Chukotka. Providence Bay

I, frankly, even doubted whether this spread. But the pictures are, can anyone seem interestno.
36 photo + a little bit of text.

What kind of settlement, and where he did it come from? Here is what the wiki.
After opening in 1660, Providence Bay Russian expedition Kurbat Ivanov held here regularly became fishing and wintering whaling and trade vessels. In the early twentieth century, with the beginning of the development of the Northern Sea Route along the coast of the bay it was organized by the coal storage for refueling ships heading to the Arctic, and by 1934 there appeared the first buildings of the future seaport, which became the city main to the village of Providence.

In 1937, with the arrival of the convoy of ships with construction materials forces companies Providenstroy began active construction of the port and the city, and in late 1945 the Kamchatka Regional Committee of the CPSU (b) adopted a resolution on the establishment of "in the Chukotka region of the working village of Providence-based settlement Glavsevmorputi in Providence Bay" .

May 10, 1946 issued a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR on the formation of the village of Providence, which is considered the official founding date of the settlement.

The village went quickly upset, it was promoted the relocation of military units here. In 1947 it was built the first public building - dining room.

And Vicki tells us that ...
By the end of the 1980s in the village inhabited by about 6,000 people, but in the 1990s the massive relocation of residents to the mainland was an administrative union of two settlements - Ureliki and Providence. The initiator of these escalations was then governor Roman Abramovich.
Yeah, well, I'll also Ureliki show.

Sobsno we were not there for the pictures, and for work. Measurements in the bay, and topographic surveying. So normal, tourist photos at all. It was just once.

The village itself is also rarely went. The shop unless, but the price they ... Well, in the bath on Wednesdays and Sundays.

The settlement, if that, too, Providence. Most interestnoe that they have there is a museum. The museum is small, but work there are people who love it, it can be seen immediately. Of course the price of souvenirs in dollars, since Alaska is very close, and cruise ships often go American.

Yes, they live there, and Russian and Chukchi and Evenki ... But it's not Pevek, all local representatives of small nationalities drunken alcoholics for the most part. Neither deer nor national clothes, no color. All that is just in the museum.

Whaling gun. We even gave him to hold. Heavy pancake, more than 11 kilos. In the past, they say, they came to the bay whales feast. We did not see anything.

Zarkalno still photos directly reflects what is happening in Providence. Top and bottom of the paper is the same ship.

Well, yes, it was necessary to go to Chukotka that would see the tent in the museum ...

Okay, back to the village. On leaving the port we were met by an American SUV. Our nor worse can do even better. Uazik proves it. Uncle with leveling of ours.

In general, in fact, you can get used if desired. The administration, like almost everywhere in small towns, trying to work. Build a small sports complex, swimming pool. Shuttle bus to the airport and around the village. More precisely vahtovka, but in the absence of a stamp, as they say ...

Do they even something like a holiday village. There's actually quite comfortable, and there is a lot of fun. Though there is a problem with building materials.

Thanks! I told you he did not show the port from the sea. It's like night. Polar day.

The people you see very few lives. It used to be more.

Yes, and the port itself is rather big.

Day looks better. The truth is there are sunny days rarely. Rarely. Still cold. While we were there in July.

Ureliki as promised. Sorry, but little gallery. I do not like such "landscape" in reality. Guide Abramovich, yes. When the military were here (do not forget about Alaska).



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