20 most ridiculous names of the streets of Moscow

20. Street Pinch
This name has always been one of the biggest mysteries for me. In honor of or any pinch named this street? Whether they, tweaks, did have a few, or it was the only one pinch that he decided once and for all to perpetuate the name of the street.

19. Street 26 Baku commissars
I practically live on it. More precisely, at her out of the window of my house. I never liked composite street names, especially if there are numerals.

18. Gazgoldernaya Street
Who are the "gas tanks" was interesting since the MMM. That office MMM, I think, once was on the street ...

17. Street pipeline
Why does not "gas pipeline" or "Street Pipeline"? Brad some ...

16. Last lane
Like, you go on a street - and-pa! Last lane! And then there is the side streets. All. End of the World.

15. Quarry Street
In the same series as the "pipeline" ... I am particularly kill street names, which are not complied with the rules declensional.

14. Lane Sivtsev Vrazhek
Perhaps one of the most popular titles. It turns out "Vrazhek" - is not in honor of some sort of enemies. "Vrazhek" - a "ravine" in the vulgar tongue. "Sivtsev" means membership of the ravine to the river Sivka. In general, the alley named after the once existed river Sivka. Or rather, in honor of her bed.

13. Streets Large and Small Bricklayers
Passing the first street to imagine a burly fellow in working overalls, thrust hefty kamenischi for large buildings. Passing the second - masons, pygmies, who have been entrusted to build smaller facilities.))

12. Red Pine Street
I think the key word here, "Red." In soviet times it was fashionable to use this word everywhere. And that this will be red - pine, fir, or even the baobab - it already was ...
11. Fraser Highway
See. The pipeline and Quarry Street.

10 Avenue Road of Life
Located near Strogino. Perhaps one of the most inspirational names in Moscow. But first of all kills are not pathos and absurdity sound ...

9. 1-16 Park Street
No, well, I understand that one or two of the street park. Well, or five in the end ... But to sixteen !!! I do not know how to navigate in the area. Notable only 9th Park (as it backbone) and 16th Park (as it is the last and next to the Ring Road), and the rest I do not discriminate. And yet, unfortunately, and May Day street there are several (lower, upper, middle, and a Day), which finally destroys the brain ...

8. Street Old Guy
Funny name. Perhaps in honor of a pre-existing settlement.

7. Street Red Kazanets
Just adjacent to the Old Guy. I and some friends of football and bolelschitskoy this street party is associated with another kazan_tsem, red and blue :)

6. Street brick recess
By a strange coincidence, it is the same place where the pipeline.

5. Directions Straw hut
Perhaps it was some kind of heroic lodge. Though not a hut of fairy tales about the "Three pigs».

4. 1-11 avenues Novogireevo
This is all nonsense to some. Like the rest of the area in general. Someone at the time itch any more or less the roadway in the area to call the "Prospectus". And soon to bother about the name was so broke that it was decided to simply give every avenue serial number and indicate membership area. Short and sweet.

3. Street Kashenkin meadow
It turned out all complete nonsense. It turns out that the title would mention the river Kamenka, but instead of "m" to write "w". That is the same story as with Sivtsev Vrazhek, but even more distorting performance.

2. Street Pond Klyuchiki
Another striking example slovooizvrascheniya.

1. 4th Street March 8
But this is just the name of the competition! :)
Probably only a madman could have imagined so called street. What is most interesting, the 2nd and 3rd streets eighth of March there.


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