About kissing

1. The World Day of the kiss - an international festival. His he adopted as such the United Nations and decided to celebrate every year on July 6th. On this day in many cities of the world competitions and relay races, participants are perfectly legal kissing in front of the public.

2. The older, the less often. It is estimated the average European per day kissing is about 7 times. Young people - about 12 times, and the spouses 'experienced' and citizens over 50 years old - only 2 times a day.

3. Animals also know how to kiss. Kissing on the lips are able to dogs, horses, Canadian porcupines and primates. And chimpanzees kiss technique is almost identical to human. Fish is also not lagging behind the mammals! Especially kissing technique succeeded aquarium fish. For example, a kiss "kissing gourami" can last as long as twenty-five minutes!

4. Tselovalnik no kissing. So in Russia it called one of the elected positions. Tselovalnik elected from townspeople and were in charge of the collection of customs duties, taxes and duties, perform some judicial and police task. A so called because they kissed the cross, swearing allegiance to the king.

5. Kiss geografichekoy map. The word "kiss" is found in certain geographical names. For example, for Moscow it is a small village Potselueva, the village with the same name is in the Pskov and Yaroslavl regions. And the Rostov region there is the village of Kisses (the locals call themselves potseluevtsami). Villages with names of lips and a mouth can be found near Smolensk.

6. Kissing beneficial to health. Kissing helps overcome depression and relieve stress. During a kiss is released into the blood oxytocin, testosterone and endorphins, which helps to improve mood and raise the tone. Among the lovers kissing more often optimistic and confident people. It was found that men who go to work instead of duty "until evening, my dear," passionately kissing his wife, live 5 years longer.

7. Kissing helps to preserve youthfulness and slenderness. They prevent the formation of wrinkles, because during this enjoyable process involves all the muscles of the face. And those who stood on the thorny path of the fight against excess weight, along with exercise and diet should include in its arsenal of kisses: one kiss burns 3 to 12 calories.

8. From the kisses we breathe more often, and my heart beats faster. Kissing train our lungs: usually a person makes about 20 breaths per minute, and when he absorbed a kiss, a minute can have time to do up to 60 breaths. Pulse is on the increase with the provisions of 60 to 72-100 beats per minute.

9. Kissing bring glory. Guinness World Records contains several achievements associated with kisses. The longest kiss on land lasted 17 days and 9 hours. The longest kiss under the water for obvious reasons, in short: 2 minutes 18 seconds. Record speed kisses to install in Minnesota, where the 8-hour man kissed 8001 people (although people did not resist, which greatly facilitated the task).

10. In the movie without kissing a step. The first kiss on screen viewers saw only 11 years after the birth of cinema - as many as in 1906. He performed May Irwin and John C. Rice in Thirty korotkomentrazhnom video with expressive entitled "The Kiss". Since then, kissing on screen - almost a mandatory element of any feature film. Kinopotseluy can take up to 4% of the total duration of the film, which showed the actors Regis Toomey and Jane Wyman: that "overall" kissing for 185 seconds of screen time in the movie You're in the Army Now («You're in the army" , 1940).

11. Kissing bring wealth. In 1950, the famous French photographer Robert Doisneau worked for Life magazine commissioned a series of photographs dedicated to Paris lovers. Taking a walk through Paris in search of material, he met with two students - Françoise Borne and her friend Jacques map. Young people have agreed to pose, to give the famous picture "The Kiss at the city hall," which sold at one time on posters all over the world. Forty-odd years after the photo shoot heroine of the original image he sold it at auction and got him 155 thousand euros.

12. Kiss - the object of study. There exists a separate scientific discipline that studies the human kiss - filematologiya (philematology, from the Greek. Philema, which means, of course, the kiss). And the object of study in a scientific sound like osculation (from the Latin. Os - mouth).

13. Kiss on the bald head - a pledge of victory. Remember the events of the World Cup in 1998: before every game his players of the French team repeated the bizarre ritual, the audience favorite and went down in history of the world of football: the imperturbable defender Laurent Blanc has always kissed goalkeeper Fabien Barthez in the shiny bald head. Reminder: the French were the winners of the championship!

14. From kiss to orgasm one step. There are women who can orgasm from a passionate kiss on the lips, but such a little - only 1-2% of the fair sex. But try, of course, is with your girlfriend if she is to this minority to satisfy her need much less effort than usual, if it applies to most - it will still enjoy!

15. "Kiss Brezhnev" - a high art. In 1990, 117 artists from 22 countries, led by Dmitry Vrubel on the Berlin Wall created a famous image of the kiss of the former secretary general of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev and head of East Germany Erich Honecker. Full - and correct - the name of the graffiti reads: "O Lord! Help me to survive this death of love. " Unfortunately, in March 2009, this masterpiece of street art has been erased. World public bored by "The Kiss", so work began on its reconstruction.

16. For a good kiss give prizes. The main prize MTV Movie Awards - «Gold cup of popcorn," and Best Kiss («Best Kiss") - one of the main nominations of this award. In 2009, the "golden popcorn" his kiss enough, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson ("Twilight»).

17. Kiss - the main test for compatibility. Kiss makes the best partner to perceive pheromones, which are the main indicator of compatibility. And the rest was the body itself will tell - it smelled like it there.

18. The bow and curtsy replaced kisses ... not for long. In the middle of the XVII century, London became popular forms of greeting such as bow, nod, a wave of the hand, lifting his hat. They replaced the kiss, widespread in the English society of those years. The cause of a new tradition was the plague: the inhabitants of the city were afraid to get infected.

19. Kiss kills. In November 2005, Canadian 15-year-old girl died from a kiss with her boyfriend. The poor girl was suffering from a severe allergy to peanuts and the guy, as luck would have loved sandwiches with peanut butter. A few hours before the fateful kiss lover decided to eat sandwiches. That was enough: the girl died a few hours later in hospital from anaphylactic shock.

20. Kama Sutra teaches kissing. Hindu treatise on love, "Kamasutra" (the most famous book of those few people read) is often considered the illustrated guide to a variety of sexual positions (actually assigned to them only a fifth of this fundamental work). In the first place, "Kasamutra" - the philosophical doctrine of harmonious relations between men and women, an entire chapter is devoted to analysis of kisses.

21. Kissing stars cause a scandal. In April 2007, residents took to the streets of Bombay with the action of an angry protest. They burned portraits of actor Richard Gere and shouted: "Death to Shilpa Shetty". The culprit was the kiss of mass riots. Renowned actor kissed Indian actress Shilpa Shetty in the public eye that the Indian conservatives regarded as a flagrant violation of the law and the vulgarity of public morality. Criminal proceedings were instituted and issued a warrant for the arrest of Gere. Only in the spring of 2008, the Supreme Court of India withdrew from the American movie star of all charges.


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