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Infiltrated whether scientists and intelligence agencies in the bunker itself and its object is number three, which is out of space, as claimed, is perceived by a solid black spot? What is it hidden? Gold Reich, the Amber Room? Wang warned that there "in mortal danger! Eight kilometers from the Ukrainian Vinnitsa regional center is a place that is already more than half a century, dominates the minds of researchers and journalists. Locals call it bad.

A late Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga warned that there "mortal danger lies in wait for everyone." During the Second World War was built underground command post Hitler "Werewolf", which translated from German means "Wild wolf", "Werewolf". Since then, this area and walk the darkest beliefs.

Bunker near Vinnitsa could cause radiation sickness Hitler

According to the Ukrainian newspaper "Evening News", an underground Fuhrer rate was eight kilometers from Vinnitsa, near the village of Strizhavka. The paper suggests that it is a bunker near Vinnitsa "awarded" Hitler radiation sickness.

"Werewolf" being constructed from September 1941 to April 1942. The construction have driven more than 10 thousand Soviet prisoners of war, in 1425 foreign and 995 local residents. Two thousand people have died from hunger and cold. Four thousand already unnecessary to the "object" was shot on the night of 11 to 12 of January. On the interior finishing work in March, driven 227 Ukrainian Jews from the nearby villages Strizhavka. Later, all of them were taken to prison and shot Vinnytsia. In short, killing all who knew device bunker and communications.

Hitler was in the "Werewolf" twice: from May to October 1942 and from February 19 to March 13, 1943. March 13, 1944 th, before the retreat of the Germans for the Bug, the rate was detonated underground.

Even today, scientists have concluded that the maximum allowable concentration of radioactive substances in a Nazi dungeon exceeded admissible norm in five hundred times.

Historians have not reached a consensus about the causes of disease Hitler

For the first time Hitler felt very bad in July 1942 .: headache, "jumps" blood pressure, shaking hands. In winter, Himmler says of him: "From the beginning of the war the Fuehrer had aged fifteen years." More than half a century, this phrase Leafless whole world is haunted by physicians and historians trying to understand the causes of disease Hitler.

Reputable psychologists vying to make the diagnosis: schizophrenia, impotence, necrophilia, paranoia. In 1996, the British historian David Irving studied the personal archives of Dr. Morell, who treated the Führer from 1937 to 1945 and came to the conclusion that the patient "A" (So Hitler in medical records) was not impotent, suffered what -or sexual deviations, I was sick with Parkinson's disease, was neither schizophrenic or paranoid. "No one diagnosis to it strongly adheres" - surprised Irving.

And yet winter 43rd patient "A" receives 120 - 150 tablets per day ... catastrophic aging. All surrounded by Hitler's notice that he had "become increasingly hoarse voice, broken balance (on walks Fuhrer collapses on its side), shaking hands and feet, worsening vision, swollen shin».

Eva Braun - law wife of Hitler, whom he married before his death - was the immediate witness to the rapid aging of the Fuhrer. Starting from 1942, their private life became more and more nervous and more and more like a nurse and patient relationship.

In the spring of 1943 documents for Hitler began to print on special "fyurerskih" typewriters with tripling of the letters, and the routes he walks every 20 - 30 meters were placed benches for rest. "In August, he often complains of headaches, jaundice ill in September, suffering teeth. In mid-September, he suffered a heart attack, and in October needed surgery on vocal cords - says German historian Albert Zoller. - He is lying for hours in deep apathy, busy with one thought - chocolates and pastries. His passion for sweets took the painful nature: it eats up to three trays of pastries a day ».

Hitler saw another sign of radiation - euphoria. In the spring of 1944 he lives at the expense of tablets, injections of glucose, vitamins, hormones and oxygen infusion. Morelli insisted on hospitalization, and Hitler accused him of infidelity and dismisses: "Immediately leave my room, Morelli. Do you want to take me out of Berlin. I feel pretty, and will not allow you to build the machinations behind me »...

Euphoria showed Hitler in July 1942. That's when the Führer changing battle plan. According to the original plan of the German army was consistently first step in the Caucasus, then Stalingrad. Through the Caucasus, Hitler wanted to send a highly mobile connections in India. In Berlin the archive to this day kept the plan - "Directive-41." But "Werewolf" Hitler wrote "Directive-45", where the capture of the Caucasus and the capture of Stalingrad considered simultaneously.

From this adventure Fuhrer's plan to discourage all his entourage, led by Himmler. "There is a before and an underestimation of the enemy takes grotesque forms and becomes dangerous," - Himmler wrote in his diary. But the Fuehrer stands his ground: "The German army is invincible," - and change the directive only to capture Stalingrad. The rest is known: the battle of Stalingrad was a turning point in the war and the history of the twentieth century - the Germans were defeated.

Under the preserved remains of a hundred hectares of monolithic slabs and stone walls at a depth of tens of meters, according to the same seer Vanga, "I hid a dangerous disease." Perhaps it is in a dormant granite vaults, multi-storey residential and office buildings with the once autonomous power supply and water supply, radiation and biological protection equipment powerful long-distance communication. And maybe, in a top-secret facility number three on the second underground floor, which, apparently, so far nobody has been able to penetrate.

The researchers argue that under a thick layer of sandstone in the rocky ground at the level of the third floor of the underground railway line was held, at which a ride some mysterious cargo. The thickness of the walls of the underground facilities reaching five meters, and its floors - eight! Why such power?

With excitement wander every now and then bumping into reinforcement bars and protrude from under the concrete slabs of the earth, the vast territory "Werewolf." According to the documents, which at the time were leaked to the press, its construction involved more than four thousand people. Most of our prisoners. In living Germans left none of them. And there are a lot of German experts. Most of them were destroyed. They are buried in several mass graves in the closest to the "turnover" villages.

- The prisoners housed here nearby, beyond the river - in the barns and stables. It was winter of 1942, terribly frosty, snowy. How could they, the poor, the suffering! Scantily clad, hungry. We slept on the ground. They drove them to work columns, cordoning off the dogs and machine gunners. Those who fell and could no longer move - were shot.

Elena Lukashevna Deminskaya, thin, with jagged wrinkled face, but still sturdy old woman, with whom God has sent me to meet unexpectedly unexpectedly at the edge of the forest (she is herding the calf), said quickly, as if afraid to have time to tell all that she had to endure for their 80. She is one of three survivors of the residents of villages and Kolo Mikhailovka Strizhavka attract Germans to build Sivkov Hitler.
- I have to clean off the bark from felled trees, cut down branches and twigs. And what the Nazis were needed on the pines and oaks - I do not know. There were several rings? entanglements. We worked in the second ring. The logs are loaded onto carts and carried them captives into the forest. In my opinion, almost all of them did not return back. What's robili - we could only think to guess. One of our village lads, guerrillas with "Black Forest", as it came at night to ask for bread, potatoes, and talked about the deep trenches and concrete moves burrows underground.

There we were not allowed - continues Elena Lukashevna. - Everywhere towers with machine guns, bunkers. Passes that we were given, guard asked everywhere: "The uterus, the document" - so we tied the papers directly to the forehead and a whole day filming - dyvys, accursed, Toby's eyes povylazyly dwellers. Just like that, it was in the summer of forty-two, I weeded the potatoes and saw in the forest have driven itself considered - fifteen cars.

Around motorcycles with machine guns, armored cars. Then he said in the village that Hitler himself paid a visit along with his Kralj.
- On the territory of the bunker it was beautiful - the grass was planted around, flower beds. I just fell into the territory of the bunker - Germans brought cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, milk, - complements the second, my companion, an old friend Elena Beregelya Deminskaya.
- His drove?
- Yes, from his own, a bunch of my children. The collective farm. We have the same collective farm named after Lenin in the occupation acted.
Guys all at war, and we - and cattleman, and driving dynamics, and porters were. But where to go? Refuse - shot. Feed the arrival of the Germans. Maybe Hitler himself with his Zhinkov. They say that in the depths of the forest, even for one-to-wire fence, through which current is passed, there was a pool where they swam.

Satellite pictures: Hitler's headquarters near Vinnitsa (pgt.Strizhavka), Ukraine Object «Wehrwolf» Coordinates: 49 ° 18 'N, 28 ° 29' E.

But there even a fly could not fly, so all guarded. Documents show that the Fuhrer was the first time in his Vinnitsa rate in July, October, 1942, the second time - the first in August 1943 and stayed for about a month. It was with him and Eva Braun. Here, Hitler received the Japanese Ambassador handed the Iron Cross pilot ace Franz Beretsbroku, brought down more than a hundred aircraft.
Another question: what, in addition to management of military actions, the Fuhrer was engaged in its huge rate builds on a century, with its underground labyrinths of hundreds and hundreds of meters? The issues of protection of the object involved personally Himmler, at the direction of anti-aircraft guns shot down anyone, whether it's even a plane, which appeared on the approaches to the bunker.

Versions of many, and one seems to be contradictory and even absurd another. Research "Werewolf" (conserved by the explosion of inputs) were conducted and 60 years, in 1989 and 1990 as part of a comprehensive program "Hermes", which was attended by 14 of the Union institutions. After shurfovaniya, echolocation, reconnaissance and area surveys from satellites and other research expedition immediately left, taking with classified information with which we are unlikely to soon be found in its entirety.

Infiltrated whether scientists and intelligence agencies in the bunker itself and its object is number three, which is out of space, as claimed, is perceived by a solid black spot? What is it hidden? Gold Reich, maybe Amber Room? After all, nearby, in the neighboring village of Rivne region Klesova Germans actively developed amber deposits are considered "Aryan stone." By the way, still has not revealed the secret bunker and head of the Reich Commissariat Ukraine, General Erich Koch, who was in exactly the massive building of this regional museum. There is a version that the Amber Room was hidden in his and neighboring flooded caves.

Imperial Advisor Finance Gel, who arrived in Rivne from Berlin on a mission to accelerate the removal of valuables from Ukraine and who shot the legendary Nikolai Kuznetsov, had, according to sources, deployed in these parts the production of amber jewelry, and artifacts of the Amber room he needed as examples of excellence . In exactly were witnesses who saw how the dead of night by the station in the direction of the bunker Gauleiter moving convoy of cars without license plates, loaded with boxes. Back empty trucks returning.

Nearly two hours drove Elena Lukashevna Deminskaya of the former Hitler's headquarters. Solving the mystery seemed even more inaccessible. Conspicuous scarcity of what the pain of local nature, stunting of trees and shrubs throughout the "Werewolf", but a few hundred meters away wildly grown pine. And we looked around the empty openings of windows and doors dozens of overgrown grass, unfinished villas palaces "new Ukrainians". They say that their owners are in jails and prisons, others were killed in shootouts. No wonder they find in the area that is "bad place, dark, evil».

Comment scientist. Full member of the Geographical Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences 'tsov & quot; & gt; Ivan Koltsov in his time as the head of a secret department of dowsing at the Council of Ministers, I studied the dungeon "Werewolf." Here are his comments:
- There are among underground facilities built by the Nazis during the Second World War, those that are of particular interest and are covered with a dense veil of secrecy. This strategic command posts of the German fascist troops, commonly referred to as "Hitler's headquarters." Total, as we know, there were seven "Felzennest" ("Nest in the rocks") on the right bank of the Rhine mountain; "Tannenberg" ("Spruce Mountain") in the mountain forests of the Black Forest; "Volfshlyuht" ("Wolf's Gorge") in the former French Belgian border town under Pryue de Pech; "Werewolf" ("Werewolf") in the district of Vinnitsa; "Berenhalle" ("Bear Room"), three kilometers from Smolensk; "Rere" ("tunnel") in Galicia and "Wolfsan" ("Wolf's Lair") - in East Prussia, seven kilometers from Rastenburg (now the Polish city Kętrzyn).

Perhaps more than any other is shrouded in mist of mystery bid "Werewolf" eight kilometers from Vinnitsa. It was built in an extremely short time - less than a year. Hitler led his army here from July to October 1942.

Site location also was not chosen by chance. Tradition has it that in ancient times there were places of worship of our ancestors with a strong positive energy.

Underground Work worked thousands of Soviet prisoners of war. All of them, plus hundreds of German experts after putting into operation were shot. An unprecedented event - "their" Germans are usually kept alive. So was the highest privacy settings. What was going on? At the rate? But the builders of all other interest rates have been left alive. Or maybe the case in minerals that were mined during penetration galleries? Or to the products, which are produced from these raw materials in underground factories?

While the answers to these questions are not found. During the study, in which I was involved, it was possible only to find out that dungeon "Werewolf" has several stories at different levels at different distances from each other. They are all interconnected by tunnels, leaving the bet for many kilometers, for example, in the direction of the village Kalinovka (fifteen kilometers), where he conducted what is underground work.

During the retreat many entrances to the cave, as well as the very rate, the Germans blew up. But now work is underway to razmurovyvaniyu inputs to create a museum complex, like the one that exists in Poland in the "Wolf's Lair».

As for the mysterious object number three, then get to it we could not. However, dowsing method for powerful concrete walls discovered huge masses of metals, including precious - gold, platinum. Fixes for some of them the building of unknown purpose. The mystery will be solved only when the reinforced concrete shell will be able to open the object number three. Unfortunately, even in Soviet times it did not have enough funds, in any case, for our expedition.

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Article №2: Truth and Fiction about Hitler's headquarters.

"Black Hole" near Vinnitsa

Vinnytsia was occupied by July 19, 1941. At the end of 1941 in the area Strizhavka unfolded grandiose construction of a secret facility. He led the German "Organization Todt". Chef "Organization Todt" until 1942. Fritz Todt (Fritz Todt) These were driven by different sources from four to fourteen thousand prisoners of war were also collected engineers fortification from all over Europe in large numbers - only German experts about a thousand, and another fifteen hundred other nationalities: Czechs, Poles, Norwegians. In the concentration camps away electricians, fitters, heating engineers, geologists. From Italy metrostroevtsev taken, from the Czech Republic - bridge builders from Poland - carpenters.

Nearby villages were evicted. Within a radius of five kilometers were built special shelters, observation posts.

And the place was not chosen by chance, magical though. There on Earth are places like black holes in space, which is going to negative human energy. And this place was chosen for the construction, according to the signs on the roads then, resort to the higher ranks of the German armed forces.




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