Why not shake hands across the threshold

There is a notion that the door is as a protective system between the two worlds. Your dwelling is your own world. Beyond it is another world and the door as if to protect, to not bring from one world to the other energosbere. Therefore, it is not accepted across the threshold to shake hands or pass any objects.

According to Russian tradition the same applies to the young wife. The groom hands her skidding across the threshold and put on the floor to show brownie — look, this is ours. He brought, as a whole, I beg to love and favor. And when the wife on her feet — she can bring a different energy, so her house will be cautious.

Ie young wife is fully owned by the Family of the husband, and the house protects the Family. Therefore, an appeal to her husband's parents were "mom" and "dad". And they called her daughter. The brothers and sisters of the groom called her sister.

There were numerous families, for example, six or ten brothers. There was a war, for example, of the six brothers, five died, and one remained. And what was he doing? Took away the wives of their brothers and children to his Palace and kept them.

Some non-merchant has brought the goods for the house and asked — and here is a woman whose? And he said the host. But this? Also the owner. Ever said "woman", and said abbreviated — wife.

Hence fiction Christian that Gentiles were polygamists. Although women just lived in the house, the brother kept them, but they lived like themselves. Because for the surviving brother they were sisters. And the incest between brother and sister is prohibited.

To shake hands across the threshold is still here why not. Is the concept of the mirror. In the mirror you have left — you're right, and that right — left. As the magnet potential difference. Well, take it from the battery plus and minus and try to connect, what will happen? Spark.

And that's not to whiling away their power, so it was not accepted. Or, if the person you have given your hand across the threshold, and you took it, you have it on its side and drag without releasing hands.

On the palm there is a point which emits energy, and when the man hand in hand to greet, the energy difference may be one of two hurt. Therefore we are always greeted by the wrist. Was there like a triple system.

First, when greeted by the wrist,felt the pulse of another person, it was determined sincere man, as they say, you're welcomed.

Second connected embroidery on shirts, as we say on the cuffs and on them people saw what kind of tribe and what the other is doing.

And third , testing whether salomatova sheath, which is from the elbow to the wrist.

Here's a triple system was.

There was information on the Internet, they say that to greet, as now, hand in hand, it is a Jewish custom. This is not so. Because the Jews at all hand no one said Hello. They greeted each other with a nod.

During the holidays everyone who came to them — each other kissed three times. It was adopted by the Christians, but no country in the world is not such that men kissed women and men, familiar and unfamiliar.

And in Russia it was. Especially when I watch movies, when they show the XVIII-XIX century, on Easter all the kissing. Said, when one person kisses another, he gives him a piece of his Soul. When the mutual kiss is an exchange of Souls. So in Russia when she was kissing triple kiss — was the energy at soul level.


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The enemies could not understand, it seems like everything separated, but attack all immediately rallied and rebuffed. They just could not realize that United people. And they were United like a single Soul.published


Source: neo-ezoterika.ru/vedichestvo/cherez-porog-zdorovatsya-nelzya


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