God save the owner! - Or: born to crawl ...

God save the owner! - Or: born to crawl ...

 - What do you think the odds seen on the streets of our city live dinosaur?
 - 50 to 50 ...
 - It's like?!?
Well, that ... understand? Or meetings, or not !! »
Always nice to think that you "have every chance" ... And does not matter what it is - to ride the raven, enchanted princess, dazzle your first million or ... and what else we have for the "unrealizable and unrealistic" is now considered ... in people? Yes, no matter what was considered still nice ... even just thinking. And when the owner impatient to realize their business or groomed a couple of other objects from the bins of its commercial real estate, that's when ... That's when it's not just nice - it is also necessary. It is mandatory. And not just "think", but also be sure that hard. Just nepokobeli ... oh! - Firmly! Although a typo too good ... the main thing - to create such a confidence and carry. As the banner on the Reichstag with you our grandfathers carried in nineteen forty-five, last for centuries. What sort of bullet-shells, fragments ... And what is considered "unfeasible-naive" or "objectively impossible" to everyone else, so if at all - dobibleysky ashes.

I try to explain - why. According to the experience of the dialogue and feasible for my help owners and business owners and commercial real estate, appointed by them for sale, I found one, and sure. They are usually too people. Yeah ... real people. Nothing human is alien to them ... and over. And often - much more than the other. In everything. In particular there is one small but typical and popular Oshibochka. There are, alas, among capable, productive, but not particularly knowledgeable in the specific field of "human emotions and reactions," the people.
Too often, they, uh ... "judged on its own!" Not that it is a luxury to which they should count. Well, alas ... not so easy. What the people - for happiness, for the rich - death. Forgive me for the truth, but if people are equal before the law, the only ... and ... how to say it. Or even - theoretically. I once met in a single network statistics in a short essay. Such things investigated bright young people who know the value of numbers. Even the not too lazy to check and personally feasible. There was simply counted how many people and what exactly are engaged in our time ... the example of Russia. How many of the elderly population - children, pensioners, civil servants, military and security officials raznovsyakih students - students and so on ... the same as entrepreneurs. Well, of course, that it was believed.

And this is the result ... Y-yes ... Actually the creation of products for life - for its core business, to survive as such - occupied about three (!) Percent of all people. All - in the whole country. About how!
My Gods ... but at least ten percent - figs with him, anyway (though never turns out the life of me!), Anyway - the vast minority.
And what about all the other 97 Protsev? All of these state employees, students, officials, juvenile and other next? Like it or not, but - they do not make anything of the fact that they regularly consume. Everyday. And what do we have from ancient times is one who does not create is really useful and necessary for others, but only to benefit and use, these other created? Correctly! He called dependents. Freeloader (I always admired the ruthless clarity and precision of the Russian language. For all its diversity and a chic color scheme ...).
So now let's see what we now have for the "people" a lighted? Or, as the politicians say - "democratic majority". And what are the realities of this nation and aspirations? Objectives? The basic philosophy and, sorry, that's such a worldview "state employee" what? Really - how are you? In its business owner? Who out there on the proverbial goose - not a friend?

Duc, and that's not all ... I do not want to be substituted under criticism such as: "It's not all the same stitching, planing, smelt and sow?". Ash-red in the face, as they say in this most our people - not all ...
But not as much interest parasites "for normalek" should be on actual fact, is not it? Although it is clear that there are teachers and musicians ... there are artists and doctors, but there is also the bureaucracy. And it also wants to have ... and ... la, there are cool! I would not hesitate to say that it wants to eat. And so it does ... And kazhny of it - three of the throat ... and eats at your expense. And, hell, how did it a lot!
But all is well. And as long as this is so, then the business owner of its (and its commercial real estate owner and the owner) would be nice to understand how many there are a number of such as he, as much as - "other" all. So he is most of these "other" and different - for ideas, for the purposes of outlook on life and on the "reality" - that the light and dark of Lukyanovsih "patrol" can be nervously smoke aside. And that "the judge alone" here - it's like a gay club ... no pants flaunt you there just "understand correctly", in its own right, of course.

So the moral of my article: so if God gave mind veins commercial gift - people to lead and "willing countries" in the form of creating useful and necessary people to produce goods and services, then necha excuses and approval of the "majority" look ... Born to crawl up does not look - he has his own truth. Well, if ever "50 50» ...
"If three people tell you the same thing, it is not necessarily a fact, because they could all hear the same lies. Three liar is not equal to one "basis - so that's good quote from the creator of the only nowadays, efficient and comprehensive management system, L. Ron Hubbard. Famous for his series of articles "Data", of 1970. In the context of this article, you should see more of what they are, these "three people» ...

Usually "true" for the majority - when it comes to sales of large commercial real estate or business - is the utter complexity of this problem, and almost complete unreality profitable and valuable act of such sale. So in fact, for the majority, much of it to the owner of this business, "well, how to breathe" - just out of the realm of fantasy. Therefore there is the majority of any commercial real estate. And even more so - for sale. At best, they are a property of others such as "sell" ... or kind of do what they sell. But the views, ideas and thoughts are all the same - like the majority of non-owners.

For them, the phrase of Leo Tolstoy - "We are alive, not because we protect ourselves, but because we are doing business of life" - an empty phrase.

And for the leaders and strong, capable of active creation of people, the truth is the following thought of Jean de La Fontaine: "Man is designed so that if something ignites his soul, then everything becomes possible!»

Victor Hudson,

Public figure:
Businessman, analyst, writer and netmen


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