Guys are so many "idle" ...

Guys are so many "idle» ...

(Bureau warns the owners of commercial real estate - part 1)

"There are only two infinite things:
universe and human stupidity ...
Although about the universe I am not sure »
Albert Einstein

Here we have a sort of review of the basic and common mistakes owners on sales of their commercial real estate and business ... But first the good. I like when I can successfully help a good man in such an important and big for him really as good sales of its object. Profitable, right - not "for free" or nearly so, and the present expensive. As it should be really. I'm just glad it. The real victory! Pleasure. Satisfaction. What I for this activity is also a well-paid, and it is natural and right, too ... and needless to say. Excellent result of inspiration and a competent work and not worth it. Those who are unable to get to our customers, to share this view ... and I thank them for that.
But there is a sad thing. Sad. Stupid. Does not necessarily, but for some reason these ridiculous popular in this field. Common, too frequent. Such serial, I would say that even ... even had to sit still and write. I know - there are ... there are people who enjoy watching the defeat or omission of another person. And what is a "hit" more is it nicer. When one else "in idle" money goes, energy, time ... I've got a problem. I do not belong to such. And the fun of it does not get.

So I'll be with you today to share the pain. That boiled over many years. TshU the hope that is not in vain. Tips are included. For reasonable people. For the saying about where good intentions lead, came up losers. For the justification of worthlessness, not otherwise. So ...

Memo Holder from the Bureau Vector Realization

1. Time.

The timing of the sale ... Its onset, duration and general attitude to the time when sales of commercial real estate - it's just a storehouse of errors owners. Begin selling very late. Almost everything and almost always! On my body does not have enough fingers to each species of bugs they bend. They did a lot. Who would have ever famous "fried cock" has pecked not (and where ...), the result of one - twitch too late. It's just ... years of experience, my. It was that and watch and see the abundance. All the time our work was not a single customer has applied to us, which would not hurt to have up to a year of time left for the start of sales of its property. And even more so - in a specific situation. "A little time!" - That's the conventional understanding that retroactively receives almost every owner when there is nothing to fix. Only compensate - often money. What is surprising is that even knowing that soon it will be necessary to sell "in anyone!", The owners (the bulk of) just do not do anything ... even a stray obyavki site which does not ... throw in advance. And if you throw and then much later that same cock. And it will be ALL (!), For sales made at all. It's virtually nothing ... And then - late.

I will speak in the category for all clear, the money. Losses are inevitable, that the owners are due to "delayed ignition", even for the most simple and always appropriate action to ensure that the most opportunities for the sale of its facility in the future, I personally depressing its size. The loss cost them time ... oh dear. As if this is so? The numbers from 20 to, it happened, 70 percent of the "minus" from the very best, and more than affordable and enjoyable for the owner of the amount of the transaction, if it were not for the lack of time ... It's like - not expensive? Oh, yes, but ... That's where just literally: time - money!
For sensible sale, only to implement all the necessary measures and actions though, would be the most important to do a year may be needed. Including, of course, adequate analysis and development of a strategic plan and the program of sale. They are professionals, mind you, not a lover. And to go and the results should be in the form of quality of supply and explanatory contacts from really interested and did prospective buyers - and even more. The owners want to have a ready sale, and usually, yesterday. And all the owners - there is no exception.

An old topic ... want to - do not get. The Council, of course, to give, but well aware that it may seem strange - who absolutely not tempted. This is a recommendation from a good Jewish doctor and an elderly fat lady of the same nationality on the extra weight of her body - "Madame ... To eat, you can eat all ... DO NOT!". The meaning of the Board is that even if the sale of the object "never do" is not intended to (and it always lies and nonsense in principle!), Even in this case is realized by creating a lot of "well known" in the number of potential buyers for this his "forever and always you" object. As for the goods! But it's still ... the goods which are sold, right? And, like any other commodity, it is necessary for the sale of the "pack" and "to bring" so that the demand still appeared. Sufficient demand. This to buy, and not "on the ball". Actually this is marketing its most simple and sensible definition. And just because a "good reputation" is - creating opinion ... or, shall we say, a certain reputation, and therefore sufficient in a certain reality ... as the value of its value and possible future.
That is the view of the value of the idea of ​​the quality and quantity of something present and desired for a particular person and gives the price - in cash. Creating such an idea - that there is a sale, not "throw off the price, and to give" ... or even what nonsense from the same opera. If this is not known and understood by anyone, then in general it has nothing to do real estate. He is an amateur and experimental rabbit. Inheritance - an experience for which he will pay. EXPENSIVE.
There is the key idea of ​​a guru in the field of business management - L. Ron Hubbard, understanding which puts every conceivable point in its place on this issue: "The future is the future creation of illusion and work on the realization of it in reality." So simple. Even too easy for many people, but ... the only true. And do not forget that inertia "change of opinion" in this issue simply murderous, and requires a lot of time. But the money and effort - to a minimum. Heh ... if time is enough.

And if you want, I will give an example of such evil? It is a loan secured loans ... this very now desirable for sale, commercial real estate. I'm writing just to be seen was the root of the issue. I have many of his clients-owners who already have a "joy Bank" as a credit on the security of their property (and there are a vast majority), asked at a certain stage of our cooperation, "Tell me, if you as just took the loan, immediately began to sell it and its object with our assistance ... or just some of the money from this loan would be invested in the promotion program of its object at once, you would be now so complex and difficult to sell it? ". The answer was always the same: "Of course not!".
In the logic of relative values ​​is such an axiom: absolutes are not achievable. In our topic, the closer to the owner of this absolute - the same for him and better. More and sell faster. And since we are talking about numbers and quantities, and it would be appropriate to recall the wisdom from Renaissance mathematician, Blaise Pascal: "Anticipate - means to control!". In other words, the personal renaissance for the owner of commercial real estate begins with this here unthinkable absolute: if just started construction of its object or just it acquired (and even more so - if you took a loan), so immediately and begin the preliminary steps for its possible Sales in the future! What kind of action? PRE !!! Exploration, surveys, analysis ... But - this is a question to the professionals. Do not hesitate to ask. It may be (and have!) Such pros and myself, if you want ... This is not prohibited. And it is not punishable. Our "wise lawmakers" to such flights of imagination have not yet been honored ... yet. So ... Welcome!
So much it has been, and still is, the main and the main timing error with the owners of commercial real estate at its sale. But not the only one possible in this field games. The time it is in Africa - Time. And first of all "love" was negligent seeks it.

Come on. And then we -

2. Demand.

But let's look at what this word, magical means, eh? And that in fact each is a step - just like a prayer for the poor on the porch: "Demand, demand, demand ..." and again - ask! And try to do without all these pseudo-complexities of the "form of manifestation of personal needs" or "economic category of commodity production" ... etc. Note - I do not dispute, and not talking about the truth or reliability of these definitions at all. We just do not need the complex and obscure "cleverness." We need to be the words and events - simple and clear. The truth we need.
And here it is, the optimal value for us, "the need, the need for what is already a real and fully aware." Or too general to "specifically does not happen" - the desire to have that much props! That's all about demand.
And now for the real estate and selling it. How many people (and, more importantly, WHO - these people) who want to improve their living conditions and buy something to stay myself and my family? And how much (and besides - who they are) people who are in the same longing look at the square meters of industrial and commercial space? Let's start with the usual sense. I want to believe that the reader of this opus it in abundance. As it turned out, it was for the understanding and acceptance of the most simple and very clear things, common sense and not enough. There is a tendency - to trust the complex and ornate theories (usually - a lie and hide) more than accurate and clear, ruthless facts.
This is the most simple: a shopping center, factory, hotel or industrial area - it's not the same thing as a flat, house or cottage living. For sale, of course. For obvious reason for the pros. According to the target audience ... on the type of audience. That public who buy a capable, able and willing to purchase commercial real estate. And one that is only for residential claims. It's amazing the different categories and types of people! Heaven and earth: those who have, or may have a need to acquire residential real estate, and those who have an interest in the business. They are different from each other even more than cancer patients in the last stage of the cancer ward in a crisis of teen-skateboarders on pokatuhe evening in a city park. They have a different meaning. And also - approaches, attitudes and needs! That is what is important and to understand and take into account. Even for simple communication with such categories should be used different ways ... different methods. And when selling them anything ... Well, here we are talking already about the technology.

Different stupid ... it's unthinkable - sell dying from chemotherapy in the hospital a person new wheels on the skate, and still try to do it in the style of "Wow-Tyszka!". With a such indecent and feigned enthusiasm, which is so familiar knurled and now our "advertising figures" as they try to "Che something terribly cool" to sell to youth. State of mind and the intention of the owner to sell his factory and office center in the same way and manner as it the other day a very successful and profitable ... or - not very successful and profitable, but still sold his country house or apartment - immediately hit deadly largest hole in the boat its sales have commercial real estate.
Yes, it is, sort of an innocent "just myslezaklyuchenie" and that is the main reason, which breeds all imaginable and unimaginable failures and the loss of the owner later ... The first time we "of this kiss" in the already distant 90-ies of the last century. (My God! So for a long time? Silent horror ...) But that's only since then nothing has changed. That's nothing! When I did manage to convey differences in this aspect to your customer, there is nothing listed in the text "series of blunders" will not take place in its cycle with the sale of its property. They immediately become impossible for him, basically. And only then - changing one idea. The usual idea ... in the grass. Lord ...

I have just a couple of types of errors prosherstit, and then ... in general. A text on the format of the article, already fairly nastukal. Damn ... still have at least three remarkable for its charm, variety "for the owners of mines" to describe. This is another article - is the next - will. Good. We write. And finally, do not leave to the reader in a painful and unproductive waiting to conclude this lecture with a quote from the publication of this genius of management of L. Ron Hubbard: "So, if you think that the final result of the efforts - is the money you once again making a big mistake, because in fact the money - it's just a map of your creativity, that's all, that represent money. They are simply one way or another reflect your creativity. And if your creativity is good, you will not have to worry about how to save money. Your best investment capital - it is your own skills and your ability to create something again, your ability to stand firmly on their feet and live - this is the best in the world of capital investment ... »

Good luck to you, and to the next article!

Victor Hudson,
Public figure:
Businessman, analyst, writer and netmen


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