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A series of articles entitled "Commercial real estate in the context of»
Author - Victor A. Hudson.
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Article №8: «PPC. No entry for Unauthorised people! - The problem of qualifying the customer as a buyer for your object »

Part 1.
(Update by the author in June 2013)

"My mother said - a fool, fool strife ...»
 - Forest, "Forest Gump»

Even a Wise Man Stumbles. As I already knew, basically, this series can read, and read, people are quite sane ... Reasonable, * ethical, purposeful and conscious sequence. And besides else would and who know what they really want. Although I honestly trying to give (and give) material items in a comfortable, pleasant and acceptable to most intelligible form, they still poorly suited as idly entertaining reading. So, there is no reason to lower the bar to the level of «pulp fiction». Be prepared for the harsh truth in its purest form. I have to sacrifice style will not - it is quite lively and intelligible.
The observant reader, at this point, it could isolate itself two key issues consistently faced by the owner, if necessary, the sale of his business and / or real estate. This is the first - to whom to sell, and the second - how to sell. I have written in earlier articles in this series, and the first and the second questions. But I want to give a significant clarification related to the catastrophic lack of understanding among the public inescapable importance and urgency of this. All - in close coordination and very tight coordination between the two issues in the process of sale of the object.

The fact that everything is being done to achieve this goal, everything, everything, down to the last signature under the relevant documents and proof of banking operations related to payment, and even a few more - all this belongs entirely to the sale procedure. Ney is the same. And very, very much, and in any other superlatives it depends on the consistency of the so-called little things and details of which it is composed. Many of them are neglected or simply not even see. That's about one of those "little things" we are here and have a talk.
Make no mistake ... In any case, the main responsibility for the right throughout the sales process and the implementation of the transaction borne by the owner of the object. It is usually, though not necessarily. Just it is not easy to find someone who would be quite reliable, competent. And, with all this, we agree to take on such a burden - all the responsibility to ensure the successful sale of the project. Especially on a professional basis. "When a person takes responsibility for someone else - it does not need applause. And then all will be looking around for rare sounds muffled silence "- wrote in a cult" False mirrors "real standing big and clever writer - Sergei Lukyanenko. According to another, however, about - but in our case, it fits remarkably. Elegant and precise terms.
"Sympathizers" of every kind enough, as always ... But this is more visibility of participation under the motto - "can suddenly if, by chance, and so on - something, God willing, and will turn out, here then and ..." ! Very few people will tell you: "Yes, I'm selling your object - such and such conditions." This difference in approach is fundamental - it is something, just, and determines the future outcome. Indicating whether a person has the knowledge, confidence and technology for such x-um, the burden - or is it another "pass", as he himself did not believe and did not call. Such a dime a dozen in this area, and therefore the owner usually has to pull a cart full of the sales process itself. Often, along with a bunch of such "pomoschnichkov" and "sympathizers" in this waggon (which he himself had planted them).
That's certainly not a must! Moreover - harmful, dangerous and burdensome for the whole procedure of sale and its outcome. For sale - a communication from the "A" and to the "I", in refined form. Another question - with whom, when, how and with what possible result. It is understood that when (and if) you have successfully made and richly effluent ... as an appropriate promotion and advertising of your object, you will get (and inevitably) the incoming stream. In the form of interest and demand. This stream can knock down in the literal and figurative sense of the word ... interests are different. It is muddy - all common input stream in full, with the "garbage". Call (God forbid - to come!) Are very different people, with different (sometimes stupid) ideas and suggestions.
Require treatment filters, powerful and effective. You do not need all this spam * - a waste of time. You need one, but competent, contact with the key person. You, in the process, need to be able to quickly separate the "grains from the chaff." Though, would be to simply not to lose and not to miss the most contact in motley chorus of "interested parties". But there are other more factors, the mention of which there are simply no space, no special desire. They are many and they are not particularly pleasant. In the full-length (when you are rested is, inevitably) will face the problem of qualification * client. It is desirable as accurately as possible - "it" or "it". And with minimal loss of time, energy and attention spent on the so-called "punches". People, in general, useless and unnecessary to you. And often simply harmful. Even if it is hidden and, at first glance, unnoticed ... inflicted on you in some form or other damage.
There must be a clear, workable system that can achieve such a result. A certain sequence of actions and features that make it you will monitor incoming lines of communication. And so that is expressed once Serduchka, "we and our ICE Bulo for UTB nichogo Bulo ne!". Technology such need.

And of course it is. And how! We are living in the age of technology. But! There is one big "but." Here I would like to pay special attention to a very important, but seriously blocked unreasonable environment and focused the overwhelming majority of the activities of the media, the ability of the person. His ability to see the differences, similarities and identities. This ability is the basis of rationality and common sense, without which there can be no about any coherent technology, and the more worthy of her application.
The technology does not allow for arbitrary and random. Because otherwise it's not a technology at all. But it turns out that to understand, reproduce and apply certain technology in precision - almost unattainable luxury! For the so-called "normal" average "homo sapiens", in its normal, now that state. We will not speak of the creation of effective technologies. This is certainly the inheritance of the elect. People, unfortunately, are not equal in this world, as to their strengths and abilities. As a rule, the fate of any technology, when it gets into the hands of the layman, virtually predetermined.

What did he do to her what to do? A typical scenario is that nothing really learn a fig do not understand, do not do to this knowledge became clear learned and applied in practice, and then quickly throw all this as a viper ... and forget that nightmare. They do not care that this technology has consistently yielded proper results to them. And it will give after - always. These guys are interested in the effectiveness of the least ... it's not a salary, right?
Well, to do something that it is necessary ?! Therefore, the vacuum subsequently filled with some incredible gag. Cobbled together from whatever is handy, in a "flight of creative thought" and "brilliant insight!" And then I try to put this complete crap and wild delirium on the pedestal of the head bones. Kind of "monument of the holy faith" - as the Great New Technology! This is also typical, even popular with a certain type of "type of personnel". Employers are well aware of this. The desire to distort, distort or break any working structure, completely predictable. It is also almost instinctively ... the majority of people in our time. What is entirely due to the lowest capacity to recognize and reproduce the data. This is the merit of the modern "tape", in other words, and not be called, the system of education. Which, in my opinion, except for a failure, more than anything, and really does not constitute. Again, alas!
Long retreat, but justified. This article, as, indeed, the entire series as a whole, is dedicated to selling technology in the field of commercial real estate and business. And I very much hope that you do not belong to the category of the public, which was mentioned above in the text. Judging by the response to previous publications, this my hope is appropriate and justified. In most cases, at least ... and thank God.
So. To paraphrase a famous quote Seneca, the feasibility can be supplemented by the thought this way: "It is foolish to be wind in the sails of those who do not know where the sails!".
Further more. Do not be surprised, but practically goes below the job description for the DVR * reception. The first and most important precondition - no matter how much you do not give pieces of promotion (ads, banners, letters, etc.) - each of them is the possibility to be a simple and affordable communications for response. In our case - a mobile phone is just perfect. A phone number - do not have to give. And, moreover, do not have anything else! No there (and more "just in case"), fax, e-mail, landline phones, etc. And it should be a phone of one person directly responsible for the reception of the incoming flow (calls). Not necessarily the owner and very, very desirable to avoid it! Two phones from the different operators of the same person - great! That's it ... although one is enough. I know from experience. Sold to any object - even a skyscraper, "Namaste" in Mumbai!
All incoming messages need only go to him alone. Despite any attempts (they will be - believe me!) "To jump over his head" and go to the manager, the owner or authorized. It is important to understand - no one has the right to the first contact and initial communication with the prospectus * (possible future buyer). No one, except the person in charge of this contact terminal - registrar. Later, you find out why.

To be involved in the sale of men did not call the prospectus, it should be correct, but clearly and firmly, pointing to the registrar on his phone. "Yes, you're right, we have sold this place. You need to call such and such a person on such a number ... Call now! "- And immediately stop the connection! Purely mechanical - just press the reset! Here is an example of communication in this case, and the only way - or that of similar. No baby talk, pretentious added importance (Ponto - speaking in Russian) and other irrelevant nonsense.
That is to say, the rudiments - the prerequisites under which and possibly the main action. That is: remove the excess, and the right to pass and speed. What is the effect, in fact, it is a qualified stream of particles (in our case - Avenues).
On our slang "K.P.P." - the first letters of the names of the three main steps of obtaining a product №1 post logger 'Man, qualified as a full prospectus for the purchase of the object and passed (allowed) to an authorized terminal * for further work with him. " Determination of the suitability of this particular person as a prospect, this is the qualification. And that each time the algorithm of the three consecutive steps: COMMUNICATION - HELP - ORDER.
End of the first part.

* Spam - (from the English. Spam - minced meat, youth slang - "trash") - an unnecessary, senseless and incomprehensible, often imposed against the will of the information ... typically inappropriate or impossible to use in practice.
* Qualification - (from the Latin. Qualis - any quality) - 1) determination of the quality of anything score anything. 2) The level of preparedness, the degree of compliance to date or anything.
* Registration - (from the English. Registration; it. Registrierung. 1) Record those facts or phenomena in order to control and accounting. 2) Spec. term administration in business - action to ensure the full contact and to bring them to an understanding (of the order of the actions, cooperation possibilities and stuff like that).
* Prospect (spec.) - A potential consumer of goods and / or services.
* Ethics - (Gk. Ethika - from the ethos - custom, character, character), in modern. philosophical VALUE. - The reasonableness of the survival of the individual actions directed by the man himself on himself to improve the survival of both personal and their spheres of life in general (family - her husband and children, partners and friends - as part of their groups and communities; all humanity - all races; all life - the flora and fauna of the material world - the physical universe, the spiritual world and infinity or God).
* Terminal (Eng. Terminal) - 1) the final part of some system that provides communication system with the environment; 2) (spec. Admin.) - Post in the organization or person that receives, processes and transmits properly -Matching their functions - information.

Only wins - and no excuses ...

Victor Hudson, director of the Bureau of Attorneys «Vector Realization».


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