10 facts from the life of Hitler, who could change the course of history

Although we like to think of the course of history as a directional movement, in fact, it is full of chaos, chance, improbable coincidences and surprising vezeniya.Imenno it - luck - accompany the whole life of Adolf Hitler. Website offers ten episodes remember when we almost lost the Fuhrer - but still have not lost.

Almost Interrupted h2> In January 1894, the little German boy frolicked on the street with the other kids. During the game, he accidentally ran onto the frozen river Inn, and thin ice cracked. The boy fell into the icy water and floundering desperately trying not to drown.

At this time, another boy, Johan Kyuberger, passed the river. Hearing the scream, he rushed to the aid and without hesitation jumped into the water to save a defenseless child. Victim was a four-year Adolf Hitler.

Later in life, Adolf regularly recalls the first time faced with death. This story became public through a small note in one of the old German newspapers. Note that Johan Kyuberger then became a priest.

angry mob nearly scored Hitler to death h2> When Hitler has not yet come to power, he was just one of many radical right-wing agitators. After a particularly provocative speech in Munich, he was forced to run away from the angry mob, which had at least 200 people.

Hitler stumbled and fell, and the crowd caught up with him. People began to kick did not like them agitator feet. Then a man stepped forward, holding a bayonet. He was about to be killed in the future Fuhrer, when at the last moment prevented the lynching eight armed people.

Wound chemical shells h2> In 1918, at the height of the First World War, fought in Belgium Corporal Adolf Hitler wounded British chemical mustard gas bomb. More than 10 thousand soldiers died from these shells during the war, but Hitler survived. After being wounded, he was blind at the time and was taken to a nearby German military hospital.

The resulting wound was not serious, and soon lost sight returned. Corporal Adolf Hitler was able to continue to participate in the fighting. This incident was so frightened Adolf that during the Second World War, he forbade his soldiers to use in battles chemical shells with mustard gas.

Too compassionate British soldier h2> Towards the end of the war, British soldiers took control of the bridge was repaired and partially destroyed by the Germans who sought to prevent the enemy military equipment to get to the occupied French town. After another battle of the young soldiers of the British Army, Henry Tandy lay down to rest and bandage wounds. Suddenly he saw a German soldier, ran away from his hiding place.

Tandy took aim, intending to shoot at the enemy, but he changed his mind, saying that he was wounded. It turned out that Henry pardoned a 29-year-old Adolf Hitler. "I do not want to kill the wounded," - said about this case Tandy in May 1940.

road accident h2> March 13, 1930 cargo van with a trailer crashed into a "Mercedes" Adolf. Fortunately for Hitler, the truck driver managed to hit the brakes, so the impact was less destructive than it might be. In the passenger seat next to Hitler drove Otto Wagener.

Six months later, Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power. Unfortunately, the future fate of a truck driver is not known.

The failed suicide h2> Ernst Hanfstaengl with his wife Helen first met Hitler in 1921, shortly after moving to Munich from New York. They were impressed by the young agitator inspirational speech in one of Munich's bars. Young people have become close friends. For a while, even Adolf Hitler lived with Hanfstaengl. Later, Ernst and his wife participated in the Beer Hall Putsch, the Nazis tried to seize power in the country. The attempt failed.

Trinity fled to country estate couple Hanfstaengl. Hitler was furious. "All is lost! - He shouted. - It makes no sense to continue to fight! ". And grabbed the gun from the table. But before he could pull the trigger, Helen selected weapon. A few days later the house was surrounded by police. Hitler was arrested.

The death penalty h2> Shortly before the court of Weimar government declared a state of emergency in the city, radically changing the judicial system. As a result, the fate of Hitler had to decide not to the jury, and the judge personally. The fascists were lucky that the judge designated for its business, Georg Neytgardt, showed sympathy for his political views.

Neytgardt not only Hitler awarded the death penalty, but also allowed him to appeal to the people present in the hall to disseminate their own political views.

Technically Hitler was found guilty of treason. But the death penalty was commuted to five years' imprisonment, of which Adolf spent less than a year behind bars.

The unexpected death of mother h2> When Hitler was still a young man, an event occurred that greatly affect the future of the Fuehrer - the death of his mother. She died at the age of 47 due to breast cancer. Hitler was madly in love with his mother, and his book «Mein Kampf» called her death "a terrible blow».

Some historians believe that Hitler refused to believe that his mother died because of breast cancer. He allegedly thought that she was poisoned by a Jewish doctor. It is likely that this episode and led eventually to the Holocaust.

The episode with the unsuccessful attempt h2> In 1939, attempt on Hitler made a simple German carpenter Johann Georg Elser. Elser did not hide his leftist political views and openly supported the Communists, who were then the main opposition force in Germany. Later, they became the first to be executed Hitler, tidy power to his hands.

When the Nazis came to power, the Fuhrer hated Elser went to work at a weapons factory, and began to think Valdenmayera plan to kill the dictator. He stole from the plant materials for the manufacture of homemade bombs. When the bomb was ready, he was more than a month manually caved small niche in the column stands, which Hitler had to get up to give a speech. When finished, George laid the bomb in it and start the timer.

Sorry, the traditional speech of the Fuhrer in the year was not as long as usual. The bad weather forced Hitler to leave the podium in just 5 minutes before the explosion. The detonation device led to the death of 8 people, another 60 were seriously injured, but Hitler's was not among them. He was wounded and his father's wife of Hitler, Eva Braun.

After the failed assassination attempt Elser tried to escape to Switzerland, but he was caught at the border, upekli behind bars, and then executed.

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