House of cards - or: The fate of the owner of commercial real estate at its sale

House of cards - or: The fate of the owner of commercial real estate in the sale of its

Hope - is the death of dreams. And if even more precise, it is her tombstone. And, as befits all the monuments, it continues to exist much longer than what, in fact, devoted to ... Whose bones rest.
And what, say, the difference for the owner of the business or property income, exactly when he will die, this is the hope of selling their property - the penultimate or the last ...? If his personal confidence, and reinforced by the dream of vigorous activity, aimed at the sale, "kirdyk" has already come. Ninety-nine percent of the posted information on commercial real estate and operating business "for sale" - this is the hope for a miracle, and the fact that the latter did kryaknet ... ... without fail.

I call it a mass grave. Virtual burial aspirations and desires to sell the property to its owners. Internet resources for this well, just perfect! Moreover, by analogy with the graves of these sites really interesting only scavengers. So there they only graze. The mediators ... and who else would something?
I specifically asked acquaintances owners or managers of "specialized in real estate" sites - who are their main target audience? From whom they their profits, its earnings from whom they receive? So they even surprised my interest: "As from whom? Brokers, of course! Agency ... »
That's who pays these sites. Naturally, to intermediaries they work. It's just quite normal - "Who Woman watering, then it will be dancing." But what they do and how to act, owners themselves - it's normal not name. And it looks like this: a direct question the owner about what he really did for such an important and desirable for a sale, the usual (and often the only) answer is: "I will lay ad on ten different sites ...»
A! Some, particularly active and those still at the site banner hung: "SELL!»

Damn ... for me it is "sold" as a cry of dying of thirst in the desert. With the same result ... will die. Earlier I asked the owner, "Okay ... banner, websites ... and what else?" Now do not ask. Because that's all! This is all that has been done - and nothing else! And all !!! And always ... Well, and the result is "like everyone else, and as usual»:

 - Someone is interested in your subject during this time?
 - No, no.
(This is for the most part)
And if the answer is still "Yes", then the question "Who was it?" Say one thing:

 - The mediators ...

What, exactly, is not surprising. And who out there on these sites ... at the cemetery with voronёm be something else can ?! "Dove of Peace" by Picasso? So now if I'm asking something like this ... only to the owner was able to see and understand that I myself already crammed on edge, for a long time. Post "ads on the site" is like a "statement to the police," write - and then what?

Nothing! Here you come to some sort of a site ... and there - to "sell, sell, sell ..."; graves, tombs, graves ... hundreds of thousands.
And who in the contacts listed? Intermediaries, brokers, intermediaries ... agency. The gravediggers. One of several thousand - the owner himself ... (as is clear the sun among the clouds). So what? A real shoppers there? Well, at least one ?? Let's tell fortunes ... boredom and for fun.
That's what I've always wanted to ask, but I did not do before, and do not ever - is a blow below the belt, and already dead. That's when the owner built this business, or a building, structure ... whatever it was ... hotel, factory, shop ... that's when - that he did? He gave an ad on the site and hung a banner? And yet? Or intermediary is entrusted? Now, if it was limited to this, and then he would now though something to sell? No shit! Sorry ... none of this would have not been, for sure! And they are well aware of. But when it comes to the sale of the already created and built the business, commercial real estate, and so on ... here - sheer apathy. As the Court of Appeal - "do not help", "... is not destiny" and "me depends nothing."

Stereotypes: Internet banner. Perhaps more newspaper ... once. And how I was blown away and realized that "beggar" full - threw his lot in the intermediary ... And yet ... very real and achievable goal became a house of cards.
Leo Tolstoy once wrote: "All the disasters of people is not so much what they did not do what you need, how much of what they do, what not to do ...". I would also say "instead of" ... instead of what to do. And since I came to ... the great and wise, then another quote: "When you find that you have a problem, really helpful to determine on what you take time off ..." - L. Ron Hubbard, the article "Sources of the staff" .
In our case, something from which "take time off" the owner, it is his personal control and personal activities participated in a competent and adequate sale of its object. For me, the word "control" is associated with the fact that the already mentioned here L. Ron Hubbard called in one of his works, "the destiny of man." Namely - "make things go right." And for you?

Victor Hudson,
Public figure: Businessman, analyst, writer and netmen


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