Favorite dishes from around the world, from which shocked foreigners

In almost every country there is a dish that local devours for both cheeks and almost considered a national symbol, and foreigners only shrug their shoulders, or worse, spit in disgust. < Website publish examples of this strange food that "understand" only at home.

Candy salmiakki with smelling salts, Finland h3> All the fun of the Finns for their love of licorice salmiakki (salmiakki), they adore and hrumkayut packs. And for good reason. Imagine: black, with a smell of ammonia, charcoal (hence the color) and salty fillings. Finns call them the gift of the gods and so love that is added to the liquor and ice cream.

bee larvae, Japan h3> The larvae of bees hachinoko (hachinoko), cooked with soy sauce and sugar, they can be ordered in almost any eatery. There is a giant bee larvae Suzumebachi (suzumebachi), they skewer them on sticks and roasted as kebabs, cooked with rice and makes them the land, but also put in the cookies. What nice crunch ...

Natto, Japan h3> Natto - one of the most popular products in Japan. This is fermented soybeans, which are often eaten for breakfast, as we have porridge. Natto sticky and viscous and has a peculiar smell, something like spoiled cheese. It is considered healthy and wholesome food.

The oil-fried, USA h3> The Americans really love all the fry, and butter was no exception. Pieces of oil coated with honey, flour and cinnamon skewer on a stick, then dipped and deep-fried very quickly fried. So much fat in one dish you've ever seen.

salad in jelly, USA h3> Jelly salad that is eaten in the United States, foreigners do not cause anything but bewilderment. The basis is always the gelatin with fruit flavors - watermelon, grape, apple. And then many variations: carrots, peppers, cucumber, cheese, tuna, lemon, olives - all that comes into my head. Hmm, strange and jelly, so they do not like!

Snickers Salad, USA h3> Another wonderful salad - a salad of sneakers. Minimum hassle: just chopped Snickers, apple and fill all the whipped cream. That just will not do to a child of fruit eaten.

Herring under a fur coat and jelly, Russia h3> For salad and borscht in the world have become accustomed and even liked them. Palm of strangeness among Russian meals hold, of course, herring under a fur coat (salted fish, boiled beets and mayonnaise ?!) and jelly (like this - meat jelly?).

surströmming Sweden h3> surströmming - it podtuhshaya herring, although there are many lovers of its taste. They say the worst moment - when you open the jar. The smell literally knocked down, and as the bank continues the fermentation process may be a slight stench explosion. Smart people are advised to open surströmming on the street or even do it in a bucket of water.

balut, Philippines h3> balut - a popular dish in the countries of Asia, particularly the Philippines, where there are special poultry farms. This duck egg, which has already appeared the fruit of the plumage, beak and cartilage. Eggs are eaten cooked, raw, soy sauce, fried. Unaccustomed produces wildly repulsive, but Asians love him and feel very healthy dish.

Vegemite, Australia h3> Quite a strange thing only understand astraliytsy. Vegemite (vegemite) - is a thick paste from the remnants of beer wort, the taste bitter, salty, yeast smell. Vegemite - something like a national symbol, like a kangaroo or a koala. Its spread on bread and eat in the morning, beginning his Australian national bread.

lutefisk, Norway h3> As soon as the Scandinavians do not excel in cooking fish. To get the best lutefisk, it is soaked cod in the liquor for three days in a solution of caustic soda, why it turns into a translucent jelly with a strange smell. Norwegians and residents of other Nordic countries consider lutefisk a delicacy and eaten at Christmas.

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