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Section №3 «W.W.W. durakov.net - Three factors of successful sale »

(Update by the author in April 2013)

"ABOUT! Tёplenkaya gone! »
 - Hippolyte, "Enjoy Your Bath»
Here's what's interesting, when the owner decides to change some suboptimal situation by means of attracting investments or sale of their property, their business or easier - its "object", then it is often a specific kind of mentality. On the causes is not necessary to write, but it's usually one of two things ... It's a - "Yes, it's like two fingers on the asphalt! So I just whistle and ... "or -" Now it is difficult and complicated as lucky, but one should at least do something »
From euphoria to apathy, pathos and extreme. The truth is usually somewhere in the "golden" middle. About it and talk.

In this publication we will consider the feasibility of the sale as such, but it sheds light on the subject, in part. We take it for granted. So - you have to sell, and thus at first everything this regard, as they say 'estimate and dock. " The basic offense in a game called "business" is the wrong calculation of effort. In our case, these are three factors: time, place and action.
It is obvious that the lack of or inadequate level of control even something one of the above items can, and will cost the success of the plan. At the very, very many examples convinced that this is a practical rule, akin to the natural laws. The failure, in its violation, is provided. We do not need it. We need a success, as the main component of development and prosperity.
The first in importance is, of course, time. It must be quite a lot. No matter what, six months in this area, it is - "tomorrow". I am now considering the price category most massive objects. From half a million - up to tens of millions of USD Although these factors are true for other categories, high and low, taking into account their specificity. Just want to say that the sale of anything - and the real estate, including - most depend on the aspirations of the owners. If you want to sell the old "Zaporozhets" on the price of a new Ferrari, and you should not be surprised if it may take some time.
So, on the commercial real estate will be a reasonable period from one year to two or three. And the most optimal. Since it enables exclude vanity, annoying error because of the rush and other disorders caused by the lack of lead time and the ability to easily do all that is required for the sale. Oddly enough, but when the owner of the time allotted, it may not need as much. Provided loyalty enough, the remaining settlements, and a clear running "car sales", the transaction can take place relatively quickly. Happened so, that after a couple of months shoots almost ideal demand, which is to miss - just a mortal sin.

The opposite is true: when the owner (founder, owner, head), blood from his nose, and a half months, even a knockdown, or how it has become fashionable to say "anti-crisis" price, like, say, sell their property "even though the carcass, even a stuffed" - it did not happen. Not a month and a half, or three, or for how much. And in a few years the goal has not been achieved. Whatever it was, but not a quick sale. Already tired to check and make sure of the inevitability of this outcome. Then usually followed by numerous and very reasonable excuses and explanation of the failure. They always justified, only the transaction and will not be. Scapegoat some there, of course. But the sense ...
There is an anecdote - "Why would a peasant need a wife? Because not all nude heh ... can only blame on the government. " With the Government, I think, so everything is clear. We know where we live. It's hard to call "it" operated only for a reason it is better to reserve. Especially when selling.
Such is the nuance.
And there is one more that I reliably known. The price of the object of sale must be optimal. WARNING: optimal for the seller! Significantly overestimated or underestimated the price is reasonable suspicion and the buyer a lot of difficult to sell. Especially down. Proven. So time is not to win. Naoborot.Durakov not in this area and they better not count on.

One and the same object can be sold for five "lemons" and are not sold for three. And it is not the price that matters but the quality of sales. As an example, successfully implemented object, which sold more than a year at a very low price. And no. Though the cost is more than two times lower than the so-called "anti-crisis". Which, incidentally, was set before the crisis! What? Just removed the stupidity and panic of the sales process as a disadvantage and unproductive state. We collect the necessary data, calculated the sales program and began to do the same SELL. And sold. In a crisis. For the price, which even before the crisis, the owner just wanted to quietly. Even a shy voice ... I had to try to find out.
Now let's move on to the next point. And that money. Grandmother, Tug, green, babosy, etc., etc. - Whatever you call, the more the better ... This is what we love, yes ...
But if you remove unnecessary confusion and speculation opinion on this subject, it can be said that the money - it is the energy, the power flow. You are building it, and guides. How much and where to go - and so get out of there. In the context of our theme, the money should be spent on achieving the response of the actual purchaser and contact him. Only - well in sufficient quantity and continuously, to obtain the final result inclusive. And it's not a one-time event, it is a permanent process. Vehicle sales should not have a power failure. How it should be? It is calculated at a certain stage of action. Overall, and rather rough, the calculation of this amount, according to the experience of our work, generally in the range from one-half to one percent of the cost of the entire project. Sometimes - two, sometimes three, and more happened ... Plus-minus. The lower the value of the object, the higher the percentage may be. Everything has its price, it is necessary to consider only the right - and on time. A timeline? And the cost of the required type of promotion? Enough arbitrarily enough ... It is clear - you need preparatory work, assessment of the situation, preliminary. It is necessary - it's MONEY. But still ...

Examples. To understand the relative magnitude of the possible ...

1) Property - 4, 5 "lemon", a large, recreational business, in the city center, under the credit, undeveloped part time - um, small ... Etc.
Make teh.otsenku situation and obtain the necessary cost of schemes to promote in this case - half a five tyschschi "dead raccoons" a couple of years for the planned sales. Interest will be able to count?

2) Another topic. At 450,000 the same, amerikancheskih greens. In the town of a hundred thousand population, clearly expressed prom. orientation in employment thereof. It seems there is a cheap and everything, but after the above procedure - project sales and eighteen thousand still pulled. We have the truth in this case is to sell more expensive, and the percentage of blocked ... But - it's just math.
And it is subsonic, and for sale should have been put to the client ...

Here, alas, different variants are possible. Depending on the particular situation and the object itself. You just have to be taken into account to calculate ... In any case, if the money (energy, intention, attention, power flow) is not spent on promotion, to achieve a response from the company, the chances of success of the sales will plummet. Up to the usual intermediaries (organized or not) 0, 1 - 0, 2 percent performance of single object (for this service). And that never, never and will never spend so much of their money on any of the objects in their "own database". What explains the dislike of intermediaries in general. Product is not there. The desired result.
On the other hand, I do not know yet the case whenever the corresponding amount has been launched to promote the sale of the object and so would not have been achieved successful results in a reasonable time frame expected. Not really, regardless of literacy or mastery of these investments. Just inevitable and unavoidable. For sale - a certain proposal. Correct CORRECT proposal creates demand, and not vice versa.
Fools, no, I've said ...

You can still talk a lot about this, but I think the basic idea is clear enough. Slowly and gently begin to dessert. For dessert we apply here is especially important algorithm. I'll try to give them the sequential order, the violation of which is unwise and dangerous. In fact, it is almost a code, which is essential to follow to win. As he said in such a case, one of my good friend and very clever, Oksana, we talked about it already kissed ...
They say that every experience is valuable. I agree. If only a draw correct conclusions that will ensure success in the future. However, the negative experience, first, optional, and secondly, can be fatal. And anyway, he descends to the level of fear and concern ... that for any constructive ideas simply deadly and kills it in the bud. If you will be advised on the creation of demand from their lawyer or accountant, especially when it's good experts, you'll never not create anything sensible. They are not sellers, they have opposite functions and their natural operation - "as if something happens." How, by the way, and the security service. They even can not be blamed for it. But the focus on the opinion of people on constructive ideas - naive foul. It will always be - no! Do not! Implicitly or explicitly. Watch at your leisure.
Well, the main course of action promised. The first is an assessment of the overall situation, it is necessary to gather as much data.
For example: the status of the object location / presence of such objects in the environment / specificity (political and economic) say, city or area / quantity and quality (type) of the population / availability of essential communications (railway and road) near the facility and in the city, Traffic on them / who has the real power and money in the city, and it (the power) is delegated, and a sober assessment of their own, the owner, the power and possibilities of the city / investment activity and its characteristics (local or otherwise, focus on raw materials, demand or labor) / how are the outflow-inflow of labor in the city, region / stays or leaves the youth (20-30 years old) / what are the prospects of development of the city, the region in the next 3-5 (many) years, so what will be the needs of and demand from the population / good to know that more import or export of funds to the city, region and so on, and the like, and as much as possible. And - in detail.
You have to understand the direction of thought.

The average is about 30 - 40 points. And, God knows, the greater and more authentic - the better. Yes, and it is necessary to sit down and write on paper, and not "to figure in the mind." Please write questions, find answers and then write. As long as there is no more questions on this subject in general, and each will be given a definitive answer. Just imagine that you do not know and need to get this information from reliable sources. So get. A couple of weeks will be enough "head".
Avoid officials and media as data providers. The best way to get answers from the successful and large-scale businessmen and entrepreneurs in the area. As advice or opinion. Monitoring for these people - the natural state. This will be true to the maximum extent.
Do not mix with the analysis of information gathering. When the list of answers is complete, select yourself about an hour in the morning in a relaxed atmosphere. After more than 24 hours on any drunk alcohol and weeks from taking drugs (especially analgesics), vitamins are not taken into account. Turn off all phones and remove any outside interference at this time. This is called "to settle the rudiments of" slang for one of the professions that require exceptional accuracy in the analysis. So - quietly, a new unit of time, examine all the data that you already have on the list and you get a conceptual understanding of how inspiration, the whole situation in general, with respect to its purpose.
Now you will know and be able to go to the second step of action on the sale. If confidence and understanding has not arisen, then, or a little data or some of them are incomplete or false. Return to the list of questions and supplement it with what you did not have, and if in doubt in any given, will get an answer from another source and sravnite.Istochnik important. Do not talk about this with you nasty people who do not want to help or treat you poorly. These "authorities" is always false, in fact (but I'm not saying that they are fools, hehe ...). Again, repeat the test. It must be your personal assurance regarding the understanding of the situation as a whole. Quoting the famous genius - L. Ron Hubbard - we can say: "Confidence, not data, is Knowledge»
Get it!

The second step is also not a trifle. This pricing. As far as I understood from the practice, then there is complete chaos and kustarschina. With all the consequences emanating. This is either an authoritarian way of estimating (eg assessors) or analog (compared to something like that), or stupid consumer (I wish!). And then just any "explosive mixture" of all this. Paragraph full!
By the way the third way is not yet the worst. We have, thank God, there boleeoptimalny approach. It will be described in the following article.
The fact that the article format (essay) does not permit enough detail for the practical application described here all steps of the procedure. It is hard to be succinct in such cases. But these steps, you can list.
I ask:

1. Collection of data on the basis of purpose.
2. Analysis and understanding.
3. Pricing.
4. Determination of the counterparty.
5. Create the send (+ idea of ​​a slogan).
6. Determination of methods, type and placement Promise (advertising), including the cost and duration.
7. Appointment responsible for advertising and receiving a response from it (if you do - even more so), and financing.
8. Description "picture perfect" transaction (this step can be done at almost any stage, but no later than the specified position).
9. To receive an adequate response from you to the buyer the right (ignore the other) and a full deposit (5 -10%) to the agreement of intent.
10. Mandatory continued sales already running the scheme, without interruption, until the time is fully completed cycle of the transaction, with payment account.
11. The transaction is completed fully and completely, so that this issue should not have had to go back (here, just, and necessary lawyers and other ilk).
12. IMPORTANT! Do not take on any obligations concerning investment emerged as a result of the transaction of funds up to a week or two after its completion, or, God forbid, even before it took place. Crow fly off much. All refuse. Penny ... Cool.

Well, so. The above sequence will allow you to create an almost completely successful sales and not be a fool.
Dream, plan - it is a symbol of action. And results. Choose for yourself a clear and correct line. And actions. Life really punishes only omission. Act! And you will be able to make sure that the reality may be under an hour on the order exceeds even the most optimistic expectations and the Restless.
Successful sales and until we meet again!

P.S. See the article №4 - «Trading is appropriate! - A number of important data for the preliminary assessment of the object of sale »

For you and respect -
Victor Hudson - entrepreneur, analyst and publicist.
Office «Vector Realization»
Active sales in the commercial real estate


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