On the island of Russian

The action took place on 28-30 July this year. It will be the story of the second day of the hike.

Ilya woke up at 7:30 am by the sound of rain on the tent, it is hoped that this is the last entry of rain. At night the rain a couple of times his wake, but he fell asleep after the rain stops. He got out of the half-sleeping, looked at the nails and began to clean them out with a screwdriver multitool. When he finished with a nail, the rain has almost stopped. He looked at the time, it was the beginning of the 9th, he crawled out of the sleeping bag, took a toothbrush, toothpaste and a mug. Moving in the direction of the tent and began to scratch his teeth under the small drizzle.
Ilya returned to the tent and began removing half of the vestibule on the burner to cook breakfast. Eating porridge, and put warm water for tea, he got out of the tent, looked around and saw a few cows grazing near his tent. It was so unexpected, that he exclaimed, "Here's a pancake." One of the cows was literally a couple of meters and he constantly looked at her that she is not what vychudila, but the cow slowly walked him along the major radius and out of sight.

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After breakfast Ilya pulled out of the tent at night disguised as a bicycle and began to collect a backpack with feeling, really, with the arrangement. As always in a half hour, he failed to meet.


He had not ridden for about a week on the bike, and a 17 pound backpack he rode for the first time. So after yesterday's 50 kilometers of wooden legs, shoulders rubbed, and aching ass. Even a backpack packed properly. But after a few kilometers stretch my body, and drive was comfortable.
Only after an hour and a half, due to the mountainous terrain of. Russian Ilya partially reached, partly sunk into the next point, the bay in which there was a dam on the island and the island Änglema Lavrov. As he reached the bay, he was pretty sure that it is closed. On the island, and so not a lot of good beaches, and if there is, then they are recreation. So it turned out, went down to the shore, he stared at the rope. Elijah saw the trash and throw it toward the trash yesterday, this time from the booth got a young Uzbek. They greeted each other, Elijah explained that he wanted to take a stroll on the island. Uzbek replied cheerfully that can free to call and spend time as you like. On this day, luck was on the side of a lonely traveler.


my faithful friend


view of the bay


From the barrier, before the dam was about a kilometer. It was blurred, at one point he had to take off your shoes and turn to carry the backpack first, then great. At the bottom of a shallow ford neomytye were sharp stones that cut into the foot.




Lavrov Island was next after the island Änglema and it is of great interest, so Elijah went straight at him. Shifting things and the bike with Änglema Lavrov, he himself to take pictures randomly stacked concrete blocks. The island nation was not, so he did not bother with the tying bike, just remove it from sight and wandered around the island to take pictures and stones. Ilya always loved to climb on some hill and explore terrain and topography, guessing what the top or some island he sees. Garmin in this great help.




to the south of the island. Russian, with an elevated






9 Fort straight ahead








O. Änglema a hill


old lighthouse


On the island, he spent about 2 hours, while it was about 15 o'clock it still had dinner, Ilya decided that he would dine at bay and to get to the island Shkot. After moving to the island Änglema he take pictures Kekura about which waves break nicely, and rose to trigopunkt.


Lavrov Island is similar to drakoshku with trigopunkta about. Änglema




On the way back Elijah came to the ford, he noticed that the tide is the trail of the stones, so he did not take off one's shoes and to carry things in isolation. Taking great in the hand, not to soak it in salt water, he began to tread carefully on the rocks, they were fragile and how bryklivaya mare tried to throw. One of them, extreme, still succeeded. Ilya slid off, shouting "fuck", he quickly pushed away and was on the beach. No great was not watered, but the left shoe zahlyupalo.
For dinner he had to get water, he did not know whether or not it will allow her to type here, so high and leave the backpack on the shore, he went in search of the most Uzbeks. Ten minutes later he did it. Uzbek pointed to the showers, warning that it is better to boil water. He went into the booth opened the valve and began taking on water through a nozzle in a couple of minutes it dawned on him to remove the nozzle and things got fun. Returning to the bike, he pulled out of the backpack everything you need for dinner and taking a raw thing, spread them on the hot stones.


Raw stuff


Pants soaked on about. Lavrov virtually dried up, he pulled them, put a backpack and went on at 17:30. Rising to the pass, Elijah saw a crossroads, probably on 9 fort he thought. Looking in Garmin and making sure that his guess is correct. Velosepidist estimated time studying the topography of the road, he decided that the time allows you to get up and enjoy the views. Yet when Elijah went down to the bay to the islands, his navigator to the left of the fort and 9 show a few possible roads along the way. But the road that showed the Garmin, it was not really, so he went directly to the island. With a beautiful view of the fort on the island, which were to the south of the island, were seen in the north of the bridge pylons Russian. Ilya could enjoy these kinds of endless, but I had to move on, he removed the binoculars and a camera, a backpack slung over his shoulders and drove down the road.






Peninsula Kondratenko


9 parapet of Fort


Parapet 9 photos


A faithful friend


Thirty minutes after he came down from the fort on the way he has come to the turn of the bay of New horseman, which was Spit Island Shkot. Yet the island Änglema Ilya saw buildings in the bay and had guessed that it is closed. He also noted that the braid is blurred, but did not know what depth. Going down to the Bay, Elijah saw a barrier and a sign on it "territory of the municipality pass travel is prohibited," and a few warning about the evil dogs.


He saw only the distance of a man near the barrier there was no one. Ilya did not dare take place without permission, and since no one was not there, then, standing a few minutes, he was about to go back. Then Elijah saw in the trailer man lights a cigarette, which came to him.
Ilya greeted the man and asked permission to camp. Though it was a sign, but he knew that it could just be a sign, and no territory of the municipality there might not be. And cyclists are usually respected, so it is hoped that he will agree.
The man replied: "Dear young people. You can only spend the night on the island. And if you are willing to waist-deep in the water to move their belongings to the island on the shelf, then you are welcome. " He also said that cyclists often tricky to quickly go to the right of the cape and set up camp there.
Ilya smiled and said: "In general, according to the plan I had to get to the island Shkot, so I agreed to this adventure».
"Your plan was a success," said the man, smiled and opened the gate.
Since the ultimate goal of Ilya was Shkot get to the island, it is also for the overall development said, "And in the Bay of finding banned?»
"Yes," the man said
Passing through the gate, Ilya immediately went to the shelf where he undressed and removed the items, shoes and attachments with a bicycle in a backpack. He threw it on the shoulders and boldly entered the water, sharp stones cut into his feet, but I had to go forward. He took the right from the spit as the man advised him on the turnpike, a few tens of meters depth began to increase, and he took the left. Five minutes later he was on the other side. He still had to go back for the bike. Coming to the island with a bicycle, your hands have kept him out of the last effort, dipping it in salt water, Ilya did not want to hurt his feet from sharp rocks, a couple of times, he stopped to rest. Finally he appeared on the shore and sat down on the rocks, his legs stretched out.

blurred braid


Moved things


He could find a place to camp. On the other bank, which exasperated Spit, I did not want to stay. Therefore, a little rest, he got dressed and walked along the shore, Garmin showed a line of the road. Walking along the rocky beach and looking at Garmin, Elijah saw that he was going to the right of the line Garmin left no hint of a trail or the road was not. So after going five hundred meters, Ilya put the bike on the meadow and went back to look for the way to the right he had a peninsula on the left was the sea. Garmin showed that the traveler is in the sea, right Apostle thought Ilya. A little before reaching the beginning of the shallows, he was able to turn right, before that it was not possible because of the grass. Elijah came to the path that led inland. He reached the forest, stopped, looked at the time was about 21 hours. He already knew that those paths that are specified in Garmin has long overgrown, so little thought, he decided that he would come back for the bike and go inland to the first trail to the right that shows the navigator. And if it is not, then go straight through the woods.

The same beach where displays Spit


After 10 minutes, Ilya went back to the bike, it was the beginning of 10, and he decided not to bypass the Cape, and go straight to the point on the Garmin, where he left off at the beginning of the forest on the other side of the cape. When he moved to his surprise he got to the inconspicuous path that led in the right direction.
A few minutes later, Ilya was on the main track, which is also not of good quality. It was a lot of fallen trees, through which had to flip the bike, and it flowed a stream. When he reached the turn to the right, he saw that the trail goes on and some unknown force pushed him further toward adventure. Garmin showed that the trail goes to the beach on the opposite end of the island, Ilya could only guess the beach is there or not. He quickened his pace, the water can not do, and went straight for her in the forest were twilight. After some distance the trail was dry land, but very overgrown. There was a lot of cobwebs, the mosquitoes bite mercilessly, but he has not yet put a T-shirt with long sleeves.


The main trail


The trail once again began to deteriorate and began to zigzag through the thick bush, bike started to cling to virtually every bush. Bicycling is clearly did not like that it does not go, and even dragged for some bushes. Finally, trekked through the bush and brought together with their water, Elijah came on land without forest. No hint of the beach was not. Fucking arrived, Ilya cursed. I went to the left to the edge, convinced that there just does not go down. To the right was the slope and the forest, the trail led back. And there was still very little hope that it will lead him to the beach. Not one step back, only forward Ilya decided for themselves.








After half a kilometer Ilya stared at the ruined building, he walked around, hoping to find his way on, but the trail was not there, it was the end of the road. Garmin also showed that the trail ends here.

FOTA next day ruins


There was no time to ponder, is already beginning to darken. He headed straight to the sea. The traffic is very much slowed down, as the bike was confused in a low bush and when he untangled the rear wheel, the front entangled. So he crawled about a hundred meters, until you started very steep descent to the beach. It was impossible to drag together, Ilya left great on the slope and went down with a backpack. Once out on the beach, he saw a stony beach, looking around, saw Ilya Right fireplace, and a small patch of sand. When he reached it, he left a backpack and went for a bicycle. He thought that the bike would be better to leave at night in the woods. Climbing up to the bike, he has brought it a little higher, tied to a tree, he took off all attachments, gathered some wood, and went back.

The lens a little jammed


Going down to the camp it was already almost dark. Ilya changed at all dry and wondered what to do in the first place, light a fire or put up a tent. As a result, he lit a couple of dry fuel tablets and throwing firewood collected from the top, and went to pitch a tent. By setting a tent Ilya thought about the day, except that he had to learn to count, all was great. The fire was extinguished before Ilya put the tent and had to breed again. He went, gathered more firewood, as he brought uncured aralia bush that would not burn, but he did the evening generously bestowed splinters. After another glaring thorn bush under the obscene shouts flew aside. Wood from the forest were severely wet outside, which greatly complicated the lighting fires. Spreading finally fire it for 12 hours made himself dinner. After dinner, Ilya tried a little dry socks and shoes, but the fire is almost extinguished, and the heat came from coal. After sitting so for about an hour, Ilya went into the tent, crawled into the sleeping bag and began to write.

This is the end of the story. Maybe it is inconvenient (say, and I'll post just text), the text of the story but I diluted the photos below and upload photos with the third and the first day of


Golden Bridge


Another cow


O. Änglema


O. Lavrova


The roads of the island




Rose Bay on the island. Shkot








Bay completely




Nature evenly cut


Nature evenly cut








Swamp on about. Shkot


Islands Änglema and Lavrov on. Shkot


on the foundation of. Shkot


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