The exam went on liquidation

Elimination of Unified state examination has actually begun.Discreetly to give to save the face of those who invented it. First of all, the Prime Minister Medvedev is a big supporter to copy something American. The exam will go to the last path a few years napervile steps on this road he's already done.


The Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva welcomed the proposal of the rector of Moscow state University, which at the same time also the Chairman of the Russian Union of rectors Victor Sadovnichy, to permit universities to enter if you receive additional internal written exam. She says the initiative is correct, and now changes — a question of technology. With this Foundation, noted that first of all, you need to enter additional face-to-face examination in engineering, medical and teacher training colleges. That is, in the vast majority of institutes and universities of the Russian Federation.

Thus, information about the exam will be for admission in most universities is not enough. Have to pass the same exam University fee. Engineering universities appoint something of mathematics-physics, medical chemistry, biology and so on. And from now on the system, which from the Caucasus and from our other "particularly disinterested" regions came crowds of stabulnieku ends. And in General, ends with the Libertines, in which a school teacher was enriched with after-school cramming for the exam.

The situation, although it does not speak loudly, returned to the starting position. Even a single exam will allow you to clearly understand who has knowledge and who has only the use. In this sense, the collapse of the exam really means the restoration of real competition in higher education.

The exam, copied from an American testing system, has not caught on in Russian educational field, and corruption in the universities that United had to overcome, actually went to school and has become much more widespread. In addition, the Ministry of education and science and its bodies on places have not managed to overcome the practice of placing questions in the exam network.

And most importantly, the Unified state exam objectively crippled the entire system of school education. He fundamentally changed for many decades a well-established approach, when the teacher taught. When the exam to teach in General has lost meaning.

Since all the tests the school were on the exam,I had been not so much to teach how to coach. It's just about breaking knee school...


Logic, as only a written internal exam will be administered quickly will prevail. Not coincidentally Sadovnichy did not hesitate to say bluntly: "to be honest, it (the exam — V. A.) puts everything in its place".That is, eliminate the falsity of the exam.

High school teachers will be delighted, school, probably upset. But this is not so important, who is happy and who is upset. Most importantly, what to do to be honest. And those who really want and can learn. This is the main result of contrapresiune...



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