What is a "two plus two" or, in the business need to be happy?

What is a "two plus two", or - in the business need to be happy?

 - Why did the peasant's wife?
 - Why not, but because!
 - ???
 - Because not all of the government to dump garbage can ...
 - Modern folklore

Can you imagine - what time we're living?

Best humor ...

And yet - live! And do not just live, but even more to strive for something, even something turns out, yes?
I've always admired people who, at first - well aware, and gave himself the most comprehensive and sober statement of all the delights of this most "of his time».
And secondly - not in spite of all his intelligence, sanity, and the adequacy of the continued and continue to create plans to build the business, continue to learn and grow, continue to create jobs and produce really valuable and useful to the community services and things.

Just - it gives your product.

For me it was such a phenomenon ... even the paradox that exists as to the reality of the brackets, which are perceived as a reality in the business community of our era, uh ... Neskuchniy.
How is that possible ?!
Though I think this attitude is normal, in fact - if it is for yourself.
But other people ... for me to see it - surprisingly so far.
Like all really beautiful and valuable, such manifestations of the true nature of man, his primordial and underlying motives - even considerably zatёrtogo and carefully buried under slag disposal routine - give a sudden surge of rapturous amazement.
"It is necessary ?! Wow ... wow !! »
As soon as you see it - the differences are recognized - just come to life instantly. Or, are now returning, who ate it more understandable. However, if you see it. Here is someone as lucky. Immediately I need this ability - to see the obvious and considerable.

I will clarify.
The other day a friend of mine reserve in the network video recording fragment of speech at a business conference my friend - Alexander Vysotsky.
As I have for him - I do not know, but for me it is exactly the friend ...
And the point is not that long ago, we are already familiar, and so on. Just for me, as a businessman and entrepreneur, has even the ability to get out and explore (not just read) for the benefit of their own, as the owner and businessman, elegant his book "The responsibilities of the owner of the company" - a true gift.
Present Another gift.
And I look this video (uploaded on facebook seems), and begin to see clearly. Alexander there in his usual clear-cut, balanced and unhurried manner, says the ... about the main thing.

Of happiness.

On the "Road to Happiness" more precisely.
He had a long-standing and sincere participant and supporter of this well-known and quite popular among reasonable and sane people around the world, the non-profit social project.
Foundation "The Way to Happiness" - as he is called. I'm also a fan of his ascetic and feasible this movement in our country. The fund has more than 50 years of experience that properly manufactures and distributes the book of the same name. Amazing in its simplicity and its effect reports the book ... just fabulous. From the incredibly brilliant philosopher and humanist L. Ron Hubbard's last century. The book works wonders with people - I checked ... and not just for yourself. By the way, that in the video there is a mention ...
Alexander Vysotsky was asked to talk a little bit about this book, and the whole project at the conference. He said.
I wish he did not do it!
Sadist ... how sometimes it hits on the head though ... especially direct and frank.

I do not want to repeat here in your own words it recognized guru of domestic consulting. It is difficult, and it is not necessary - better watch the video for yourself (I'll link at the end).

But the theme itself to bypass their attention just can not.
Indeed, the expansion of society at all levels indicative of the presence in it of so-called "double standards". This is the basis of corruption, its core. This litmus degradation of people and ... and business!
No more and no less.

Nothing that I have about this?
It's no secret that this plague is shameful and ugly phenomenon unhealed brown crust covered almost all post-Soviet space the majority of our countries? And corrupt judges and officials are so familiar and "natural", that when we hear from some of the next of the representative of the "elite governance" word of honor, dignity, decency and virtue, it is even one or warps already ... and not touch, and does not cling. We immediately turned on by the old habit, spent since the Soviet Union, the skill of reading between the lines and understand ...
And we understand!
Remember, like Stirlitz in his thinking about the nature of the Third Reich in the unforgettable film "Seventeen Moments of Spring»?
Nothing new under the sun ...
"Merciless to enemies of the Reich," Mr. da ...

The lie ... a lie on all channels and all flows. Clever thieves and noble assassin in the movie ... Prostitutes on the covers of glossy ... Drugs - as the top man of dreams achieved success. Business - is the mafia and gangsters in ties and long-legged maids in expensive cars ... meat, carrion, ashes, pettiness and meanness - artificial pedestal like "That's a success!»
All such and similar nonsense is exposed as the "real world" people who are parents and friends as a child received very different lessons. As Vysotsky said in his presentation - "Over the courtyard lies beaten." And despised theft. And no whores sang songs with a guitar on a bench in the park.
Such is nestykuemy syuzhetets we have in stock.
In my hometown of Nikolaev in young children in the course of the mot have the right - "zameshuha." Heh ...

Tackie yes - it is now CONFUSION.
It's kind of a state of being. This level of spiritual life, as opposed to the material ...
Although, as if it's someone unexpected or country does not show, it is this aspect of life and set the tone for the very same "standard of living" - financial, economic, physical, if you want - which is so easily and skillfully exhibit on display in the media and put at the forefront To assess our lives and all kinds of ordinary in it, "the leaders of nations."

I recently, in dealing with his good friend, cited as an example of comparison of the state of confusion in the life of a person to the position of the reservoir at a depth of muddy water. Where to go and where the surface is not clear what to do and what efforts are needed is not known, but the chances of any success and can not speak ...
Oops ... this is confusing.

In this article, I do not see opportunities and needs in depth to discuss the causes and consequences of such poor condition in general. But it will be enough, on the basis of my main activities in business and it is in the interests of the commercial and business sector of society, to highlight this phenomenon is for business. More precisely - for the part that concerns the final part of any business, that is, exchange or sale of the finished result in the production of any business. Its product. In my case it is a product and result of creative activity directly to the owner. This is the sale of his business (his product) and commercial real estate.
I once wrote that in order to kill the country or region, or enterprise business, as such, does not necessarily blow up factories or physically destroy the workers and employees. More than simply reduce or cut the level of exchange has the produced product. Simply put - to slow down sales.
Or - ideally - to stop them altogether.
Still, the business will be bent. Any. Inevitably.
No exchange of sales, profits - there is no development and no further production.

For the sane and reasonable person such intentions and, moreover, action - it is sheer madness. Nevertheless, it is here the situation is observed in the sales of commercial real estate and operating business most clearly. Why?
Because it is the product of the most creative and talented people in the business in general - are the results of years of work of the owners, founders and owners. It is their own products. This is the most valuable and labor-intensive products in general. And expensive, of course ...
Think about it! How much is already designed and tested, is in place and expanded system, which is able to work and benefit people and the income the owner? Surely it is much more expensive than what she is, and produces.
How much does the iPhone and how much he Apple?

Yes, not all people in our environment "white and fluffy". Enough about all. BUT!

But most of them vile and evil, inherently antisocial and misanthropic, realized (albeit hidden) tend to knock us out from under the stool ...
And it enjoys a coveted agony for them from an honest and decent man, which they managed to catch in a web of false and pretentious propaganda "beautiful life" and "a lot of money," which do not smell.
Who needs it?
Not you and me exactly.
We are important foundations of the real and accurate ancestral landmarks.
After all, every day in the business is the choice.
The choice with whom to deal with and who not. People take to the team, and with whom to say goodbye. Target selection and methods. The choice for the future!

The good and infinitely valuable thing this book. It allows you to go to a different, much different from the "usual and customary" level of awareness and sanity to a reasonable person. For the businessman - Features.
Due to return to the present, not the fake and synthetic values ​​in life.
It helps to make the choice that will never have to regret.
And that is not less important, for example, for me, it gives me the opportunity to help in this, and other people standing.
Gods ... and how much it is!
This in itself is a great happiness.
However, you'd better see it yourself.

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