Migrants are preparing to take a comprehensive exam on the Russian language

Pereehat to another country - is not only to make crossing the border. Changing the traditional way of life, language environment, the climate, the new work - all this is not a small part of a responsible step to move. Despite all these factors, many tend to go abroad for one reason or another. Most people go abroad in search of success and high earnings. This category of migrants is usually decided on the move, having been for a long stay. According to statistics, one of the largest countries in the number of migrants is the Russian Federation. Millions of people each year are sent to this country in search of a better life. However, it is worth noting that the move is a complicated process that requires a lot of time. Before becoming a full-fledged citizens of this state must pass a comprehensive exam on the Russian language.

What is the Russian language exam for citizenship? Comprehensive testing consists of three categories: the Russian language, Russian history and law. For many visitors who speak good enough knowledge of the Russian language, to take the test will not quite difficult. While others have to work hard to prepare for the upcoming exam. One of the most simple and cost-effective way to solve this issue is an internet resource kursoteka.ru. On this information portal contains a huge amount of relevant information that is useful to you while learning the language. Moreover, here you can seek help from an experienced teacher who will help you in a short period to make out all the details of Russian speech. Also on the site has video tutorials on which native speakers explain the necessary material is available.

It should be noted that this section provided test online test for citizenship , which is as close to the original. If you are interested in other things, you will find materials without problems in other sections. Just a few clicks and the interests of your information will be posted on your screen. This web portal is very easy to use. Successful completion of the integrated test on the Russian language opens up many opportunities. Do not give up on your dreams and go confidently towards its goal with kursoteka.ru.


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