Why do they need a policy?

This is read in the news that Nikolai Valuev became the leading program "Fort Boyard".
Before that, I saw him on television in commercials MTS. On the street I also repeatedly came across Nicholas on image advertising banners MTS.
I know that Valuev - Former world heavyweight champion. I also know that he is interested in the search for Bigfoot in the village. Ust-Kabyrza and Azasskoy cave.
In December 2011, he was elected to the State Duma 6-th convocation on the list of "United Russia".
About the parliamentary activities of Valuev, frankly, I did not hear anything except the fact that in December 2012 he supported a ban on adoptions by US citizens orphans from Russia, citing the fact that adopted children "can be provided in a different place, sometimes, fall in the ghetto. " More than anything Nicholas, apparently, did not have time.
But he found time to 2012 (when he was a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation) to play a cameo role in the TV series "Voronin" is also to portray the lead in the documentary "break the blockade».
And yet he found time to a May 2012 to transmit on the "Radio Sports» ...
As you know, under current law, members of the Federation Council and the State Duma of the Russian Federation may not engage in gainful activity, unless it relates to creativity, science or teaching.
A year ago at the famous boxer received a complaint to the Federal Antimonopoly Service. It has been verified. Valuev was able to prove that he derives income from advertising, but it was decorated in a way that it is still an MP has given up his rights to use his image and now the money for commercials are, however, royalties.
In his Twitter Valuev commented caused the incident in the following words: "In view of the interpretation is not true of certain provisions of laws, some of the individual harm my reputation! Invalid because participated in the filming of advertising MTS is exceptionally creative activities, engage me in law. »
Does this mean that the participation as the lead in the television show "Fort Boyard", in a broadcast on "Radio Sport" in the documentary "break the blockade" - is for the deputy of the State Duma of the creative activity?
Well, look at the definition of "creative activity".
By definition, the Fundamentals of Legislation of the Russian Federation on Culture of October 9, 1992 the creative activity - is the creation of cultural values ​​and their interpretation.
Creativity - is the process of activity, creating a qualitatively new material and spiritual values, or the result of creating a new objective. The main criterion that distinguishes the work from the production - the result of its uniqueness.
Why acting deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation so drawn to engage in creative activities in the form of participation as a leading television programs, participation in shows and movies, rather than to apply creativity in the development of a distinct bill.
Year and a half ago, a draft of amendments to the Federal Law "On the status of a member of the Federation Council and the status of the deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation", aimed at improving the efficiency of the Russian parliament. Paper proposes a ban on the employment of members of the Federation Council, State Duma any paid activities, including teaching and creative. For some reason, this bill will not come into force ...
Deputy of the State Duma I-VI convocation (1993), a well-known Russian director, chairman of the Duma Committee on Culture, Stanislav Govorukhin during its an MP took eight feature films ...
State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the VI convocation of the All-Russian political party "United Russia". Maria Kozhevnikova during 2012 played a major roll in the play "Veronika Decides to Die" Theatre Yuri Vasiliev. And yet in 2012, he managed to play in five (!) Feature films ...
A deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the 5th (2007-2011) and 6th convocations (since 2011) of the party "United Russia" Alina Kabaeva from July 2008 conducted weekly author's program on the life and career of successful people - "Steps to Success "on REN TV. According to some publications, Alina Kabaeva became the owner of the highest income in 2009 among the "star of Deputies" and the deputies-athletes (12, 9 mln. According to the statement of earnings). According to a number of publications, June 1, 2010 the Public Chamber intends to publish a list of deputies truants are regularly absent from a meeting of the Duma. It was assumed that the list was to enter, in particular, Kabaeva. However, the Public Chamber at the last moment has recognized the publication of the list of "senseless» ...



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