lives well ...

An updated series of articles entitled "Aspects of the business of real estate: in profile and full face" (ABN-series)
Author - Victor A. Hudson.
Article №1: «Dancing - not to kiss! Or - Who Lives well ... »
(Updating the text from the author in September 2013)

The present understanding is indispensable, hence the advice to the reader: read the articles in chronological order and clarify obscure words to the glossary below article or with a dictionary. Himself to do so. If necessary, or lack of data are encouraged to review the first series of articles entitled "Commercial real estate in the context" (CNC - Series). VG
"My experience has convinced me,
that people who do not have the disadvantages,
have very few virtues »
 - Abraham Lincoln
"The funds we have.
Our mind is not enough »
 - Cat Matroskin,
cartoon "Winter in Buttermilk»
Folklore - terrible, strength and immediacy of impact, the thing! Firstly, it ... jokes and anecdotes by definition (cases of life). And secondly, it is very aptly, and suddenly the very essence of the subject hits. Yes accurately and mercilessly. Which is often densely happens ... even too. Effect - as a muzzle on the table. Very sobering. I can not tell you (I simply can not help it) a regular everyday gem. That's the same "bomb"! Even zhabёnka poddavlivat that is not mine. Grab the feed (and then excuse: as the original pass!): "Take a bank loan - that crap one's pants in the winter! At first, even so warm ... ". Much, right? Such a force is rarely graceful, but utterly concrete. What is good and, in fact: there is no room for doubt. Published this masterpiece and think: what else, what actually tell in the article devoted to the problems and difficulties in selling real estate? A business - and even more so. In my experience, almost never happens in cases that in these very difficult not rested, sooner or later. And then just did not start problems - just from the very ... What "first even warm." Anecdote anecdote, but the harsh reality is that the "bankers", their slang, there is even a special term - "bait." And it means - "credit". Is it necessary to comment?

Y-yes ... And have. Although it is a pity. I like a lot more threads pokonstruktivnee, how and what to create, or to achieve, organize famously so soon, but .... "But," still there. And it is not one ... At the end of the previous CLS series, reviews and inquiries of my audience, it became clear that the story of the "stepped on a rake" is also sufficient for many interesting and important. This is understandable - I promised even (naive). The more that these rakes are often children, and from them blows and poopasnee and much more painful. Especially for male - forehead of men is not the most tender place. Perhaps there affects the effect of the usual "Russian happiness": "at neighbor's cow died. Trifle - but nice! ". Here, however, you can easily insert any nationality, so rather be - "philistine happiness." But I like to think that it is not. And that knowing the mistakes of others will allow you to successfully do their projects, and after - to overcome (too successfully), its consequences "good intentions." Their own intentions. I'm not being ironic at all.
"Overcoming the known obstacles to known targets ..." - that is the definition of happiness from the unconditional and recognized the genius of the 20th century, L. Ron Hubbard. And this can argue the only person who did not read his works in person or just not able to perceive them in any appreciable volume of the Subject. Guts. So the knowledge and understanding of the obstacles, difficulties and barriers has, as it turns out, a lot of value to humans. If only for the happiness thereof - not trivial and ashes. Well, we start with God.

Aside from dealers, intermediaries (PP-Schnick) and other podobnyya audience, then real estate, and business (very often her property including) are sold by the owners themselves. And basically for three reasons:

1. If it was planned product for resale (let's call it for short NBI *).

2. If there was a desire to upgrade * business or retire fork, plus other similar (roughly speaking - the evolution, natural changes).

3. In case of force majeure, where this sale promises a more or less effective way out of an unpleasant situation (it can be said - a revolution, and forced to extreme actions).

This basis. And in the majority. However, a prerequisite for any single individual sale and allows partial presence, or a combination, to some extent, some of these items. There are also quite intricate combinations. Especially, as a general rule, if the implementation of the idea of ​​selling and with its help achieve certain objectives owner fails to put little hands to some PP-person, and even more. Including banks. Then there are the main difficulties with the sale (or indeed with any embodiment of the primary ideas) from the owner. It is easy to understand. Too much of a difference in the order, motives and intentions involved in, or admitted to him inadvertently, participants in the process.
In PP-person is very simple - grab the "ball" (free, darmovschinku). Thrust there is a minimum at the same time, or even nothing at all (they are not investors, and parasites upon and definition). Well, try to "drive on the ceiling." And quickly ... A-ay! - Where there is the following "ball"?
Read: fool (from their perspective). No wonder the abbreviation "PP" can be interpreted more as a "full pi ... ey", well, or "scribe", especially for the sake of gentle reader. The essence of a same. (Oh ... And I can be in the nonsense that these "piptsy" called "the business of real estate," or I will not delve nor comment on it too much ?! disgusting. Fleur there a ... market-marginal. And stink - a mile away.)

With songs by other banks. People often / naive to believe that the bank wants to get their hands on their blood object (business) and the like. Or that the bank wants you as soon as possible to pay him a loan and returned to him all his money. Nope! Not that not the other. This artificially imposed on us, and diligently reality. Visibility. PR clean water, while talking about here do not have to clean a priori. The object of such a bank - that the suitcase without a handle. The Bank is not the seller. To sell, in the truest sense of the word, banks are not able to. Neither the root, or in principle. Even their own "services" is not really something great and they go out. And real estate ... and business - and do. They do not know what happened to them (objects) to do after the "expropriation" and shun it as the devil incense. Talk about the possibility of alienation - yes. And frighten it - yes! But here is to strive for a - well, I do not, thank you ... It's just a way to force you to that course of action, which is the only required / benefits of each bank. Namely, that you regularly pay him the amount - as much as possible and as long as possible. Ideally - always! At the worst case - at least something, but to pay. You go, dear. Go Ahead!
It's like the old joke about Lyudmila Zykina (singer was such a pretty full-bodied, "luxury" woman) and it sold out in Tbilisi More Soviet times. When she, instead of the planned two-hour concert, causes fiery Georgians to "encore" still the same. And was forced to admit "public road" that already do not even know what else something to her sing. The repertoire is over. What spunky "eastern comrade" from the first row, with burning eyes and gave her: "Yes, Mr. Goi !!! Zachem tebe pet! You - the moves! You are there moves, moves here! »

Advance payment of the loan? Yes, God forbid! All work is for nothing. Fish off the hook ... If you think I'm exaggerating here ... or I do not have something under his shirt, on some particular bank, it's your business. I'll just give you an example ... it was clear to the starting position. Heh ... I would even venture to say - pose. In that order, and ... well, it is clear that with us and make the banks. If not the place turned. When GDP ... but! - Putin, Vladimir Vladimirovich. - And already for that alone his honor and praise, decided to give the IMF monstrous debts of the USSR and Russia, its worldwide these leeches and do not understand ... immediately. Further - more, it turned out that in the contracts to repay these loans even monstrous item on their redemption was not. Generally !!! The IMF did not provide such a possibility in principle. Only interest payments. And - until the end of time. Russia had to give agromeznye compensation to the international bankers zeroed credit. How do they agree? Elementary - Putin their greed caught ... Kindergarten ... freeloader. Stupidly bought! A lot of the "top" gave.
Conscience and humanity have no relation to banking. Calculators are not nervous ... especially for someone else. Offended, complain or regret this attitude that banks that "piptsov" - meaning no. If they were capable of anything worthwhile, or worth: so would have done. No, can not do, and more. And they have enough "work". ("Country nepuganyh idiots!" - As said in the old film through its unique hero Alexander Abdulov ... blessed memory.) The rest is all they have - "golimye show-off" and CO *. Such as: "We guys are great! We help! We solid and successful ... "etc. etc. - The whole song with the refrain. Duc, and how! Clear-painted - help! Try. Question: What help and to whom? So this is the next question. Dance - not to kiss!

I'm not saying it's bad loans. I say it's disgustingly bad for everyone, including themselves even PP-Schnick, and especially (in the form and with the practice, which is now common everywhere) for the economy as a whole. I know, I know, it's not a popular idea! Well, so what if it's true? "I'm not a ruble to please everyone!" - The words of Mayakovsky are relevant as ever. Of course, there are guys who work well with credits and thrive in the process. Not a lot of them, but there is. There are always exceptions to the rule. Personally, with some such sign. But firstly, they can be excellently without them (credit) necessary. And secondly, they are well aware of and take into account, with whom they are dealing with (such extreme economic myself). And not a bit wrong on this occasion ... With Critters.
Dear such filmets was 20 years old commercials - 25 years ago, if anyone remembers. Was called in Russian, "Critters". Horror with carnivorous and voracious alien creatures in the main action of the plot ... but not without a specific humor. Well, with their respective functions in the basis (eat!). It is these same entrepreneurs (very reasonable audience, by the way) in the course of a saying that "the bank is easy to take the money in two ways: either they do not need too much, and you do not even ask; or when you agree that you will give much less of what you need to do the real. " This, incidentally, is a common practice in all banks. Almost orgpolitika. Rule. Home of the most important. I even think I know on whose pen it happened and when. That, however, is now, and has no special significance. Simply there is a "course of conduct" and it would be good to understand it well, without rose-colored glasses. Well, just in case. Lest there be then excruciatingly painful ...
Okay. And about the second epigraph to this article. We could talk about many, many cases of "puncture", "popandos" and "Zaletov combat" in this field. It is possible, and if the amount of articles will help and will do. I am not against fiction within reasonable limits. But the list of the most obvious and deplorable species (according to the results desired for sale), it seems to me much more important. Sketched "transcription»:

a) naive hope to help (any!) banks
b) the naive hope to help (any!) PP-Schnick
c) the naive hope to help anyone without appropriate prior investment - your investment !; and your own control
d) a naive hope to help the case or (almost synonyms) Internet and only
e) the naive hope to help lawyers, attorneys, accountants, security, marketing and all the other "not sellers," but "good people" (especially, and even - if it is "only advice»)
e) a naive hope for help "from the change in the situation in the country and in the market»
g) a naive hope that "you almost nothing here not to do and you do not depend on!»,
g) the naive hope that the proposal / message to anyone anything this is the "sale»
h) all other naive hope that minimized or eliminated almost completely, your personal reasons and responsibility for the final result. So. Yes I Do! Today I am angry. And my memory is good ...

And that's not all! I am very, very much more can be said about this. I do not want simple. Fed Up. Ate "luzerizma" for years to come. And heard enough and seen enough. Enough. And you do not need. Lesions are infectious ... Listen to the explanation and justification of inheritance pros. I, for example, the lot. I have immunity, and I anyone, if desired, to the success of this question is given. Such work. I know what to do and how ... In summary, I can say that all the failures in sales and business Nedviga contain basically the above items (either partially or completely). And, not to focus your attention on the sad and deplorable, complementing the idea of ​​UIS should. Real success in the sale, if and when it reaches, has its main premise of a slender and natural, in this case, the algorithm required actions. When he somehow (!) Followed.
I described it as early as the third article CLS series - " - three factors of successful sale." Kindly invites you to read. Insert link here, although this is not mandatory. Praise be to the Internet, it is easily accessible by any search engine network. And So. All the difficulties and complexities in any case - it is simply a consequence of incorrect or misunderstood. Fertile topic for scribbling schelkopёra like me. Because a lot of it all. Think not. In this field, the infinite, and not plowed, grow fat and earn all-all the creators of "works of art of the epistolary genre." And of all times and all the same people, which is present writing. This they have business. The demand is there ...
And the proper way is always the same. And often not the most popular! All other miscellaneous - just wrong (to varying degrees of popularity, but a lot of them). The only question is the degree of this very wrong. So it's easy! Almost every case in my practice. What have I done any "popsovika" literary ?? Yes, nothing!

I ask: Western Ukraine. The town is small, but regional. A number of large, strategic "wholesaler" (market, universal). Guy conducts business communications and tied to construction projects and repairs. And the work is, and promises that there will be further, and more. The timing was bad (before the crisis of the eighth year) loans just did not give the homeless. Him - especially as he was asked. And he took them. And what to do with a bunch of "grandmothers" normal entrepreneur? The answer is obvious - to build, of course! Built. Good object, no doubt. Several floors. All Euro-pribombasy fashion in there, "like men." Near the point of the prestigious party of the local administration and the whole town knows about. Location - a fairy tale. Lingual location. Yes, even on the way to this very "wholesaler". Yes little house itself is quite well-in all parameters ("built for himself!"). Compact and nice "Business citadel", to lemon evergreen price - in this version, and in this place. Yes, more land near enough staked, and the additive is possible. Yes ... In general, "pluses" nemeryannom ... was.
Minus one - credit. Monthly payments. And after the second minusische - crisis. Inadvertently descended ... Demand wilted, planned expansion, including staff, cover with a damp towel. Work more "Yoke". Income from the building - zero. Rent also a business (and requires attention and competence). And what kind of business in a crisis? Silent about competence. Does not save rent a fig. And tenants only decreases day by day. And banks: "Pay, man! You must. And he is handsome, pay (!), And does not seek to restructure the bank. What should have been done immediately and at any price. And like more ... and another and another. In general - the carrot sweet, but not in that hole. In short: "I do not need this - sell !!". Yeah, "schazzzzzzzzzzz"! What can I say about this Abdulov?

Tried it. Like all "people" - the Internet, intermediaries, newspapers. The Result? - And as in all. F ... well, it darling and popular. Too - like all! Until now, "sells like everyone else". Hehe. I remembered and described here, this case only because it is present in all, almost, I have a list of names in this article, "crust" of letters "a" and to "z", inclusive, plus the somewhat more - it is already personal invention. It makes no sense for this particular person is to blame. No. He, in this situation, is not an exception to the usual state of affairs, rather the contrary. Unfortunately. The more that this man still left on the dates for the result of the same line and began regular cycle of action. If you're smart enough and perseverance to follow - will deal, and the price is good will and a lot of time is needed. And if you did anyway ... Markina remember?
"Another call,
and noise fade Station,
and the train will depart -
lilac in the distance ... »

Who Lives well? And how is this correct? And how long? My greetings to the respected public!

I would like to dot the «i», and to clarify a couple of questions for the reader to my articles in connection with the problems in the real estate sales.

Vice Versa.


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