Tell everyone "NO!", The girl everyone but him! Successful sale of an object and how to get ...

A series of articles the second
"Aspects of the business of real estate: in profile and full face»
Author - Victor A. Hudson. (ABN - series)

Section №3: Tell everyone "NO!", The girl everyone but him! Successful sale of an object and how to get ...

(This understanding is indispensable, hence the advice to the reader: read the articles in chronological order and clarifies misunderstood words in the glossary below the article or with the dictionary. When the need or lack of data encouraged to read the series of articles first - "Commercial real estate in the context of" (CNC - Series) . VG)

"Mo-lo-dec, man!
And your mother - well done ...
What guy has brought!
Clever! Alive! With imagination ...
And true!
So ... »
3rd jury,
cabbie (Sergei Garmash) in the film Mikhalkov

We are the people that something else is needed, something we want more ... and it dramatically narrows the range. We are, moreover, have a direct and immediate relevance to business to real estate, to active creative activity to the production of goods and services - as a source of and reason. This is another significant reduction in size of the audience. We are with you "happiness / unhappiness" to be in a particular role and be in the situation where you want to exchange requires the sale, is required to create a specific result. Production required! And, if completely honest with himself, and very frankly, we know - do not cross in God or even a "good uncle" Nah! - Have themselves ...
Himself have to - and did not get used, right ?? The latter limits the number of people radically. Before the minimum percentage. Narrow range narrow. Other ...

But staying there - the basic prerequisite for success. "Girl-luck" prefer to give their smiles only to them - people from this circle. By a strange coincidence. Or, and patterns ... Oh! Forgot to warn ... so ... just in case. But still I will say my articles are not for thieves! And not for other lumpen proletariat with their hangers "in the law." Or - is above the law ... horseradish radish is not sweeter. In short, it's writing for sane and self-respect of entrepreneurs who are able to create their job honestly and your product. Because not steal. And cases do not lead to the thieves. They have something else to head the procedure.
Well, here ... and remember, I think, is old and probably eternal anecdote about Izya (blame - Joseph, hehe!), Who asked the Lord for such a "small" like winning the lottery for themselves - unfortunate and poor Jew. Not forgetting, of pure Hebrew, blame God for their troubles and hardships, while others, read: a lot less than it is meet and right - all, at least, "chocolate" ... Izzy was a small quite tedious and Assertive ( almost like me ...) and had sent their prayers to top regularly every day, and sometimes several times a day ... In the end, the main boss in Heaven patience ran out, and the poor dumbfounded Jew heard furious and direct appeal directly to him the voice of God " Listen you shmuck and a ticket lottery, Sarah your mother, do you ever buy?!? Zhmotyara you old ... »
I'm not saying that everything would be worth while, but something and depends on the person still. True? To me it warms the soul ... Because - true. Why do people sell property? Business? Investment projects, share in business or land area for business and so on? And the other is everything ... What makes people tick in this case? Why should they? For what?? Let's just stipulate only one thing - I'm talking not about the dealers, "intermediaries" or other similar wheeler-dealer of "business property". Everything is very clear and so and nothing to talk about. "Little, and three - day? Or more, but five - yesterday? ". These out of the gloom and did not go out there and ... never spelled out. I find it funny to colic, when I hear some of these guys proudly and proudly calls itself the "investor". Why is not the "producer" or "innovator", "depositary" - why not? Honestly ... Also because the name is rarely understood correctly, quite complex, quite solid and impressive, respectable enough. In short, and de Al-us-ie word for noodles on the ears ... Chic Aboriginal word! Maximum functionality - for this audience ... for suckers, Mr. mm ...

If that's such a stupid and primitive, Overbought Nedviga "a la CIS 90s" called investment activity, let us then we will dignify "business coach" of the district psychiatrist, or a district on the territory of the central market of the provincial town, or even a rogue -byudzhetnika. Also famously! Oh, those geniuses "free market", entrenched in deep sh ... in humus, sorry - in the fertile soil of our with you, "a modern democratic community"! Vampirchiki ... At least Zebulun who imagine themselves ... Ibn investors, "the intellectual elite of super-business ..." Tvoyuzhmat!
For a long time wanted to call this a nice little "prosloechku-podstilochku" with her extremely relevant. Simple. What the heck! There is a word in the "great and powerful": "Rednecks". It became easier ... hooray!
But folk do not read this article in principle and in general - do not read (a secretary, then why? Not only is bullying yubchonku yes serve tea) - they count only the "well-earned" ... So I write, I'm not for them! And such a reservation: we are talking about normal, sane, including enough healthy spiritually, and more adventurous (!) People - a real benefit to society, and product manufacturing. Who knows what investment and what's behind them, in fact ...
Mountains of intense activity, difficult and interesting work and, as a result - a worthy and valuable in the exchange of results, and not one that only "a favorite" good. About businessmen and entrepreneurs, not the "type-of" who "also pay taxes" ... And as this valuable people of society, due to the efforts and activities that society that all and survives, and in which (of course!) Is looking sideways and suspected all this "budget-concessional bureaucratic together" the majority ... and that therefore every day is becoming less and taxes (and laws too!) they pressured more and more, with the success of "monkey with an ax on a tree branch, where she and sitting ", destroying the last really producing power community - and then it becomes quite clear, and my concern, and my choice, and then to whom I publish. Well you have to understand - the "ball" and "free" we're not talking about it ... Dark leave.

So. These people are driven by the sale of quite reasonable, and the root of his, the momentum - in such a way to solve some problem or situation. And these situations are very diverse and different importance. They were there the sea can be. Uymische simple. And loans crushed - banks "good" got, and business delёzh - between partners of the former, and the deeds of a departure - to the "peace-retirement-sea-grandchildren Dacha", and change the activity (or like something), and just all had enough (alas, too, sometimes), and, and ... you have guessed. Enough is space for imagination and memory is also missing. And all this confusing and directs attention away from the tactical, and sometimes strategic, goal. Often successful. And many ... Knocks. Yes ...
But all this turmoil, you can (and should!) Be reduced to a couple of key points. Such as a situation of "either-or»:

1) "defeat." It should be with minimal losses to finish the cycle to start the next game - more than successful, and the new experiences and the hope of success and development.

2) "Victory". There is a desire and opportunity to expand the sphere of influence, to invest (invest, dammit!) In the growth and progress of the current business activities of the game - with his control of the situation to achieve this goal.

I think that the difference is clear. There is no need to go to the third layer of "Twilight" ... But, following these "yin-yanyami" (sides of the same issue) are inevitable details and nuances are secondary and depend directly on the main purpose of the project on the resolution of the current situation ... The main thing What is of interest here. (And do not bother such a dichotomy as a "win / lose" in their own states - with respect to the above points. As practice shows - it is rather arbitrary. And, more importantly, when not knowing this, and much more dangerous.) This is something that: at this stage, any of these options easily turns into its opposite! It happens that all too easily. How would "rezvyasya and playing" ... Even with all possible prerequisites for radiant business success, and with the most brilliant prospects. Even with everything, everything (!), The possibility for subsequent allegedly inevitable and regularity of expansion and prosperity. Even "in complete calm, and full steam ahead" ... Or - quite the opposite. "Everything is shit!" And prospects of zero, your accountant was hung up and went to a competitor, even your wife ... and "light" bankruptcy or something worse. The Criminal Code has become a reference book. Sailed. Where there is an emergency naborchik of soap and rope? Is not a fact! What is and will be. Not a fact ...
Great Gesser! In it is the main specificity of the time called "the act of buying / selling" - you know what. Too often I've seen it. And crazy "ups" practically from the underworld, and loud, crushing "catastrophe" of the blue when, seemingly completely safe environment and the prospects for the most that neither is a rainbow. Promised my main interest: "As a rule, all these conflicts are directly dependent on this very" moment of truth ", the act of sharing, the fact of purchase / sale." On its quality. Even just flowed from him. This is the true significance of his "moment of truth" of this, and value. Always.

Law: whatever you do business - it is present in the property. Whatever your real estate - is, according to anyone of your (his appropriate) care, chores to do. This is a business. And yours. According to the most "do not play" your. With all the ensuing consequences ... Well. Business case - employment income yielding (read: giving the benefit of other people confirmed with the exchange). In parentheses above - important! No exchange - no value, in fact, only potential. And what is the potential? This is what "could be." It may not be! And the last - more often. And the easiest way. And popular ... Since then simply do not take full responsibility for the result. One person.
We're talking about commercial and business real estate, remind. And who is this mysterious "man"? Who is he? Chairman of the Board of Directors? Sales Manager? Realtor? Mediator? Secretary? Admin your site? Maid Aunt darling? Who ?? Duty minetchitsa? Apologize to the ladies ... pobegushnik personal driver? No! It is you and only you! You yourself. Owner. Founder, owner. Only you! And this is just your hat *.
And since we are told the most important thing, and we are now very smart in the morning, and good children, obedient, who drink milk, not what Uncle Bob yesterday, we can not afford right about this very "full responsibility of the owner" and talk! How different from the other, he ... Uh ... well, just a little. I do not even doubt that in the unlikely you someone something and ever talked about it in this section. Nonsense! Or very, very unlikely ... Especially near your closely-material (and not only), and to you as a dependent and hard environment. Yes they are currently zashyut mouth! Without anesthesia ... sell the Motherland! With giblets and the population, and natural resources together ... God - and anything else to do, but just do not ... But none of them will not tell you anything like that! That even under the gun of Kalashnikov 7, 62-mm, "Man! You're the main thing! Great Magician ... From you all depends. And it was you, and to know, understand, guide and supervise the whole process! And we'll help you, each in his place, and you win! And we - together with you. And we lose, too, with "... And certainly no one that you formulate your" must "in detail and in order. And do not require you to pull his muzzle from the Internet, neck / bikini his new "female model", the magazine «Forbes», or «Fisherman - Hunter" ... or some other dregs and more stuff, you also on the case and distracting. A! And do not insist on the fact that your eyes are light, power and strength of your righteous removed (the latter, the highest leveled), as well as the attention and interest of your intent - turned in the right direction. Need. For you as themselves ...
Yes, and your other fellow "Power Light» ...

For even if there is someone in such proximity to you, such terminal *, a member of such a magician, and you have not fired him from giving this very, notorious, "perturbed to the core, all our friendly team" ... He kakim- miraculously still there, and you have not been able to shut him up ... and massive intimidation forced him to abandon his initiative to tell you what he SEES (quietly! - this still sees and sees "as-is", and not "all") for any "twilight" - it's not even worth it ... It costs you vsego.VSEGO that can only be you in the future. Your future is! And it ... anyway - but it is exactly. And fortune do not go ... You probably do not even "in the jacket were born," and once in full battle garb, for "dress code", with a tie Cardin to "Windsor" and cufflinks "brillik on black" ... From Voronin there, or another of Dior ... Yes-the-ss! Lucky ... Even a little envy, if you do so.
In this case, you are guaranteed not will roll "accidentally" out of the way and you do not otkaraskatsya from liability, personal its responsibility for the final outcome, and all hands. And this is very good, just wonderful! For you.
Because it is the only and the real guarantee that something that will need to do to succeed - will be done! You will make your choice. And from the very beginning. With PURPOSE. With the evaluation of their situation. With determination to further your movement of your choice. Is not this the traditional "scumbags loser": "Well, it happened!", "We wanted the best, but it turned out ... la - as always!", "Beautiful but smart, but again not with me ... girl luck" ... < br /> Here's an axiom: "Any liability is immediately implemented for the right to choose." After him, and not otherwise, and not vice versa! And even it does not matter what kind of choices you have made. It is important that you make it, and that he is your. Only then we can speak about ___, ___, and determined to start ___. And besides, most search and application of appropriate technology. The means, methods and techniques. So then here. We arrived ... Night Watch !!! Everybody get out of the gloom!

In my previous series "Commercial real estate in the context of" it was just about technology. Basically. So what? And then! That whatever was brilliant and extremely efficient this technology, no matter how effective it is, a simple and effective - it will not work in the hands (as if it mildly?) Malovmenyaemogo person. Togo, who is firmly on the goal, which is the result of his own personal it's informed, but not "forced and imposed situation" choice. I already knew this, but the practice of publishing (and responses to them) it's just once again and confirmed. Especially - the practice of this business. Alas, today there are still people who still believe that the "business world" stands on three pillars! Laziness, greed and stupidity.
I was last in the third article of the series, which is called " - Three factors of successful sale", formulated and gave my readers basic, basic algorithm of this technology. Open, honest, completely. So what? What percentage of the readers took it adequately? No, there are, thank God, and a lot of interest ... But, alas ... wanted more. The others - passed / not driven / braked. And in the first part of this article the answer - why. And not because, I quote: "Your technology does not work!". Yes! Of course! For the fourth "China" seat in the mind is left ... only ... Chalk of Destiny works, how it works and more. But only for those who work with her. And it works honestly, really, on the outcome. And not "we do see ...", and nothing more. And working with her after his election. But for those who do not realize that there is a responsibility and of what it is, and how it is - no, not working. And no technology is not working and will not work - never!
"It gives those who own" ... God. Do you remember. I have long diminished desire to maintain success and gratitude (simply became too much), the enthusiastic and positive response from the people who have read, understood, accepted and applied the data of my articles in their activities. Of their choice. And, of course, you get your results and your success also. Many of them, who smiled girl luck! A lot of. The wisdom is simple, as always. First selection, then the technology and as a result, the desired result. "Money in the morning - evening chairs!" Hehe ...

This is not the case when it is useful to "think", "assume" and "fear". Here it is necessary to make a decision and act. "Those who made it a rule to check the business idea and the thought thing, he can not be wrong, and if he makes a mistake, it will soon again attack on the right path" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, philosopher, scientist (also, Speaking of "light"!). Such are we doing ... This is what it should be. And who should be your own.

Victor Hudson,


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