"Trading is appropriate! - A number of important data for the preliminary assessment of the object of sale. " UPDATES

Author - Victor A. Hudson.

Article number 4 - "Trading is appropriate! - A number of important data for the preliminary assessment of the object of sale »

(Update by the author in May 2013)

"Counterrevolutionary things to say, Professor!»
 - Chairman of the House Committee Shvonder, "Heart of a Dog»

Why do people pay money? Always only one - for the chance to reach the desired state ... the state of affairs. For the achievement of a goal or an approximation to it. Dot. This is the tip of the pyramid, below it, and the rest follows from this. And if we are going to sell something, we have to understand and accept the above, as an axiom. A is the fact that the sale "without a hitch" - is support and assistance to another person in such a state they purchase. Or that what he needs for his achievements. When the seller is driven by other impulses, it adds a series of "vtyuhivateley", and this is an extremely low efficiency guys. But there are many. Everywhere.
I am speaking here about this only because the owners of commercial properties or businesses held for sale, are looking at how the implementation of its object at the time of obtaining the desired outcome ... for yourself. Maybe it is only natural for the owner, for the owner. I do not argue ... but it is absolutely fatal to its effectiveness as a seller, definitely. And in overall sales - deadly. With all the consequences emanating.

So try a different point of view, even to expand their horizons. The degree of desirability and attractiveness of your object to the prospective buyer (counterparty) is defined, in particular, the appropriateness of the fact of the acquisition of the object. And also its cost. This is the first factor. About expediency I mentioned in the third part of this series. And I will try to clarify in more detail in the following, the definition of a company dedicated to a particular object. Here we discuss the pricing itself. According to our topic.
Pricing generally is an interesting question, and, as we understand it, is important. And I'm talking about those methods that are commonly used today in practice owners in the preceding their publication. Their (these methods) three. Usually.
This so-called authoritarian, analog and consumption methods. Or some combination of them. Well, I think you understand what is commonly and correctly - it's two different things. Although I am glad when the owner chooses a third way and said: "I just want for your object here so much!" At least, honestly and sincerely. Besides, it's much closer to a reasonable and the most appropriate way than any other. About him and talk. The more that the rest are only good for criticism, and it is a slippery thing, and ungrateful.
Right price is determined only by the fact of the exchange transaction.

This is the maximum amount that is really willing and able to pay when buying the final consumer. Ideally. And nothing else, as if it was not justified and painted. And in no way dependent on the impressiveness of paper, which sets out the "authoritative study" and the number of prints on it. Window dressing, she and Africa show. And the opinion of someone else, it, someone else will remain. As long as you do not make it to his, for the money (and the more money, the sooner this will happen!). Sense something. The opinion - not a fact.
The key concepts in this definition I prices are the maximum amount and the final consumer. And it's ideal for the price, and therefore, for the production and sale of the object is useful and important. That is very good, so this is what is taken into account the time factor. And this, by the way, is either ignored or distorted in the other cases. Let me explain ...
When being prepared and analyzed the situation, it is sure to brighten the prospects of development of the region, the location of the object and qualities of the object itself. And the possibility of the appropriateness of the object, in the light of this perspective. It's for the best buyer (see. The first and second steps in the article №3 «www.durakov.net- Three factors of successful sale"). Hence the scope of activity follows the end user, which should be very clearly defined at this stage. Very clearly. And for the future.
If such certainty does not, then, the analysis carried out carelessly! And it needs to change, otherwise further sales will also be "something kakovskimi."
Such good dime a dozen, and without you, in this market.

And bored and sad, as the poet said, to see in the ads would-be sellers phrases like: "Ideal for ...", and then follows an impressive list that begins pharmacy, and ends with the exhibition center. Or farm. I exaggerate, of course. But in our case it is clear the importance of this step for the appointment of the final price. It is understood that the "pharmacist" the maximum value will be different than for the owner of the exhibition center or discounted network. By virtue of their different possibilities of volume of the future production on the basis of this object, and of course of significance, for each of them, the size of this amount. Of course, in comparison with future income, growth prospects and other reasons.
When collecting and analyzing all the data on your situation will be made fully and correctly, you already will know more precisely. And it will be your personal belief as to the capacity in which will be the most promising and profitable use of the object sold to you for the future owner.
Here it is necessary to clarify the concept of "evaluation". By definition and in fact. Dictionary says - it is opinion, judgment or opinion about something. And in fact this is just the conclusion drawn by someone on the basis of certain data. Conclusion! Ahtung! - This is interesting ... What is the conclusion? What is done? What for? What is the data? What are they really? What is the purpose of the creator of this conclusion? This personal data of his observations? Either they are based on the more someone's opinion? And so on and so forth.
Countless unanswered questions. Black and gloomy quagmire when it comes to assessing, in our time. Property Features. Deaf besprosvet. Some "table" far-fetched "figures", some "methods" that are different from the medieval just what to do on the computer. Wild to the horror of the "system," such as those used by banks when granting pardon, their "loans". We have in any case. But they even have their own, albeit selfish and perverted, but the logic. Bank assessment of the property is 60-70 percent of the actual cost, on average, and if it's just running a business, then at least 50-40 percent. And always! Almost invariably, the error only to the downside.

This can be understood, the bankers also want to eat somewhere to eat in the Canary Islands. By the way, trace the etymology of the names of these islands, have fun! What do you call a boat ... this is digression, though ... In any case, before observing the obvious and real facts and data, not to mention any reliable conclusions as far as Hussein to God. Relying on such a treacherous foundation, in their efforts to sell his own property, at least, stupid. It is absurd, but it is popular and easily. "So everyone is doing !!". The last cry of a loser and the only basis for his activities.
We need your personal detachment from selfishness and greed, observation. And nothing untroubled judgments about which you feel confident and understanding. Only on the basis of this understanding, you can assign the highest possible and most correct therefore, price. "High and correct" - it is virtually synonymous.
It is important to know the following. Valid buyer will be only one - the one who really needs this particular object. And he will buy! And the bargain is to last ... and you have it, even if you want, do not stop other than the transaction took place. And there is no need to settle for less. All other "buyers" - only a hindrance. And it does not matter whether or not they have the money to pay, ostentatious desire, any interest and so on. Including free time "to puff your brains out" and take you of your time useful!
In the slang of trainers and sales consultants, these comrades are called incompetent clients. Sami sellers say easier - "composting." But my staff was reduced to the abbreviation "NSC", heh ... and read it as follows: "non-ka-ka!" Check out the pun.

Differently there is no sense to be distracted by them at any stage. But quite adequate and the high price immediately removes all of this to take with the line of fire. Free up a lot of time and effort that you really need to avoid the errors of the rest period of time of sale. Especially because they still do not buy! And even if you buy, the way that you will not once more regret it. Such examples are the mass, and I think that without me you can easily remember them, or found in the memory.
I do not wonder, hereinabove, are italicized the word "appoint" on prices. The fact that this is a personal responsibility and an act of the owner, and his alone. He is the owner and it is his right (read: the obligation). Never, nothing good happens, if he spihnёt it to "type" - the market, the appraiser, some "authority", and even though God. And let them all around to hear this your price will twist a finger at his temple, so to speak. In the eye or behind - and it will be necessary ... and at any price (punches a lot). One definition of a lie - is "what they think everything».
Heavens, and all will be! All but one of the buyer, and who you still need something?
However, from here you need a certain courage and perseverance. Well, this is life, this is a business and it's always personal. If we are talking about more or less decent performance. Incidentally, such an attitude I have seen almost all very successful people in our culture. Especially billionaires - and they are just gorgeous sellers! So assign a price, do not hesitate.
It would be easy and simple - the price later and quickly sold! All think so. Just like that - quickly, it is impossible. Real Estate, the more business or investment project, not a sausage and slippers. Buyers of these, not thousands or millions. This piece and a unique product, and the same buyer. But not all! But he has this buyer, simply it is necessary to carefully and accurately isolate and draw. Him and only him!

You will certainly get it, and the more consistently and independently, in their assessment, you will be from the beginning - the faster and better it will be for sale. This is just a game that is worth the candle. In one of my earlier articles I wrote, the impact on the speed and quality of the sales price down, and why. Let me remind you: slow and difficult, always. One reason for this is that you, so run to your garden herd of goats ... sorry - incompetent clients. With just unproductive, unwise and extremely burdensome. It's like "extra action". And this is only one, but not the cause of the weak. They are more and others enough.
Your «modus operandi» shall be as follows:

 - Decide for yourself with the scope of the further use of your object, which is the most profitable, cost-effective and "delicious." From the point of view of its profitability.
 - Find out the material possibilities of players in this field. Those who thrive and grow. And there are always those in any kind of activity in any period. And it is for them to broaden the base of operations - a critical issue. In addition, they are more creditworthy and other platёzhe-.
Then you will have a very good idea of ​​what the value of your property has the potential for them. It is the same! More insure and assign a slightly higher price.
 - Then look calm and honest with yourself, what is the smallest amount of the proceeds of object really suit you.
 - Add it to the associated costs (spending on taxes, promotion, professional services, insurance, and other, including force majeure, and the costs of adding, in this connection, the time).

The two resulting numbers define the range for your maneuver at the bargaining with the real buyer. A bargaining will certainly not hesitate. And the wider the price range, the better and safer you will feel yourself at the same time. What is important is invaluable to the success of the completion of the transaction as a whole. But it would be relevant only for the actual buyer and bargaining with him. Up to this point is to "lighten up" only the top amount - about the other not even think! And especially, do not tell anyone - and yourself, too!

The phrase "negotiable" and similar, a declaration of uncertainty, weakness and incompetence of the seller. And then, it's just a truism. I repeat, is only used for the promotion of the highest price. This is a strategic moment.
I can only say, finally, that some, if not all, of what I have said in this article would seem to many quite unusual and, to put it mildly, very exotic. Especially for this, in general, conservative activities, such as real estate transactions. I understand this and consciously make this a blow to the "well-established general opinion."
In fact, moderation and conservatism are here only an appearance. Real Estate as a market, active, often unpredictable, and almost constantly changing structure. That's what she was dearly loved by true professionals. What confessed in his book, even a "man," as Donald Trump. Under the conditions of life and business, which is usually confusion, lies, uncertainty and permanent change, it is vital to have a stable datum. Just as the support for productive activity. I tried to give you a way to create a foundation for yourself, a loved one.
As one of the millionaire real estate in the UK: "A successful man, after all, different from the usual eccentric only in the number of millions on his account»
The final. Show under the curtain!

"Bomb" at last to finish slowpoke and stubborn. Just for example, the south-west of the CIS, a typical case study: the owner sells his object in three, a penny, "lemon"; I wanted more than four; He exhibited, of course, more expensive. Prior to the "crisis" was eight, and he was given! Then it is not sold. But now he is happy, and how, "no one has the money," and he sold! Composters tried. So. Almost immediately, (which is a couple of months in this case?), It has the former, the object sold almost seven. Well, where it is now to kiss all these "evaluators and authorities" ?!
A good and competent dealer rarely speaks about it, but knows: almost any property can be sold at virtually any price. It's just a matter of investment commensurate with the result of time, money and proper intention. Nothing more. And it is certainly the case for this Seller.
You can create your success and get, but you can "like everyone else." Perhaps you remember a wonderful old anecdote about the lieutenant Rzhev:
"Madame! And let you ZAP-ka ... ". Forgot? Call - will tell.

Believe in yourself and win!
I wish you success.

P.S. See the article №5 - «He loves? Does not like? - Why, and how, it is necessary to identify a buyer before the start of sale »

For you and respect -
Victor Hudson - entrepreneur, analyst and publicist.
Office «Vector Realization»
Active sales in the commercial real estate


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