Child in November ... or - worked in true sale of commercial real estate

A series of articles entitled "Aspects of the business of real estate: in profile and full face»
Author - Victor A. Hudson.

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Article №4: «Child in November ... or - worked in true sale of commercial real estate»

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 - I see you, unselfish love money.
Tell me, how much money do you like?
 - Five thousand.
 - Per month?
 - In year.
 - We are with you on the road. I need five hundred thousand,
and if possible immediately, but not often.

Ostap and Balaganov.
"The Golden Calf»
Chapter II - Thirty sons of Lieutenant Schmidt
Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov.

How much you need? For a complete, um ... happiness ... A - for courage? I'd love to believe that this word is not yet buried you under the dusty gritty "business turnover", and does not require you to painful stress your memory. Or, God forbid (already quite clinical case!) - Referring to a dictionary for an explanation of the concept of "courage." But ... why not? Let's look together, and different definitions of the word. Ta-e-x ... what do we have? Oh, and a lot! And all. But the right thing "in the mature root" and the root of something we've got the French. About how! And does the word «courage» courage, courage and enthusiasm.

Why, one wonders, adult uncles (and aunts) believe that in order to achieve their own goals, plans and ideas in the business imperative to something else? A couple of cowardly and cautious, deliberately restrained and even somewhat limited ... pokazushno-state, or what? This attitude itself, such as "God grant Nashomu telyatі Vovk z'їsti" *. The secret for me ... Mystery. «No easy way ...» * - an old phrase, faithful. H o why is it just that?
I just do not see other places "where the shoe pinches" and because of that in the same commercial real estate all the time there (in orderly rows, not even - stacked!) Country and have nothing to do with the basic common sense, situation. Situations that can not expect to find in such a seemingly serious and thorough field called here as a commercial property ... The situation is quite correlated (eg say) with the image of the same Kisa Vorobyaninov. And since it is a commercial real estate, the sale of the property and all that, and the difficulties here are special ... spissssssficheskie. And extreme - too.

At first, the strange and unpleasant. But, damn, this is already normal! Attitude to commercial real estate, and the sale of this property as a whole, even more "interesting" as far as I can see and observe, taking advantage of his position. Spicy, I would say that attitude. This is - to put it mildly. Even gentle ... To begin with, and most of all, the decision to sell real estate is taken too late - when is no longer any reserves neither time nor money, and often forces simply for optimum, planned start and conducting the sale of real estate itself . This is - the norm is - topic of the day. On a normal owner of my question as to when it will have to sell its commercial real estate - in most cases, I hear the usual answer: "Yesterday !!". That is, roasted rooster prokleval known, usually soft, the body part has to tailbone ... Hello, Vorobyaninov! I'll have to ask the next time the same event: "And what if it was" today "?". However, this is a low blow ...
Options like uh ... "foresight" a lot. Here and hope (usually without any objective justification) that commercial real estate is sold as easily and quickly as the potato market. And in the same amounts. And in the same way. For example, straight from the tin, "Yes, we want to have a half months to sell our agricultural farming as a business, we are moving, and we need money to move. You can we guarantee it? ". The award, I must say. «So nice» * ... Pretty brazen, even for France, the Netherlands, or is there some Arizona. But for Ukraine?
It's not even ... I do not ... No adjectives to mind are all obscene. Miss.
And the stereotype that for the sale of commercial real estate does not need to invest money, time and skills. Here and examples are unnecessary - it's just very often encountered. And the placement of two or three dozen "Listing" at intermediary sites and a pair or two in local newspapers a few times (!) - It's just the ultimate dream for a successful sale. The presence of any sane system in these actions, I just quietly keep silence ... It's too sad and unfortunate. And terribly banal. And also - at every turn. If even hang a banner with a simple phone, even so-called "experts-mediators", not to mention the owners themselves, not once bother, or simply did not see fit! And if they hang up, it is considered the largest of the fact that even for the sale of real estate can be done - commercial real estate! Heroism, in practice, Mr. uh ... "I love you - what more ...»
The fact that the need to get even the minimum amount required to finance effective promotion and sale is suddenly ... very unexpected idea. And that business! A new idea, a revolutionary idea, and even simply unaffordable for them is the idea. Even for the owners, sometimes, and multi-million dollar commercial real estate or businesses offered for sale. The children have long lived under communism, perhaps - why should they money is ...?

Scrolling like this can be a long, long. Is it worth it? And so my conclusion is quite simple. Traditional Slavic settlement at random, such as "by magic ..." prevails. Alas.
When it comes to the transfer of assets "commercial real estate" into the "Cache" *, the owners often comes some libidoizirovannoe ... something, and extremely naive state of mind. Surprisingly similar in quality to its hysterical expectation certainly a huge orgasm, certainly in the first case "real sex" (in the next entrance) - at a young nymphet, after watching soap operas and reality shows on the "box." I do not want there to assess the complexity characteristic of puberty, and in a strange pop in our context - all of them were, and anything can happen - but it's not the most sensible condition for adults, businessmen, etc., and even in a situation where on the agenda is a commercial property for sale. Or, contrary to expectation, and that more - business.
Agree. If you sum up all the above, the field of view there is amazing, by the degree of their stupidity, the idea is quoted I called "Blue Dream Idiot." I even wanted to title this article .... That's the same shit! This "trick" like a jack-the-box, suddenly pops up in conversation on promoting our client estate. It the client, of course. It is necessary to put the quotation marks - "client." And since, of course, the customer is, of course, can not be and will not ... For us - so just will not. This is a potential victim of "intermediaries, give."
It looks like this. At one point, when the clear data and the harsh realities of technology sales of commercial real estate are beginning to reach this "Vanya-to-oven-type client-owner," he gently awakens and something in his scratched, gives to the surface this most dream phrase that word for word the same for all these guys and sounds: "And let you sell me my subject, and I'll pay you later?". Me it even once discouraged, I did not realize this degree of primitivism (is that cultural designate politely) and stupidity (and it is - that specific and honest) very often encountered in such so-called "real estate business».

Now I'm in a similar situation, then yawn, cute say: "I see ...", and safely remove the phone number from the directory immediately. A substantive discussion is possible here except on the subject of weather. Or not! Politics, women, sports and hangover - is the most it. But - just not the case. Only - no sale of commercial or business real estate. In my hometown of Nikolaev, the local "boys" have a very capacious and perfectly suitable for this case mot - "beggar." I myself would never have believed this, ever - hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars are at stake! If the person is not about the kiss more than once. Kindergarten nursery group ... the right word ... Fu-yi! Not always, however, and not everyone (thank goodness!) Such observed. There are still heroes ...
It is possible and the good, and even cognitive. Now. People then - different ... I've seen, and quite often, as the funding for the program was created in sales of its facilities, some of my clients. And I noticed that all successful of them had one thing in common. This created - only by an effort! And so it appeared the most "kid in November" * - the money for the program sales. This is from the best of my clients even happened. For those who could and learn, and to understand and even accept the leadership of a competent methodology and technology sales of commercial real estate, which I used to solve such issues. Do not create me to his attorney, additional (and where it is more so!) Problems with wild ideas for solving the problem, "then" or "may, without money." And did provide such funding.
The fact that some of them have demonstrated in doing so, except as an extreme economic exotic and not call! It's just business balancing act. On the brink of a foul. That just was not in the course of running. No - with the heroes we have a full order, as I said ...

One of my clients, the owner of a large industrial base (and on the territory, and there are many buildings in it), sold under this deal one of his "six hundredth." In another way - it was just no way. Payments on loans for a long time run over, funds provision no tenants extinguished, credit restructuring "good" bankers successfully brakes and other and other and other ... "Mers" his, he never sold a toad crushed - for those pennies, which he then gave ("pass-intermediaries" are everywhere). So he just sold to neighbors, acting more effectively at the time the enterprise of his, adjacent to them, the territory. Cheap, of course, sells, but for everything that was enough right, cheers ... And you can be much more successful commercially, to solve the problem with the rest of his real estate.
And the other, too clever, in a similar situation a quick break all the banks area, the center of which he had considerable property complex, only part of which is used for production. And the rest, we can say it was a reserve. The old city center, I must say. I found an opportunity and shot (in the state bank !!) restructure their loans. Outrageous things at the time. New it is not already there given (then and this was a hefty tight), because he was under his house in the center of the city from private owners and took. The loan. It was for that market. And after and giving, including all past loans ...
Oh, What people do not! And the owners were settling (not to interfere), and abruptly ended the finish of the facade (before a couple of years uncompleted), and family matters to eventually leads (up to a formal divorce from a business woman with her long ago by the former, brake-husband) and lifted the price (although for less something years before that they could not sell), and a lot more then, including quite impossible to publish intimate details. It would seem that, in principle, can not have any relation to the sale of commercial real estate ...
Ahn, no. The key moment of all comes out to the surface. What is not wanted, but necessary. By understanding and sane state and you have to lead. Continuous "through the thorns to the stars" and "awl in a sack» ...

In any case, in life in general, there are all kinds of opinions, authorities, and myslezaklyucheniya (varying degrees of reality and validity) of hopes and dreams .... I even against nothing. Especially dreams and hopes. But! In contrast, there is also an extremely important and necessary in the matter of the real production of the product (and the sale - a product and still is!), The concept of "work of the Truth."
Cleared. If you need to build a working conveyor or of the apparatus, the mechanism a useful and applicable in practice, in the living matter, intelligent organization, and the like, all those "ways and principles", which shamelessly and brazenly now used in so-called "Humanitarian", you will not help in any way. Harm only. Authoritarian opinion, speculation and conjecture "in law" is generally good at the thesis defense (sometimes not always) and politics (always and everywhere, heh ...). And in the present and responsible production should be otherwise. What it checked that reliably that always gives the result - under the right circumstances. Here's what you need. How is your main tool. Working truth need such an order "at a hundred degrees heat - water under normal pressure in the world, begins to boil," etc. etc. When laying the tunnel calculations on something else, and not on the working of the truth (to forecast, proven and guaranteed results), lead to a fiasco. The tunnel does not converge. And the crocodile is not caught. Coconut - not growing ... alas. The approach of the "wanted the best ..." good policy, and that - for "our" Hmm, figures ... To.

And in the sales of commercial and / or business property the same parsley. "Do not anoint - will not go," that's the truth working in this field. Let idiom like *. But precisely and succinctly. Will you continue to invest the knowledge, technology, actions, time, energy, effort and money - sell. And thou shalt not ... How are we sound this is the true idiot? Blue. In all ways, I know ... Well, the choice has not been canceled. Your.

 - Look, - said the great schemer suddenly - as you called in your childhood?
 - What for do you need it?
 - Oh! I do not know. How to call you: Vorobyaninov call you tired and Hippolyte Matveyevich too sweet. How can you name? Ipa?
 - Kish - Vorobyaninov said, grinning.
 - Congeniality * !!!

For you and respect -
Victor Hudson, head
Office «Vector Realization»
 - Entrepreneur, analyst and publicist.

Glossary: ​​

* Cache - (Eng. Cash) - delivery, payment, carried out at once, completely, usually in cash. Just - cash.

* A child in November - the story of Leonid Zhukhovitskii and the same name comedy of 1992, filmed at the Odessa film studio based on this story. (I am not against the film, he did nothing, but the story - for the person who has the personal reality of "stagnation" of time - it is something! I was impressed then. Not a weak thing. I read in the "Aurora" first again, there was a St. Petersburg magazine I subscribed to. In the late eighties ..)

* Give God Nashomu calves z'їsti Vovk i ... - Ukrainian phrases and -priskazk and in the translation and the meaning oznachayusch th "God grant our calf eating wolf!»

* No easy way - Eng. (Know Easy Way - transliteration.) "There is no easy way»,
old Scottish proverb.

* So nice - Eng. (from Nice - transliteration.) "How cute»

* Idiom - a figure of speech, the value of which is not determined by individual values ​​of its constituent words, such as "slack", "sharpen fritters", etc.

* Congeniality, Congeniality - (from Lat. Con - together and genius - spirit) - the similarity in spirit, way of thinking, artistic style, and so on. N.
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