Article №8 - epigraph: Fart, suit and good luck!

Article №8 - epigraph: Fart, suit and good luck!

Part 3 - The epigraph.
(read without reading the first and second parts can be ... but not so interesting!)

(Update by the author in August 2013)

"Success - is not final, failure -
is not fatal, the courage to continue -
that's all that matters for happiness »
Winston Churchill

The owner of the store next to our house, congratulated us on the occasion of the phrase, which I titled this article. I had to clarify for dictionaries, the first two words. It's simple - summing up, it is the wish of happiness. And unless someone wants another? Just everyone is your happiness somewhere. I wish you his, not someone else's! A lot of!

Strictly speaking, this article is very much an important part of the series "Commercial real estate in a context." I wrote it on the eve of the New Year. Then it was in 2010 ... Now it is very funny to read some things in this article! In light of the past three and a half years. And then I wrote to one of my subscriber lists. On the one information channel in a large network. Actually here - I then thought that it would be interesting and my other readers, too. So "Pourquoi pas would not !?", as the young "almost French" in my native Tauris. South Ukraine, Primorye is, if someone does not know.
I would like to share with you a fairly typical story is also quite a typical situation. Bleak, and therefore typical. The tenth year, remember - "crisis". To us, as a provider organization, was the work of a considerable commercial real estate in major regional center. For sell. Owners - intelligent production workers, got hooked on credit. And, thanks to the arbitrary nationwide psihotichki one of our government lost its an established market. Well, this opportunity to get off the hook - in one fell swoop. They had a certain unclaimed by area. It is logical that they decided to sell it and get out of the time pressure, which for them (and many others) staged And this "dog in the manger." I am sure that his death this "ma dame" will not die, but mangled wood still pretty! However, even ... (I wrote then, and now this "ma dame" uzho in prison ... lucky girlfriend, killed more ... or is?). There is nothing worse unsatisfied women ... And if she still in power - it's just full abzdets! (put yourself right word). Okay, I'm not about her, and about our customers.

People began to sell. Not lazy: Ad Dali, the site made, the network information allowed, intermediaries puzzled. All "Soup" in general. Parallel rebuilt its production and settled the banks - as they could. Year - sold. "Rangers" were hundreds. Climbed sundry. Crowd.
Not sold ... contact us. The owner caught the eye of articles from this newsletter. I asked him if he needed to continue the same "sale." The more that the time has gone, and now need to sell everything: real estate, and business. And I must say that the owners - people are very good, social and producing. Valuable for society people, in general. Reasonable and useful. In contrast to the special, which I have already mentioned here in vain. So, the answer was: "No-ooo !!!". It was from just such a number of exclamation marks.

When I hear a similar story, I feel a sense of déjà vu type. And well I understand why. It is a matter of timeliness and degree of preparedness appropriate in a particular situation and specific actions. With an emphasis on "preparedness". It's just that the "time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing "(The Book of Ecclesiastes, Chapt.3, Article 5). That get up left and right politicians do not get away with in the real economy. Economy based not on corruption and show populism and on the actual demand (and supply) in the society.

By the way, the pre-election, but always current anecdote:

"It should be at the gates of Paradise former crime boss, and subsequently" large and important "policy from the very top. Opposite him, St. Peter, leafing through a thick ledger and looking for it in the list admitted to heaven. Double I sought, not found.
The client began to resent:

- How!!? I have so much dough at your church falls off! So many priests your giving! So much in the hospital, at home, these ... like them? - And, baby! I have a lot of money to charity lowered, and I was not allowed ?!

Holy hesitated and stomped to the Almighty - for advice. They come ... two hours later, the two of us. Gd looked at policies, grunted, and looking away, said:

- You know, dear, we're consulted and decided to return the money to you ... »

Well, back to the topic. There is an important point in the company's sales of commercial real estate. When the program only creates more sales, you need to find the details that are missing in order to flow into the sale went fast. In this case, it will develop and expand. If the sales and promotion of the object does not happen, it means that not enough of something important, significant. Some individual parts, and maybe not one for the whole company worked in sales. When this part is, then a coherent system with a guaranteed result.

I want to devote my next, the ninth article in this series, "Commercial real estate in the context of" entitled "would know talon ...". Tentatively due in the near future. I hope this short article will allow you a little different look at what you are doing or want to do, and achieve greater success. I wish you success of these! Good luck with that person you are curious and really important.
Thank you!

Victor Hudson
Head Office «Vector Realization».


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