The real names of cities, villages, streets, rivers

Most Pyssa (town in the Komi region Udorsky)
Large Small dolls (a village in the Tver region.)
st. Minstruaktivnaya (Smolensk reg.)
Mr. Manda (Mongolia)
Cheap (a village in the Kaluga region.)
st. New Russian descent (village dresses)
This (the village on Sakhalin)
Tuhlyanka (river on Sakhalin)
Cormorants (a village in the Bryansk region.)
Lohovo (Borodino village on w.)
Fak-Fak Regency (New Guinea)
Big Struykino (a village in the region Novogorodskoy.)
Ovnische (a village in the Tver region.)
Bottom (near the city of Pskov)
Trusovo (a village in the republic of Komi)
st. Downhole (Kaluga)
Cocaine Mountains (river in the Perm region.)
Kosyakovka (a village in the Bashkiria)
Kurilovka (village in the Saratov region.)
Shiryaevo (a village in the Samara region.)
Breaking (a village in the Nizhny Novgorod region.)
Yokosuka (city in Japan)
Big Kuyash (a village in the Chelyabinsk region.)
Inns (village in Chukotka)
Steep Farms (a village in the Lipetsk region.)
Steep (a village in Komi)
Bulls Bychikha (village in Belarus)
New Algashi (farm in the Ulyanovsk region.)
Novopozornovo (a village in the Kemerovo region.)
Bald Balda (river in the village Zaryanov, Ukraine)
Marsh Rogavka (a village in the Novgorod region.)
Older worms (a village in the Kemerovo region.)
Top of conception (a village in the Chekhov district)
Durakova (a village in the Kaluga region.)
Rabbit bubble (river in the Kemerovo region.)
Kozijavkin (a village in the Kemerovo region.)
Swell (Volgograd region.)
Zasosnaya (a village in the Lipetsk region.)
Zveronozhka (a river in the Moscow region.)
Muhodoevo (a village in the Belgorod region.)
Yes (village in the Khabarovsk Territory)
Voblin (River in the Ryazan region.)
Horseradish (a village in the Voronezh region.)
Blyuvinichi (a village in the Brest region.)
Big buhalovo (a village in the Vologda region.)
Svinov (a village in the Odintsovo district)
Blue Lepyagi (a village in the Voronezh region.)
Zhabino (village in Mordovia)
Konchinino (a village near Dmitrov)
Razderiha (river in the Dmitrov district)
Dudes (a village in the Perm region.)
Recycle Bin (drerevnya in the Ulyanovsk region.)
Golodrankino (village near Magnitogorsk)
Bezvodovka (a village in the Ulyanovsk region.)
Krasnaya Mogila (Donetsk region.)
Kundryuchya (river near Volgograd)
Hotelovo (village near Tver)
Good Bees (in the Ryazan region.)
Sooda Uyu (name of the store in Bishkek)

names of villages in different parts of the vast Russian:
Fleas (Pskov region, Bezhanitsky district)
Blyava (Orenburg region)
Buhalovo (Tver region, Bologovsky district)
Buhlovka (Moscow Region)
Black Dirt (Moscow region,
Goats (Tver region)
Vagina (Tyumen region)
Pubic (Tver region, Kashin district)
Butt (Volgograd region, Kotovsky district)
Scrotum (Kaluga region, Meshchovsk district)
Siskovsky (a village in the Volgograd region)
Tselkovoskaya (village? Volgograd region)
Opuhliki (Pskov region, Novelsky district)
Drochevo (Moscow region, Dmitrov district)
Kalino (Arkhangelsk Region., Mezensky district)
[ censorship i>] (Republic of Dagestan, Ahtynsky district)
Kakini (Nizhny Novgorod region, Gaginsky district)
Urine (a river in the Moscow region, Podolsk district)
Sik (Republic of Dagestan, Tabasarsky district)
Latrine (Tambov region)
Lower Blevkovo (Kaluga region, the Saviour Demensky district)
Machekhin End (Tver region)
Hrenische (Voronezh region, Bobrowski district)
Large and Small Lohovo (Tver region, Ostashkov district)
1st and 2nd Matyukovo (Tula Region, Suvorov district)
Pyankino (Moscow region, Shatursky district)
Tahtymukay village and Ponemukay (Krasnodar region)
Kalischevo (a suburb of St. Petersburg)
Village scrotum (Tver region, Lake Seliger)
Village KUЁKNULO (Tver region.)
Smyshlyaevka (village, Samara region)
Fools (village Krasnoyarsk Territory)
KILYAKOVKA (village, Volgograd region)
Nekonchay (Lithuania)
Suwalki (Poland)
Maza (river Smarskaya region)
Radio (village, Moscow region.)
In Sochi there is a "Katkov slot»
Guts (village, Poltava region, Ukraine)
Linnet (village, Ukraine)
Blyadischevo (village, Moscow region)
Coffins (village, Ukraine)
B.LYADI (on the highway Kyiv-Kharkiv have to. ... Big Lyadi near the road a huge stop, where healthy letters written B.LYADI :-)))
Gadyushnik (village, Ukraine)
Otsosinovka (village, Kyiv region, Ukraine)
Small Bulls (village, Western Ukraine Fr. Yves. Area)
Vysun (river, Ukraine)
Half (Selo, Ukraine)
Village Paris (Chelyabinsk Region)


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