Travel Kemerovo region, or as we did not get to the mountain under heaven teeth

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It was a hot month of July. Left behind stood the summer session. The long-awaited vacation. Me and my friends are very anxious to escape from the stuffy and dusty Novosibirsk and the route has been selected. It was fairly well known in certain circles interethnic trassa- ascent to the mountain under heaven teeth. The road was going to be easy, especially as the scale of sports tourist trail known as for beginners. Anticipating a great vacation 7 friends boarded the train Novosibirsk - Novokuznetsk.

From Novokuznetsk, we took another train to a small town, then all the necessary preparations such as caches and equipment fees. And here he is day arrived. The train goes into the forest at 5.20 am. My morning of the day X and I clearly understand that will not want to go. Just want to note that it was not my first trip to the mountains or taiga. Behind the back of our team were rafting, and hiking deep into the taiga for blueberries, and a trip to Lake Baikal savages. But this morning was a very good reason. The rain was falling and not just rain, but a real downpour for several days, so that in some places the road turned into a kind of river, and when it all taki a little pause, it is still drizzling. And my imagination had already pictured terrible pictures of our stay in the forest. It is not necessary to describe as my ears were dragged out of bed. At the station, as respectable citizens of Russia, we went to buy tickets on the train and saw them. It was immediately clear that they are not ours, that is just exactly true foreigners. It was clear from their merry parties at 5 am and sportswear, which clearly stood out against the gray of the old station, Gear and laid out in the heart of the station tents, where they spent the night. And of course the fact that they were talking in German. On my "happiness" I only taught at the University of the German (still do not know how so I skidded) and of course my pious friends at once offered me they know what actually lost citizens in our state of the German province of taiga All I was able to establish awake is that they only just 15 and they are not only in Germany but who have something from Switzerland. Believing that I honorably fulfilled its duty of discharge pleasantries, I posemenila to train to take over the whole beloved wooden bench and honestly sleep for another couple of hours until we get to the point. On that day the people were few. People who went to osnovnom- home in a small town, located deep in the forest, who are on a fishing trip. Hunters to the mountains of the day was a little bit. And now we're standing on the tracks and I'm longing eyes see off the train. As rain was so not going to stop. A train in these places goes only once a day and only in one direction. So you can get out of there the next day. And something from someone else with our sarcasm kept saying that that's out looking at the track you will not soon see even see signs of civilization went a little off the rails we sat down to have breakfast and then swim them. I will never forget the faces of my friends when a group of foreigners came to us and said that they want to go with us. It turned out that they have long dreamed of seeing Russian Switzerland (do not know I have nothing to compare, but if you remove the city streets and our Russian unique flavor - it is possible) and their travel company which -That confuse. In general, our guys were unaccompanied and without an interpreter, as I understand them, and we go where they want. I do not know why, but who -That blurted course, the more we have the steeper. I am at the moment looking at the sky and terribly wanted to go home. The track really was surprisingly pleasant. Gravel and fairly wide road pleasing to the eye. Then the landscape has changed significantly, the road became much narrower gravel replaced the wet and sticky clay, but no one really did not lose heart. Behind it was more than 5 kilometers, and our group of foreigners fun humming a song and did admired the scenery. Even the rain stopped and there was little hope for the sun. And then I saw it. It was the river. At first we thought. And together began to look for a bridge or ferry. It turned out that there is. It was the first mountain icy creek that of -this rain was like a river, and here is a wooden bridge and took it. Before us stood up sampling to turn back and wait for the train, which will arrive tomorrow, or wade. Say that opinion is divided, to say nothing. Remembering all the old resentments and the snows of yesteryear, yell enough, we entered a bold stride into the icy water. I do not remember how anyone, I was almost up to his neck. The transition was probably 20 meters, but we still thoroughly demolished, although we walked and chain. Once out on the beach all at once began to dismantle backpacks hoping to find anything -That dry. All soaked. 500 meters after we waited another passage in the same condition. Then the third and again without a bridge. In the fourth, we probably out of luck. After a very stretched stream paved 2 thick rope miner, probably to transport backpacks. They have a short distance from each other, but at the same level. I used to have and the bridge, now he could see the splinters. We move on them, our backpacks trailer straps, slowly but surely approaching the other shore. Our foreigners, not daring to move their feet in an upright position, move holding hands in a single cable, and the legs standing on the other side that looked like the letter L, butts up. When I saw the 5 crossing that said ENOUGH. I do not move from their seats. Previously, it was an iron bridge, and at that time it was broken in moving construction indescribable. After my words to me in a loud voice to explain that I am the main obstacle to the group and in general people are absolutely not adapted to the taiga. I especially do not mind, the more clearly aware that one I do not go back to the streams, so already one backpack drowned and there is still more than 30 km of the route. Our foreigners stopped singing and visibly became sad. One of them tried hard to connect to the Internet via a mobile phone wet. Others simply dutifully stood at the edge of the road and why -That wistfully looked at us. It was time to make a halt, and we are all together began to look for a suitable mesto.I here halt. Places along the creek was enough still was rain and it was necessary to think about the fire. Who has ever been in the forest, knows how important a good bonfire, around which you can warm up and cook a hot meal and. The girls of our team went to gather together and broken branches of Christmas trees. Guys broke fern leaves and tried to make a fire. We must pay tribute to our foreigners, they are quite in unison began to help us. Transferring its entire stock of dry fuel and not having achieved absolutely no result, they sat down to eat their canned. At first, the guys tried to explain that the fire in this weather is very difficult to breed, it takes time and great efforts. Then he threw it useless and left our travel alone, enjoy food and fellowship with each other. Tired, stained with clay and finally soaked in 2 hours we finally got our fire. There were stones and a large tree, which surprisingly was still inside and dry, and we could bask paporotnik.Nakonets and eat hot buckwheat with stewed meat. And here it is crossing.

When it was a big iron bridge. Now the creek rose strongly from -this rain and took a fairly strong construction, leaving only a small angle irons and iron beams. All that remains of the structure are constantly moving. We had to break up into small groups. Making a special fastening belts and chained to 5 people, we started crossing. Feet slipped on the wet iron, beams constantly somewhere left, a couple of guys still fell off the design and we simply overtighten the other side. Can be a long story about what were our clumsy foreigners, or how terrible it was to look down and see a seething foam under water with protruding sharp stones. When the foot is the last man from the group finally set foot on solid ground, I immediately thought about how we have to go back. Then we just walked. Ahead was a long enough track, it was getting dark and we're in a hurry to get to the mountains 7 fools to pitch tents and make a night. On the way we met several shelters. When that track was very popular and these wooden houses very helpful for travelers to spend the night in bad weather. Now they have helped us a lot, but that's were all broken down and totally unsuitable for the night. With sadness I walked past them and looked back where it was when -That roof or windows or sturdy wooden dveri.I here it is small creek, playground and the foothills of Mount 7 fools. In general, to go to the Middle Kingdom, the mountain is not necessary. She just communicating, like many others on this route. Perhaps it has an official name, but I do not know him, but folksy name explains its great popularity among young people. The foot of the mountains and the lower part of the route covered by low boreal fir trees. And here's some solid starting up stones. Stones are called kuruvnik. They are small as pebbles, and there are very large as a playground for example. Some stones are hard, others stagger so that you can get careless climbing into a crevice. There are on the way to the top of a very large rock, which acts as a stepping stone and a stone called SAMOUMBIKA. If you stand on the stone and look down almost all the way and the foot of the mountains shall reach to you. Long it about 20 meters away and by that I do not know, well almost the whole mountain. I've never heard the story why this stone so called, but I can assume that it was for that when you climb to the top, the rise becomes steeper and steeper. And now you're finally at the top, but this is only the first step, you stand on the flat ground in front of you and another rise. They say that the sensations that you feel such a fool, because he is trapped in all this. Next rise even steeper. Others, too complicated. All seven lifts beset by no means all. Can be counted on the fingers of those who have had the patience to climb to the top. Anyone who still overcomes this way all year bears the title of Chief Fool. Do not laugh it's just a title. Boys and girls sometimes like to compete on the mountain on the courage and perseverance, and of course our guys also lit to compete for this title. Many wanted after a campaign boast that they have reached the summit of Mount dangerous enough. As a result, our path has changed dramatically. Starting hike up the Celestial guys along the way to change the route, calling at 7 Fools rush overnight on top. Having said that our foreigners do not want us to go on is just shy. They flatly refused to go with us on this mountain, so appealing that it is quite dangerous and absolutely not popular. It is not in the main beauty of this region. Title they are not interested, no one wanted to be a fool mountains and go back they refused, simply because without them we crossing seemed absolutely irresistible. Began to talk about the rescue call for them or is there a Ministry of Emergency Situations for example. Internet via their phones and other devices did not work. Our Germans quietly panicked, gesticulating and loudly indignant. And our team again tried to light a fire and slowly at dusk set up the tents. At the evening around the campfire council we have discussed only one subject that we got to our fellow travelers or speaking demotic language - where their alloys.

Discussions were very turbulent. I honestly did not have the patience to listen than it will end. I know that this may be a bit apathetic, but I was so tired and namerzlas the day that the prospect to get into a warm sleeping bag and just dried wool socks outweighed leaving their friends about the fire solve worldwide problems, I went to sleep. The morning began hours 11. As I forced myself to get out of the sleeping bag and fought with the natural laziness, vengeance guys saved our visitors. It turns out that instead put up a tent on the hill and pour on top of another land, as we did our companions managed to climb into the low and woke up in the water. Their screams woke up all hours even at 6 am. Most dedicated rushed to help them. Among them I was not, I was not even awake While foreigners rescued things that could dry up, and the rest were prepared and cooked breakfast cocoa. Only after drinking 2 cups of your favorite childhood drink I find the latest news. It turned out that the disappointing news. Our foreigners have the seed of discord in the ranks of our once strong. As I expected the girls were much harsher in their judgment and without preamble decided to send some foreigners wherever they actually had to go for a long time. Young people were very tolerant and loyal to misunderstandings, which brought the Germans in our campaign and send them did not want to. Simply afraid that they will not reach anywhere without us. On that note (the other I did not expect to be honest) all night and parted. I did not care. For the title of Chief Fool I do not hunt, foreigners were the boring, that I too was willing to send them alone. Anyway, they went into the forest without accompanying so guilty I have not felt. I think that they understood the underlying sentiment group and we agreed to wait for about 2 days the mountains, but they were not throwing. On the mountain they will not go, but come back without us can not. There was no talk of China. All the ways our companions tried to civilization. This was a prudent decision and we agreed to go back for them. It would have been perhaps, but after going 2 kilometers uphill 7 fools we met a team of professional visitors from Novokuznetsk. These were the 5-ro men aged 40-45 years, who were returning from the golden fields (this is the most beautiful place of the Kemerovo region, but the road there is a very difficult and long about 5 days of travel, then it will be time to tell about it). They went into the forest even in good weather, and returned home very tired already. We told her the story of our foreigners and tourists after much persuasion agreed to hold them back. We had to go back and introduce them. Russian tourists have given us all their remaining supplies, so it is accepted in the forest, if people go home and they do not need more provisions, they share their food with counter who remain in the forest. So we replenished their stocks of noodles, rice, buckwheat and canned meat. We have not seen more of our foreign tourists, but after returning back from employees learned Station: Tourists safely left in Novokuznetsk, one day before our return. I do not know what horror stories they tell in their homeland on this trip, but I know one thing the weather was really heavy and expensive too. And we, the seven friends went somewhere and wanted. Before me stretched a gray-white picture of the huge stones into small speck. It was Mount 7 Fools.

Climbing Mount 7 Fools was not very difficult. The first time we went just between boreal firs and wet fern, which reached the height and sometimes shoulders. Then came the stones. Then do everything started to play catch-up. Who will get to the top, or who would rather the way to overcome that particular Christmas trees. It was great fun, although the stones were wet and his feet slid on them sometimes. Then it was already boring. Go and go and all the stones do not stop there. For 4 hours to climb up, but the rise becomes steeper, and the first vertex is not. Everyone wanted to have and eat. Settled on the rocks and began to get sandwiches. Here I first noticed how much we have already climbed. And another amazing thing. When you look at the stones from the top down it becomes very scary. Climb much easier. You can see the stone, it stable or shaky, choose the road. Down it is difficult, you just jump on it and hope that it is not pereverneshsya. With such gloomy thoughts, I finished chewing sausage. The other guys were very determined and going to get to the top, split the tent there for the night. Stones, rocks, stones ... them already dizzy. Where not look solid gray-white background. No longer know where you are going and why you need it. 6-hour climb. Our delay with foreigners did not allow us to go ahead, and while we have lost when returning with a group of tourists from Novokuznetsk, now play with us a cruel joke. Has already begun to slowly grow dark, and we have not even seen the first signs of the summit. The prospect of sleeping on the bare rocks was hardly better prospects to go in darkness until the first vertex. It was dangerous, simply because the night in the forest is very dark. Just wonder how we humans civilization accustomed to every kind of lighting.
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