8 of the most expensive private islands in the world's billionaires

own their own island in the middle of the ocean - for many people, such property and there is a limit of dreams. However, some billionaires, buy yourself a similar name, and still manage to put the deal in such a light to attract the maximum attention of the public. The biggest area, the highest price of the most exotic destinations - all of this is the lot of few. Top 8 most expensive islands in the world, bought billionaires:

Lanai, Hawaii Lanai Island is a part of the Hawaiian archipelago, and 98% owned by billionaire Larry Ellison, made his fortune in Oracle. Alison - the third richest man in the United States and is among the six richest people in the world. Not surprisingly, he has spent a record amount of approximately $ 500- $ 600 million, for an island in the Pacific Ocean. By the way, Lanai - the sixth largest island in the state of Gavayi.

Necker, British Virgin Islands, Necker Island, part of the British Virgin Islands, was bought by Richard Branson at the time of his leadership Virgin Group back in 1978. In those days, the purchase price was estimated at 180 thousand. GBP. Necker now worth about $ 100 million. Today the island is built up with a small number of houses in the Balinese style, and work on it constantly live only about 60 people. Visitors can rent a house in this paradise for $ 35 thousand. Per week. However, if desired, and you can rent the whole island - just $ 50 thousand. Sutki.

James, Canada American telecoms tycoon Craig McCaw bought the island James off the coast of Canada in 1994 for $ 19 million. But today its value is estimated in the $ 75, 1 million. Over 18 years of tenure McCaw could change beyond recognition, lifeless and wild island, turning it into an oasis of harsh northern territories. James arranged cottages, hotels, swimming pool, private docks, runway and even a golf course. Incidentally, the island put up for sale, so if you have money and opportunities, there is a great chance to settle in Kanade.

Allan, Washington co-founder Microsoft - American billionaire Paul Allen - in 1992 took a "namesake", after purchasing the island of Allan in the US state of Washington. In 2011 the property was sold for $ 13, 5 million. The initial price request of $ 25 million, but the customer did not work out. The island is located in the San Juan archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. The island is still not electricity, and cabling, only preliminary estimates, will cost the new owners $ 3 mln.

Robins, NY Lewis Moore Bacon Island Robin, located off the coast of New York, went in 1993. During the trial, he was able to buy land, the cost of which was estimated at $ 11 million. Bacon has spent millions of dollars restoring the natural landscape of Robin and his pristine beauty. By the way, next year should give Bacon Prize for his efforts to protect the sredy.

Brecqhou, United Kingdom Twin brothers David and Frederick Barclay considered one of the leading representatives of the media industry of Great Britain. In addition to its publishing business, which includes The Daily Telegraph, he also belongs to the hotel and The Ritz. His first Breghou own island, located among a group of British Channel Island, they bought in 1993. Today, its cost is estimated at $ 4, 3 million. Breghou Island is rich in orchards and vineyards, there are pubs, of the village and chasovnya.

St Phillips, South Carolina Media mogul Ted Turner bought the small island of St Phillips on the coast of the US state of South Carolina back in 1979. For the record - it was exactly one year before the time when Turner founded the now world-famous media corporation CNN. Today, St. Phillips estimated at $ 2 million. The owner is one of the largest landowners in the world, and its profile - restore wildlife and not build up any extra land obektami.

Sampson Cay, Bahamas Island Sampson Cay in the Bahamas archipelago belongs to John Maloney, who is considered the largest private landowner in the United States. Sampson Cay has experienced a large-scale restructuring and is now considered a great place to relax rich. Week of life on the island villa costs $ 8 thousand. Alas, the exact value of the island is unknown.

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