Stone in interior design: inspiring ideas

Despite the variety of new materials, modern drawn to everything natural, in particular, to the stone.

People build him a house, used as internal flooring and walls. This material is for centuries. He is able to provide the room with powerful energy and natural beauty.

The use of stone in a modern interior

Decorating the walls under the stone surface suggests the presence of a great backlight to highlight the texture of the stone and the play of colours. Well lit walls, the finish will look much richer.

Experts note that the decorative stone is perfectly combined with the curly greens and ampelnye plants. Thus, it is possible to create in your home a cozy nook where you can gather your thoughts, to absorb the energy of nature.

For wall decoration in the hallway with decorative stone it is necessary to apply local illumination at the bottom, walls and top. If the living room provides fireplace installation, brick can stone, then he will look even more advantageous.

If for some reason you are unable to provide adequate coverage, then you should choose lighter shades of the stone or you can use the trim fragmentary (arch area, and a piece of wall space). If the room has a fountain, the more elegant it will look on the background of the stone walls.

How to choose decorative stone for interior?During the material selection should pay attention to the quality of its manufacture. The most contrasting inclusions will enable a more spectacular appearance of the wall or column. When the stone is artificial, it is necessary that on the surface there was no growths, spots, and traces of tassels.

For better bonding it is important that the reverse side of the tile was not very smooth, but a particularly large unevenness is not supposed to be.

Equipment interior finishes with stoneinterior Decorating using stone be sure to start with the training grounds. When the wall has unevenness of more than five millimeters, it should first be plastered. That material is caught on the surface, it must be primed. If on the wall hung Wallpaper, should be cut a place for the stone and the glue residue will need to be addressed with a spatula.

For a harmonious finish stone until the beginning of the work needed to arrange the tiles on the floor, creating the right picture. You should try to position the stone so as not to get cracks and sharp color transitions. To stick the tiles, is to use a plaster glue or liquid nails.

Features of trim stone doorwayClearance doorway with decorative stone necessarily starts from the corner. To make the control over the evenness of the tile, try to use a level. If necessary, gypsum cut with a hacksaw and concrete grinder.

Experts identify three methods of docking decorative tiles on the corner:

    • the use of special corner parts;

    • fast laying of tiles overlapping, but one end remains open;

    • the grinding edges of the grinder.

To obtain the original effect, using the cutting edges of the tile with a knife or file.

The advantages of interior stone archesin addition to decorative effect, the design of arches has practical advantages. As the arch is always in a passable place, the doorway can quickly get dirty without proper finishing.

In this situation the most suitable option is a decorative stone that is most often found in a dark shade, but because it is not very visible contamination. In addition, this material is easy to clean due to detergents without abrasive.

For the decoration of arch distinguish the many types of decorative stone, which often differ only in appearance. Artificial stone has a different structure: simulated slate, brick, pebbles, etc.

Arch arch best trim acrylic tiles, because it will not work difficulties. The acrylic is glued well and is able to take the form of a semicircle. If the decision is to decorate the arch of the inflexible tiles, you want to choose the narrow material and have special tools. The seams should be filled in with a rubber spatula, and the excess composition is removed using a soft damp material.



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