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Treasonit is always a challenge, which the aggrieved party considers a betrayal. Spouses can leave or unconditionally to save the marriage, showing resilience in such a test. Life offers many variations, so I will never be able to understand in advance and predict possible developments.

This article is written for men who love their spouse, I want to save the marriage, to find and eliminate the causes that destroy relationships. Going through the pain and fire of a woman's infidelity, it is important to maintain self-esteem and ability to love and feel.

How to behave man, who learned about his wife's infidelity, if he wants to save the relationship?

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All the secret becomes clear

About cheating wife husbands learn in different ways. But that depends on the probability of remission and normalization of relations.

Frankness wife

Fall into sin

Casual or spontaneous sex with another man sometimes falls on the woman's soul a heavy burden. Unable to bear this burden a woman pours out her soul, hoping to obtain forgiveness and to keep the family together. Anyone can stumble, fall and get dirty…


But frankly the story could be a way to provoke her husband to divorce, to pass on the responsibility for breaking the marriage bond. The trick of izmeniti is that the man in the feelings pack up and leave the family nest. Male pride will not allow him to divide the property. Therefore, if the spouse is not asking for forgiveness and dreaming about the divorce, nothing would help and her need to let go. Unfortunately, we have to admit that the woman often changes, if feelings to the spouse in the past.


Sometimes, the colorful story of the wife is nothing but a fiction. Why these fantasies? Women assume that in this way they will provoke her husband to jealousy and as a result, he will become more attentive, more responsive, be more of her to love and appreciate.

In addition, a story about fictional or real infidelity can be a way to get back at a spouse for something, to hurt him, to hit to the ego.

Faced with the fact of treason

The situation becomes more complicated if the husband knew about the affair yourself. Whatever cunning, dodgy sound or not was a woman, the presence of links on the side changes its behavior. And at some point the husband looked into his wife's phone, social profile or even heard a snatch of conversation. There are also quite serious story: I saw with my own eyes. No, not that, as a wife is sitting with a man in the restaurant (it could be a working meeting), and when I arrived unscheduled at the cottage, and there…

And then we have to admit that women are not monogamous (as we impose social stereotypes), and how men are polygamous, and are also eligible for bright sex and multiple orgasm.

In this situation the man is hard to compromise, forgive and save the marriage. He will never be able to pretend that nothing had happened. Yourself some men just allow you to pull the chestnuts out of the fire: to meet with another man's wife. Here he feels like a thief, and feels a winner. To be on the other side of the fence is to recognize cheated loser.


Another option to know about the change, is the assumption or "donos". Can be a "real friend" that will open your eyes to the meanness. In this case, I would recommend not to hurry. If really the wife "slept poorly", then there must be other signs of her infidelity. Before to draw conclusions and to sort things out, observe, gather facts.

But most of all well-wishers are spiteful critics. Such options should not even be considered as treason, as there is a likelihood that the woman just agreed. It could be like the lady who secretly wanted to "privatize" someone else's husband and rejected would-be lover, who decided to take revenge deny him the woman. And the brighter and more interesting wife, the greater her likelihood to be slandered by a rumor.

What to do?

1. To cope with the emotions.

It is impossible to make decisions and take actions based on strong negative emotions. How to deal with anger, resentment, confusion? –

To take responsibility for themselves

Relationship is a bridge. And if you broke their part of the bridge, it is unlikely that the construction will last a long time. Now you will tell me HOW! She changed, and I'm to blame? Imagine, Yes! For example, it may be:

  • Absence of sex. Practice shows that in families sex spouses is not something that weeks and months – for years! For whatever reason: the crisis you have, hard work or prostatitis, the woman has not ceased to be a woman.

  • Sex is bad quality. Statistics is appalling: 70% of women do not experience orgasm. Wife no longer need to win, it is always at hand. Even after three births, astonished, domestic issues, it has lost its former appeal. Sex is a three-minute routine in the dark under the blanket. But the woman, as before, needs affection, tenderness, attention and... quality sex.

  • Carelessness. Women often complain about the lack of understanding and attention from the spouse. Maybe you were cold, distant and always busy. In search of warmth, care, attention, emotion or romance, she was in the arms of others.

  • Financial difficulties or chronic financial problems. As much as it sounded horrible, but the majority of women, given the choice between a wealthy man and "budding" choose valid, considering that if one managed to create a relationship, then others certainly can. There are times when a woman considers her body to move up the career ladder, get an apartment or other benefits.

  • Vulnerability to third parties. How often in family interfering with her father, sisters and brothers. Only the best of intentions... But attempts to put the presumptuous relatives to place, often running into the resistance. The woman, feeling helpless, had the deepest resentment against the spouse.

  • Wrong choice. Imagine that you could be wrong, choosing a spouse! Were in love, did not pay attention to the signs that destroy the confidence, hoping that she will change... She changed, but not so as you'd expect.

To share responsibility for the situation

Do not take the cheating wife as a result of his life. Look at the situation from at least two sides:


Men often consider the wife's property and her body is mine. And the infringement of another man's personal property experienced extremely painful. But her body is her territory and she may dispose of them at its discretion. You her behavior is not like her, most likely, too. Broke our marriage vows, destroyed the trust, and — Yes, guilty. But she did, not you. So if you manage to unstick her as a person from myself as a personality, then You are a cuckold, you're right!

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The woman could be mistaken, marrying. And being married – met "my destiny". Or your wife could be the psychology of limitsize. So is coming to the big city from the province, the lady popping up to get married only to gain a foothold. The husband does not beat with the flat, already a great option. But she looks out for the wealthier party. And so from husband to husband up the social ladder.

2. You do not understand!

Stop showdown and showdown. No need to try to understand his wife, to grasp and to know all the details. While you are trying to understand why cheating wife, new details emerge, porridge clarify the relationship gradually turns into a poisonous swamp. To understand a woman a man cannot. She herself often doesn't understand. In trying to explain the unexplainable, the wife can get lost "in the testimony." This reinforces the distrust, the gap in the relationship is becoming broader and deeper. Instead of the pointless and fruitless attempts to understand, try to accept the situation.

3. Find an excuse

If there is a desire to keep the family together, you need to find an excuse for the act of his wife. It does not understand and to justify. Not essentially will look like this story, it is important to satisfy the partner. Maybe you decide that she was drunk, didn't understand what it does, hormonal imbalance, the devil beguiled her, stupid woman…

Divorce is not always right and informed decision. Many people enter into a marriage without thinking, sooner or later comes a crisis. Love subside, but it needs to be modified in real love, intimacy and deep affection.

Everyone strives for a certain type of family, based on personal experience, going from childhood. In this respect, if relationships are valuable, it is important to learn to meet each other, to build the basis for a strong and lasting marriage. All this is possible only if characterized by trust, attention to the feelings and needs of the partner and the forgiveness of his loved one. Infidelity can be forgiven and enter new level of relations, if adequately assess the situation and make efforts to prevent recurrence.


The rules of Life that will lift you to new heights

Terrible secret: Marriage does not rescue from loneliness


Keeping the marriage, it is important to find ways of restoring confidence, the manifestation of sincerity and love. Otherwise, the memories of the incident, suspicion and control will destroy so hard to maintain the relationship.

If you decide to leave, it is important not to withdraw into resentment at the world and all women and to deal with internal challenges to a new relationship to create consciously and efficiently.published 


Author: Maria Kudryavtseva


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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