The campaign, timed to the anniversary of the storming of the village "boatman"

The evening of 21 January in the "boatman" Rally "Night Requiem" to mark the anniversary of the storming of the village. People lit candles, and the ringing of the bell recalled Chronicle multi-day blockade, and the names of comrades that no longer exist. The event ended with the reading telegrams addressed to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. According to the inhabitants of a disgraced the village, it was Dmitry Medvedev to stop the demolition of houses and returned the people hope.


A year ago, at three o'clock in the morning in the village of "boatman" broke the bailiffs, backed by the Special Forces. He began the demolition. People threw themselves under the bulldozers, barricades, went into a melee. As a result, multi-day siege ended the blockade, and the frozen Moscow River floodplain was the only connection with the "mainland." A peculiar "way of life».

Today, those days of heavy crucifix reminds that residents have set before the action. On zabore- white Whatman paper with pictures of those who did not.


For each bell rang

Yuri treasure, board member of the garden community "boatman", asked to collect a minute of silence to honor the dead comrades. "18 people died. Many of them are veterans. I'll read the whole sad list, and in the memory of every person will ring a bell, "- said the Treasure.


After the service, Yuri Treasure reminded the audience that the fate of "boatman" is still not resolved, but its inhabitants are sure that here again this summer blossom apple orchards, turn green arborvitae, and there will be light in the homes.


As it was

Demolition of houses in the SNP "boatman", caused a public outcry, began to address the Kuntsevo court in Moscow, which considered the building, located in the floodplain of the Moscow River unlawful, since the village is located on the lands of specially protected park "Moskvoretsky". Also in the decision stated that the owners do not have the proper documentation to the ground. Residents of "boatman", despite the extreme cold, were on duty at the entrance to the village, trying to prevent the demolition of their homes. When it was demolished more than 20 homes and no power. Demolition suspended during the investigation of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. However, the light in the house is still not given


We are not invaders!

Then the word took the other villagers. Maria Ivanovna Gurlynina, barely holding back tears, recalled how she was in the distant '50s with her husband erected a house. How they rejoiced when they first bloomed cherry blossoms in their garden. As work on the gateway, and last year she learned that turns out to be forty years lived on this land illegally.


Guys in buses and poisoned their gas. I told them: "You are fascists!". And they are so brazen in response: "We are the representatives of Justices." My husband had a stroke, but we were not even allowed to take him to bolnitsu- blocked the only road machinery. I had to take him three o'clock in the car on the frozen bed of the Moscow River. Luzhkov, who has called us then invaders. What we are invaders? We are people who love the land and consider it their »



"Boatman" - a non-profit association in the garden west of the city of Moscow in the Krylatskoye district, founded in 1950. It covers an area of ​​20 hectares in the floodplain of the Moscow River. [1] At the beginning of 2010, there are as summer cottages and individual houses for permanent residence.
In 1998, part of the territory of the partnership has been attributed to the conservation area of ​​the newly formed Moscow River Park.
In 2006, the land for gardening consolidated FSUE "Moscow Canal". In the same year Oleg Mitvol, who held the post of deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor, asked the court to check the legality of construction of 400 houses in the village.
In 2009, the land along the floodplain of the Moscow River, gave the federal government. Believe in the direction of Horticulture "boatman" on them then just forgot. Today on the territory of "boatman" is located about 200 sites.
In May 2009, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov signed a decree according to which the territory of the partnership will be posted park.
In 2010 began the demolition of houses, the residents stopped "boatman" and the public ... to the conflict joined members of the State Duma, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Demolition has caused a resonance in the media


"Boatman" as a symbol of freedom

A positive note in the memorial evening brought Sergei Udaltsov, leader of the "Moscow City Council", saying that "boatman" - has become a real symbol of freedom. And proof that winning is not the one who is stronger, but the one who is right.

Coordinator of the Council of Moscow defenders Sergei Udaltsov supports "Rechnik»

"Where is Luzhkov? He makes his feet with their bees, she runs away to Latvia, seeking asylum in Europe. A "boatman" stood and will stand. We are on their land, it is given to these people according to the law, and no officials, no court will not take it "- summed up Udaltsov.


Yuri treasure, in turn, said that over the disputed territory held about ten boats. Some people learn the processes de yure- ie, the defendants were not invited to the meeting. However, many believe that after the new mayor of the fate of "boatman" will be resolved in favor of its inhabitants.

"We, the activists' Rechnik" will participate in the drafting of the Master Plan of the city. Architect Kuzmin shaded pencil these lands, thus showing that there is no place for the village. However, (I'm sure!) Everything will be different. Ten years later, he stretched one of the most beautiful villages of Moscow. And here we shall live, our children and grandchildren, "- said the treasure.


"Dmitry Anatolyevich will not forget about us»

The action lasted for about two hours. All the while, the dark streets lit torches, and from the speakers sounded "Requiem" by Mozart. The residents thanked the people who at that alarming in January, came to the aid and have not given to destroy the village. However, the protagonist of the event was declared Dmitry Medvedev- February 27 this year, he instructed the Russian Government to establish an inter-ministerial group to deal with the settlement of land disputes in the village of "boatman". Prior to completion of the then governor Luzhkov was recommended to consider a stay of execution of judicial acts.

18 inhabitants of "boatman" died, and not waiting for a positive decision.

 - We hope that Dmitry Anatolyevich will not forget about us and continue good work begun by him, - said activist Irina Gurlynina locals.

Then in solemn silence was read the text of a telegram to the president in which villagers thanked Medvedev for help. And also hoped that it will continue to follow the fate of "boatman", where about 3 million people in Moscow and are 230 homes.



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