Bestowed perfection


The man laughs ... not always as it is strange.

Yes, and laughter is very different. And for various reasons.
Smuschёnnoё giggles in an awkward situation - also laughter.
And laughter on performances Zhvanetskogo or Zadornov, for example, is also a laugh.

But he has another nature. Its source - an epiphany. This is when all of a sudden something is viewed with some that were not previously apparent, and more or less zatёrtoy stereotypes and habits, side. And precisely because of its concealment of such a circumstance, a factor in a person's life can be - and usually is - quite a strong influence on him ... and this is usually a negative impact. So it's the laughter of liberation, deliverance ... the laughter of a new understanding of the situation.

In my business, this often happened and happens with clients.
Why are there often - almost always.

Sales of commercial real estate and various business - it is an area where the hidden data frank zlokorystnoy lies and the almost complete absence of adequate and appropriate to the skills and knowledge of those who like and would have had to have them because of their professional activities in this field, more than enough.

There is a phenomenon I call "the complexity and difficulty of perception of simplicity." I, due to the peculiarities of the system of work that I apply in my case, just need to realize cooperation based on understanding of all the processes of sale of the object with its owner - my client. So you have to spend it in stages "gauntlet" of their accumulated piles of hidden and false data on sales in general, and the sale of its property in particular. Each time - to a greater or lesser extent.

And inevitably there comes a time when the man laughs. Laughs, because I realized and saw the simplicity, the sense of good that were previously obscured by his gaze all sorts of debris so-called "conventional ideas" and "the fact that everyone knows."

This is a good time to work. Correct. And a nice bonus for me. From this moment I know that the main problems behind and that the successful sale of the object for my client simply can not be.
And there comes the most interesting for me, and most importantly - the establishment and implementation with the client targeted program for its sales topic.
Losers called it - "just a job", but for me it is synonymous with happiness!

Of course, this is not always and not with all, not to anyone. To achieve the required understanding on the issue of who is the owner of a lot of money, and at stake are hundreds of thousands or millions of "evergreen", and labor costs and a certain courage, often. And this is a question of ability. Even the one, but the most valuable abilities. The ability to get things done.

Before the victory.

People from my generation who still remember the cult Soviet film "Chapayev" could remember the clip of anecdotes in which the characters appear. Here appropriate one. The one in which Vasily with Petya, hiding from possible capture, leaving the white swimming across the river. Stimulus they hard - White nestled on a cliff river and with due diligence watered their lead from the gun. So these guys are rowing hard and struggling. Only after the third of the way Petya starts to whine that they say it is unbearable, no strength and he drowns. At that Chapayev him relentlessly and answers - "Swim, Petka, swim!". This goes the distance, almost to the end. But when the shore remains practically nothing - about twenty meters - Vasily rent and another whining Petka responsible way - "Well, pulled! Turn back ... »

Well, welcome to the real world! Where success - the lot strong.

And decent.

For sale - it is also the work and activities of the process. And she, too, have quality. Not everyone can afford high-quality professional services in real estate. As not everyone can afford to marry a beautiful, intelligent and devoted to him a woman. It is at this too ... "saves"! And so prefers prostitute.
No problem. The Free - Will.
The choice is and on the other hand, always.

Perfection can not be obtained as a gift. Even if its owner is not against his present. Its a fairly earn or under any reject, far-fetched, excuses ...
And it is also a choice - a clear and obvious.
Let me quote one thought of the works of the creator of the most sensible and effective, and most importantly - a full and complete, the management system on the planet, L. Ron Hubbard.

It is from his article "Go to work».

"If a person is competent, nothing can hurt his pride. The world can scream. But it does not take a man off balance. The essence of competence is not what one being more intelligent than the other. It lies in the fact that the creature has a greater ability to do what it does, than the other. "

Ability - here's what you should emphasize.
Well, unless of course you want to win.

Victor Hudson,

Public figure:
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