That's why, it turns out, need all this stuff! 25 the true purposes of the usual things

You saw them every day, used them, laughing, because they thought their existence is utter nonsense. But now you will finally learn why they are needed! The website says, what are these strange things on familiar subjects.

The hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen

Photo source: Fishki.netБольшинство believes that there is no permanent hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen protects it from drying out or to dissipate excess pressure, due to which the pen can leak at the most inopportune moment. In fact, everything is easier: it — protection from strangulation. If a child accidentally swallows the cap, it will not block the windpipe — it will be a hole that at least will allow the victim to hold out until the arrival of the ambulance.

The holes in the Windows of the plane

Ever notice microscopic holes drilled in the Windows of the plane? Next time pay attention to them! Those who know of their existence and wondered why they needed to explain. These holes have two purposes. First, they compensate for the difference in pressure. When the plane flies at high altitude, the difference between the pressure inside the car and outside is very high, and small holes in the inner glass outer glass help to cope with this difference. In addition, these holes help the window does not fog up.

An additional piece of cloth on the clothes

This piece of cloth featuring a button and are almost always attached to new things. Why is it needed? Do for patches? No! It is needed in order to enable you to check how the fabric reacts to different types of detergents and cleaners without compromising the very thing.

A small pocket on the jeans

For modern people, his existence is a mystery. But if we read some cowboy or a prospector caught the XIX century, he would be surprised, where did this question. In a time when jeans were invented, everyone knew that the pocket meant for a pocket watch. And then the designers just did not want to change the classic style.

Rivets on jeans

Rivets on jeans — not decorative elements made in favor of the metal. They — every one greetings from the past. The work of miners and prospectors, the main consumers of denim pants that were so physically heavy that the fabric could not withstand and exploded at the junction of the seams. The rivets kept the seams tight.

The holes on the sneakers

The road and cheap, for stylish parties and for school physical education classes — all in the shoes decorated with these strange holes. And for good reason. The first reason is clear: ventilation. But there is another. The first sneakers were made for basketball players, before the game they passed the laces through the extra holes that the shoes fit snugly to the leg.

The hole on the end of roulette

A true handyman will guess why at the end of the tape at the roulette tables is sure to have a hole. Others explain that it can be worn on the nail and easy to measure the right distance, without fear that the wheel will slip and your measurements will be wrong.

The teeth on the end of roulette

Probably, not all paid attention that the metallic end of the tape measure with a hole there are also the notch. Do you know why they are needed? To master could off the desired distance, a scratch mark on the plaster and not to reach for a pencil when your hands are busy measuring tool.

The hole in the handle of the bucket

Strange, at first glance, the holes in the handles of pans and woks also have practical sense. First, for them, the bucket can be hung on a hook on the wall, creating a scenic view in the kitchen. If you prefer to store the dishes in the cupboard, these holes you can still benefit. Next time, stop preparing a dish, do not put a dirty spoon on the table and stick a pen in the hole: the table will remain clean, and the handle of the spoon warms up.

The hole in the spoon for pasta

The hole in the center of the spoon for the pasta we need to let the water drain out, holding svalivsheesya pasta. But she has another goal — and it will make you perform the experiment immediately! The fact that the size of this hole corresponds to the diameter portion of dry spaghetti, enough for one. Try to check!

The arrow on the fuel gauge

Please note on the arrow next to the gas station the fuel gauge. I think it's just the picture? But, no! This arrow shows which side the machine is the neck of the fuel tank — and thus which side you need to drive to the column. You will appreciate this convenience, sitting behind the wheel of a rental car!

Zigzags on the "invisible"

These twists help to "invisible" it is better to keep the hair — but only if they turned in the direction of the head, not outside. Remember that making hairstyle!

You sure know how to use a knife for paper?

Know why blade mail order knife or letter opener caused these fine lines-risks? So be aware! When the knife becomes blunt, you will be able to break off on this line, and the edge of the blade will again become sharp, as good as new. For this you better use another part of the knife, the purpose of which for many is a mystery — removable sleeve on the back side. Remove the sleeve, remove the blade, using the same sleeve tall order it on line and collect it back. Almost new knife for paper at your service!

The hole in the bottom of the castle

If you close a padlock, for example, gate or shed at the cottage, please note a small hole in its bottom, next to the larva. Why is it necessary? First, through it poured flows into the lock water. If it is not poured, the castle would have rusted in the rain so that it would be impossible to open, and in winter the frozen ice it would be completely twisted. In addition, through this hole it is best to lubricate the mechanism — twist butter, and the lock will not jam.

Thickening of the cables

On many power cables, for example computer — there's such a strange thickening of the cylindrical shape. Why do they need? This so-called ferrite cores, or inductive elements. They are made of magnetic oxide of iron, and is needed in order to suppress high frequency electromagnetic interference. These are the noises and creaks that you hear in the receiver instead of the caller by using mobile phone too close to the microphone? The ferrite core does not give such to happen to your monitors, batteries and other equipment.

Sharp ledge on the cap of a tube of medication

Why you need a small spinules that can be seen sometimes on the caps of the tubes with drugs? As a rule, medicines in these tubes are protected, in addition to the cover, a layer of foil. Thanks to this spine, you don't have to knock over foil nails — just Unscrew the cap turn it upside down and pierce them with foil. All access to the cure is open!

Dash on the keys

Please note — the Central keys of the middle row of the keyboard under the letters are barely visible dashes. On the Russian keyboard they have on the "A" and "O" in English — in 'F' and 'J'. Professional typists know why they are needed: when a blind deserializejson method of press these keys — basic, those in which the index fingers rest. These dashes typist blindly, without tilting your head, know that your fingers are where they should.

A hole in the line

Nothing complicated: the hole line can be hung on a hook above the table.

The "wings" on the cables

Why battery from Apple hooks-"wings"? The cable was easier to pull up. The thickest part of the wrapped around the battery, and the remaining thin tail perfectly curls around these wings. A small clip near the "wings" perfectly captures the end. Apple once again confirms the friendliness of its equipment to the user!

Point near the camera iPhone

What's that dot next to the camera? It's a microphone. It works when you use the rear camera.

The notch on the lid of the Tic-Tac

If you love jelly beans Tic-Tac, you probably noticed a small ledge with a notch on the inner side of the cover. Perhaps you, like many others, believed that he simply helps the lid to close tighter? No. Actually, this dispenser that, if you like, will give you one bean at a time.

A thin disk under the cap of bottles of soda

Sometimes it is made of transparent plastic, sometimes rubber. If you ever in childhood tried to dig it out from the cover, you will be surprised to notice that the bottle is closed as tightly as before, and water did not give rise. So why is it needed?
Very simple: the disk holds only liquid, but also dissolved in water gas — the same that turns ordinary water into carbonated. If it was not, any soda already time to hit on the counter would become a normal sweet water.

The second color on the eraser

Feel two-tone eraser as it should — and you discover that the part one color, the other much softer. This is the rough half of the eraser is much more effective and can even erase ink, but it works only on thick paper. She takes a much thicker layer, so a thin notebook page this part of the eraser will instantly wipe to the hole.

The recess in the bottom of a wine bottle

This recess need not to the waiter it easier to hold the bottle, pouring wine by the glass, how often think. It is necessary to compensate for excessive pressure experienced by the contents of the bottle during capping by the cap. The weakest place of the bottle sidewall and the bottom and pressed the bottom helps evenly distribute pressure in all directions. That is why the bottles of champagne this notch is much deeper — it is because of the bubbles of carbon dioxide pressure in the bottle of champagne is much higher.



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