Features of Italian style in the interior

Italian style in the interior evokes the elegance of the space. It includes comfort, warmth, mystery of the Peninsula. Therefore, this style combines both simplicity and luxury, reflecting the elements of antique style and country style.

The interior is dominated by natural materials. The emphasis is on wood and stone. Using high-quality wood, mainly pine and oak. Regarding its coverage, it can be lacquered or natural.

Palette of colorful light. The basis of the frequent shades of ivory. Lavender, blue, orange, red, green colors used in the interior design accentuate the Italian temperament.






Making guest

Italian style living room in typical fashion antique jewelry. Among the items of furniture you can see the classic models made of wood, on which there are reseblence and forged elements. Usually simply a huge sofa with leather upholstery characteristic for the hall, although in some cases it can be seen in the bedroom. As the scenery of the sofa are the colorful mini pillow.

A place of rest it is desirable to Supplement the low chairs and a coffee table. Elegantly fit into the interior of the room a chest of drawers, a simulated "antique" and a bar for wines.

Most often, the walls performed terracotta, yellow ocher and olive colors.

In addition to the natural lighting in the guest is recommended to make additional. This can be lights, illuminating, fully or partially decorating elements.

Statues of marble and ceramics make the style more exquisite, and candlesticks made of bronze, vintage framed pictures gilt made his own, will transform the room into a comfortable zone.







Kitchen design

Italian style in the interior of the kitchen is superior to other styles of tranquillity and comfort. Sunny colour palette, the contrast of textures, natural materials – all these elements set the style a special touch.

Tip: deciding to make the walls, stop your choice on high-quality plaster, natural stone and wood.Together with wall room decor perfectly match the ceiling with beams made of wood or wood or stone floor. So can create an original interior composition in the Italian style.

Kitchen furniture is chosen carefully taking into account the imitation of the antique. It is well to equip marble countertop, reseblence cabinets, beautiful accessories. Dining table should be purchased of the same style as the other pieces of furniture. Apart from the table it is recommended to purchase stools or benches with upholstered seats and resellername legs.

Optionally, you can set the kitchen fireplace, trimmed with brick masonry. Being the symbol of the hearth, the fireplace at the same time is a symbol of warmth, security and comfort.

A significant role in the interior of the apartment has light. For kitchens Italian style of the highest quality will mimic the street lights fixed to the wall side lamps.

Tip: since the integrity of the apartment depends on the accessories and decorations to start decorating the kitchen can be using interior textile napkins, wicker baskets, various plates, pitchers.245cb369a2.jpg





The design of the bedroom

To determine the interior of the bedroom is very difficult. Italian style – fashion, chic and modern apartment room. You can always find a middle ground, which is then convenient to proceed in the interior. In the end it should be bedroom dominant in it elements of beige, green, yellow, brown colors. Sometimes in the room, you can find the dilution of blue and red hues.




Bathroom design

Bathroom design in Italian style is performed on the principle of mixing with some elements of Mediterranean interior. If you look closely at the photo Italian interior, you will notice that the elegance of the room and quality Italian spirit influenced simplicity and comfort.

In the bathroom, Italian style encouraged a natural color palette, thanks to which manages to convey the naturalness of the interior and the beauty of decoration, made stone, stucco, mosaics or ceramic tiles.

Create style of the ornaments of the vegetable theme, predominant in the decoration of floors and walls. The bath should be installed near the wall or hide the marble panels. The rest of the plumbing should be selected to match the interior. Material it is advisable to use sanitary ware.

Buying wall Cabinet or the Cabinet under the sink, installing kitchen faucet chrome or mirror of unusual shape, you will give the interior a bath in the Italian style new look.

In the decoration of flooring it is best to use granite or marble. Ceiling can be suspended or decorate with stucco. Walls are welcomed wood, Wallpaper, plaster.




To create a more luxurious interior in the Italian style due to the expensive furniture. For decorating modest apartments suitable inexpensive furniture without much embellishment.

To further decorate the interior of the room can mirror in a frame of wood or gilding, paintings painting, a family photo in elegant frame, candle holders, decorative sculptures. published


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