While there is a light ...

While there is a light ...

There are days when lowered his hands ...
And there are no words, no music, no forces.
In those days I was with him apart
And no one to help me did not ask

Andrei Makarevich, the poet

Always something interferes. Or - someone ... I do not deny there are objective reasons ... there. And that really is interesting is that the larger ... the more the consequence or the result that you want to create - the larger these very reasons. And - the objective such objective ... Well - well, just is not going to save!

A significant moment is still there ... When these "objective reasons" global in nature ... when it seems that the whole world around a good mate yells: "You do not Mauger-e-eat! It is not possible !! ", that's just here still the most important starts. Such is the "Rubicon».
Here there is already allowed to relax and unwind. Because you now have absolutely accurate and unmistakable indication that you are on the right track. You can throw away all doubts. Full certainty and a clear - congratulations! It remains such a little small as just - to continue. At the same time it does not matter in what area you act and what kind of results you wish to create. Yes anywhere ... and whatever!

By virtue of his profession, I first of all mean the "difficulties" of business owners and commercial real estate. And where did it without her ... without this property? When sales - essno ... But to be honest, they are not alone in this situation. I paid enough of his time and attention, to satisfy my interest in the development of events and the state of affairs in the most different people. And in various fields - when these people set for themselves are not the most modest goals. And, most importantly, they had the audacity to go after him. The findings did not take long.

This is best expressed by Mahatma Gandhi: "First, you do not notice, and then laugh at you, then fight you. And then you win. " It's almost dull mechanics: the more faithful than a reasonable, useful and valuable, significant effects on the scale, etc. (for you and most of the good people in this world) are your goals and intentions, the more and more you get this here - "Nah ... nizya, no ... you do not MO Auger E-EAT !!". It only means that you have noticed. Only. You become if all these cries and to pay them to look as though his attention, were stuck ... that I warned. Lord! To know myself before this indicator as clear as it is now ... oh ... and oh!

There's a, uh ... a phenomenon, really do not know whether these things the word phenomenon is authorized to call "The Curse of the" little "man - is persuasive justification for their inability ...". The sad consequence of this phenomenon is that they and all others just noticed, too, are trying to make a "small". This condition is - the victim. State, not the amount of money, status or even some crap and the importance they show for everyone to see. There are, as in the "Porsche" go ... ... and with the protection of State-owned houses sit mandates. A - all one ... the victim. And ... there is little - small. But important. This is another indicator. The importance of the bigger, the ... well, it is already clear. And notice such extremely small ... Something must be very much so ... really big, so they out of their burrows to see it could. Well, you can not help the victim. But you can help much - to become stronger and more successful. And yourself! So when you meet a victim of such (official beggar, thief ...) - pass by, and soon. Take better than something really worthwhile and useful.

I love this anecdote: Having got a sinner after his death in Hell ... he was still a sinner. Womanizer, a drinker and gulёna, joker and humorist. Looks, and there - how on earth he had, party, partying, feast ... the people rejoice. Well, he hangs a day, two, three ... A week, a month - fun, everything is waiting for the fall to Hell. And everything goes on and on as well. One day a guy puzzled asks the bartender at the bar:
 - I've had so much time to have fun, plump, with the girls I light - is that hell ??! But what the hell, tar-boilers, flour and mortal sinner who repents ... in boiling water ??
 - A! This - said the bartender - Now, let's go!
It turns out from behind the counter, leads him to some basement ... into the jungle some, and open the cellar in a dark cubbyhole:
- Here, here it is with us, see.
He looks and exactly everything - as it should be: to hell with pokers, boilers, fire, resin, sinners suffer, cooked in boiling water, yelling ... The kid in shock:
 - A Th is they toil here, and we have fun out there ...?
 - So are believers ... they need.

People are different, and needs - too ... thank God!
If you are the owner, the owner, and you have something of their own to sell - real estate or business - then you and your needs. Excellent on the needs of victims and / or spoilers. You have your own situation and for you a quote Goethe's ideal: "Necessity - the best advisor." Your need - and as your guide! Other needs? What about real estate sales, the ways it is. And the technology is. And practice ... Read article series "Commercial real estate in the context" of the author. They are written for those who are true to their goals.

"There is no way to get the desired effect quite easily. And one day, when you do some of your ideas about what kind of effect you want to create - this is the day when you get a little older, a little more weaker, a little less mentally healthy "- L. Ron Hubbard

You are, after all, - not a victim, right?

Victor Hudson,

Public figure:
Businessman, analyst, writer and netmen


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