Kildin Island.

In this post I start a small photo of one of the mysteries of the Earth - Kildin Island. There is a lot of photos and komentov to my nim.Foto not tolko.No permission to publish them, I obtained from the author for a long time, but unfortunately not all the photos of good quality.
Photo report summary to start a site created by my friend and colleague Dmitry Kosintseva:
 - Kildin Island, located at the Murmansk coast, a few miles east of the exit of the Kola Bay. The largest of the islands, lying at the Murmansk coast. The island - a mystery! It all unusual title, geology, landscapes, lakes, history of development, the inhabitants ...! The island is very different from the mainland to its geological structure. The island is mountainous; gentle slopes, sometimes covered with moss and grass. The western and northern shores of the island are high and steep. The height of the northern shore is constantly decreasing from west to east. In the north-eastern part of the island there is a deep canyon through which flows the stream.

In several places in the north and south of the island on the steep slopes there are small waterfalls with colorful names "girlish braids," Sailor tears & quot ;, which has a waterfall from the wind does not reach to the ground. In the southeastern part of the island Kildin is a convenient harbor for anchoring small boats - Grave Bay, known from the XVI century. Bay for the first time mapped the expedition of Barents in 1594 In XVII-XVIII century. there were crafts Solovetsky monastery. To the east of the bay is a lake Mogil'noe - relict lake formed approx. 2000 years ago. Lake consists of several layers: the top - fresh, down - killing all of the hydrogen sulfide, and in the middle part - saltwater with marine life !!! The lake is home to rare endemic - Kilda cod in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, and the lake itself is a federal monument of nature. This area of ​​the island, the bay, the cape and the lake, called the sepulchral after the barbaric destruction and looting of the British encampment filibuster in 1809 After that the island remained uninhabited for a long time. In the XIX century. It was a project to build a "metropolis" on Kildin, but eventually moved to the Kildin only young couple Norwegians Eriksen. Three generations of the family lived on the island Eriksen approx. 60 years ... At the beginning of XX century. authorities in the region have invested considerable sums in the infrastructure of the island. At the same time, we settled on the island of Social Democrats under the guise of fishermen and organized warehouse and transshipment point for illegal sending literature from Norway in Arkhangelsk. In the first years of Soviet power were very ambitious plans to develop the island. In a short time on the island formed the fishing guild, iodine plant, Pestsovoye fur farms ... the beginning of the war, civilians were moved to different areas Murmaskoy area. Many family members were persecuted Eriksen ... Then it began the era of the military to Kildin, which lasted until the early 90-ies of the last century: the observation posts and communications, the first Soviet naval battery MB-2-180, air defense, anti-aircraft guns at first, and later missiles, coastal missile regiment airfield frontier and the necessary infrastructure to ensure that all of the above ... Today Kildin residents are two times .. and as the First World War. Towns razrusheny.Naseleniya net.Vse looted and abandoned, the object - observation posts and communication ... But we believe that exhausted forgotten abandoned the island to revive its former power!
The fauna of the island is represented by many species of birds, including the Red Book, and it is not only gulls, but the birds of prey (buzzards, owls polar). Rare plants can distinguish Rhodiola rosea - "golden root".

For more information on the above facts and events can be found on the, as well as Offline ostrovityan.K Kojima himself I include here. Photos will spread gradually, as the first time. Please do not break up a selection kontsa.Itak:
The yacht "Katarina." Captain Sergei Kuritsyn officer in the Airborne zapase.Imenno on it 22 years later I again visited the island Kiltdin

Gifts islanders. Just drove movies and music, and Kureha raznosoly.No this was the main

In the evening we arrived in the bay of the grave and stood at banku.Cherez hour we meet the inhabitants of the islands and hozyava

As long as they do not, I spread some island scenery:
 - A local resident - the ringed seal

The famous and mysterious "high-rise" Lake sepulchral.

No less famous rocks "Chests»



Waterfall with the romantic name "Maiden Spit" Small 40-59 meters visible part

Waterfall, named in defiance of previous matrosami- "Sailor tears»

And this - "waterfall loser." The wind makes the water, with all the beauty of the fall Sway, reach the ground. And there's always a breeze and strong.

The same wind, the same wants to throw water from the bottom to the top. Or just roll forward

Waterfall and already destroyed hydraulics provide fresh water for the different boats all stories Kildina.Krome present.

A little photo with views to the island by sea and air
Cape Bull - symbol of the island Kildin

North coast

The position of host of the party. Post communications, surveillance and alert.

The west coast of the island Kildin. In the right corner, passenger ship Claudia Elanskaya as for the concept of size.

View of the island from the window samoleta.Vnizu on the island, a closer look shows the position of the former C-300

Cape prigonyat. Lighthouse. In the background can be seen the construction of military aerodroma.Uvy "bombed" their ...

Remains of GDP once-secret airfield

Eastern tip of the island

Another view of the East

Kildin Island. View from the North Pole

Senior Warrant Officer Tagirych.Prosluzhil on the island for over 35 years!
In the background, the abandoned and looted shops garage.

Ordinary Russian sailors. The truth is they do not form one not familiar with Orlovschiny glazu.Odin other from Tambov.



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