The most amazing Island (10 photos)

If your plans include a visit to nearby islands, it will help in choosing the direction of this selection. The 10 most amazing islands in the world ensures a memorable and unique travel experience. Visit at least one of them, you want to travel in such havens constantly, and maybe even stay in one of them. Each of these places offers something you will not find anywhere else. Imagine an exotic island, which seemingly can not exist on earth. Then go to view these amazing photos and learn about the heavenly corners of the Earth. You will see that our planet is full of such miracles that can not be overcome even the imagination. On many of these sites already have detailed articles on LifeGlobe, follow links and dive into a bright world of wonders and beauty.


When the US Navy left the island of Vieques in 2003 after been based here for over 60 years, there remains only something very special - untouched nature. The island was once used for military purposes, it is now defined as a National Nature Reserve. Currently, there are only a few megakurortov, several comfortable hotels, including the famous Great Escape B & B, where breakfast can be served directly in the pool. There are only two large cities (population of 10 000 to 20 000) - Isabel Segunda, located nasevere Island and Esperanza - in the south. The charm of the island of Vieques is secluded beach, where you can get a reward in the form of solitude, sand and water. Beach Chiva (Blue Beach) is known for its diving school, but the real miracle - Puerto Mosquito Bay, famous for its clean water and a luminescent glow. It is worth to spend a night watching billions of microorganisms, coloring the water in the magical blue-green glow and turning it into a watercolor painting.

Easter Island

Easter Island, despite its name, has little to do with Easter. This Polynesian island with a mysterious history is known for its huge stone statues. This is one of the most isolated islands in the world, located in the South Pacific in 3600 miles from Chile. From the heights immediately catches the eye its shape in the form of a triangle. At first glance immediately striking huge head huge head - that's all that is on the surface. For a long time they were immersed into the earth, and on the surface leaving only the head. Moai statues date back to the year 887, of which very little is known. Officially, they were found in 1722 and apparently were symbols that are important to the people of the island. It is a special place - Early Raraku - destroyed the volcano where the Moai stone were found. They remained there about 400 - all in various stages of completion. On Easter Island, there is one city - Hanga Roa.


The island of Bali - one of the 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Although Indonesia's largest population of Muslims in the world, Hinduism in Bali is dominated (about 93%) in their daily lives, as well as in many ceremonies and festivals. Not in vain Bali known as the Island of the Gods. The island of Bali - an ideal resort for all ages. This tropical paradise has a lot of advantages of modern tourism, with the development of shopping, fascinating history and rich heritage. The beaches of the West Coast - the best surfing in the world, and in the east are quiet beaches and clear waters of moderate. Culture lovers can visit the town of Ubud, the spectacular Mother Temple in Besakin, the old capital - Floating Palace Singaraja and a wonderful beach Uyung about Candi Dasa. Among the many interesting sights of Bali temples, parks and lakes. Nature Bali more than extraordinary - jungles, hills, rice plantations, sandy beaches, clear waters and powerful Kintamani Volcano.


Ischia is located in the Gulf of Naples and is known for its thermal springs with therapeutic effect, attracting visitors since ancient times. Today, visitors are spoiled for mud baths and massages. In addition to treatment, it is possible to conquer the beaches with crystal clear water, as well as a local landmark - the Aragonese castle of the XV century. After the tour, be sure to relax with a traditional glass of white wine biancolella, or red wine per'e palumm. If you have an opportunity to visit Ischia, be sure to get to know the local people, feel the rhythm of local life and an amazing atmosphere. Ischia is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Italy.



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